8 Simple DIY Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles are nightmares for the ladies as it totally ruins their look and makes them look dull and tired all the time. In today’s busy lifestyle , both men and women goes through lots of stress, lack of sleep .For that reason, all these things along with irregular habits gives you those ugly dark circles which are quite embarrassing for you as well. In spite of trying all those dark circle removing creams you hardly can feel any kind of visible difference. The problem of dark circles is mostly faced by the people who wear specs regularly and the ladies who often skip to remove their eye makeup before going to bed. The skin of our face, especially around the eye area is very soft and delicate, so you should never apply any kind of chemical based creams or other beauty products around your eyes.
You can try out something natural remedies to get rid of the dark circles without any side effects.

Here Are The 8 Simple DIY To Cure Under Eye Dark Circles At Home:

1. Applying Rose Water

Rose water is considered to be a wonder water for the perfect glowing skin. However, very few people know that this magic water is proven to work on reducing dark circles .It had a cooling effect which helps in fading out the dark circles. You can apply it around your eyes without any kind of worries because it never causes any kind of itchiness or redness on your skin .It also had an excellent antibacterial properties which makes it applicable in all skin types. You can simply apply rose water with a cotton ball in your skin or you can also mix equal portion of rose water and frozen milk and apply it directly on your dark circles.

Applying Rose water

2. Applying Lemon Juice

It contains vitamin C and citric acid which acts as natural bleach and helps to lighten the dark circles without any harm. All you have to do is, apply some raw lemon juice with a cotton ball around your dark circles and wash it with water after some time. You can also prepare a pack by mixing some drops of lemon juice along with some tomato puree and turmeric powder and apply it around your dark circles and wash it with water after some time. Donot apply lemon juice for more than 10 minutes on your skin as its acidic property may burn your skin and make it dark.

Applying lemon juice

3. Applying Raw Potato

Raw potatoes contain a bleaching mediator which helps you to reduce dark circles very fast and it also helps to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. The raw juice of potatoes also contains cleaning properties which help to remove the impurities around your eyes and makes it fresh and glowing. Just extract the raw juice from the potatoes and apply the juice with a cotton ball around your eyes and wash it off with water after some time.

Applying raw potato

4. Applying Apple Juice

Apples consist of tannic acid which helps to lighten the dark circles .It also contains vitamins B and C and sodium potassium which are beneficial for your skin and makes it glowing and fair. You can apply apple in various ways. You can apply the extracted juice with a cotton ball or just cut the apples in fine circles and place it on your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes and remove it. You will feel fresh instantly and repeating this process will make your dark circles lighten within few weeks.

Applying apple juice

5. Placing Tea Bags On Your Eyes

Every morning after having the morning tea we usually throw away the tea bags in our dustbins without knowing the fact how useful it could be for your beauty regime,especially in removing those dark circles. Tea bags consists of caffeine and lots of anti oxidant which are very effective in not only reducing the dark circles, it also reduces the puffiness and also shrinks the blood vessels of your eye areas which helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles around your eyes. The presence of tannins helps to reduce discoloration of your skin. Just take two used tea bags and freeze it for about an hour and then apply them on the affected area for sometimes and rinse well with water.

Placing tea bags on your eyes

6. Applying Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are full of goodness and it helps you in different ways as it is useful for both your skin and hair. It contains a high amount of potassium, proteins and vitamin C which is very effective in reducingthe dark circles .It also helps to maintain a proper pH balance of your skin and gives you an even tone skin.Soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight and mix it with turmeric and milk then apply the paste on the affected area and you will surely feel the visible result on your dark circle within few days.

Applying fenugreek seeds

7. Applying Almond Oil

Almond oil is considered to be very effective oil and is beneficial for both your hair and skin just like the fenugreek seeds. Almond oil is known for having an excellent moisturising effect to nourish your skin .The presence of vitamin K and anti oxidants helps to work amazingly on the puffiness and dark circles of your eye area. Just take a few drops of almond oil and massage it around your eyes and keep it overnight. You will see a noticeable difference after its repeated application.

Applying almond oil

8. Applying Cucumber

The effectiveness of cucumber for skin is known to all and mostly people use it on their skin rather than eating it. Cucumber is suitable for all skin types and it is the most widely used solution in preventing dark circles as it contains vitamin C and K with full of antioxidants. It helps in reducing dark circle at a very fast rate. The application is quite easy, just cut the cucumber into circles and refrigerate it and the place it on your eyes. You can also extract cucumber juice and preserve it in a bottle in your refrigerator so that you can apply it quite often.

Applying cucumber