8 Skin, Hair And Health Benefits Of The Garlic Oil

Garlic has many health benefits, it is known to be ayurvedic gold, but some people don’t like it, as it has the bad breathe smell. Garlic has the scientific name of allium sativumis, it has the calcium, Sulphur, zinc and other essential nutrients for the health, it is best for the skin and hair growth, it has the vitamin E in it, which is good for the skin, as it is a good oxidizing agent, it has the salicylate content in which thins the blood and maintain the proper flow of the blood to the body, we also take the out the oil of the garlic and it is useful for the skin, health and hair, here are some of the benefits.

1. Low Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol level determines the health of the heart, it should be in limit, garlic helps in removing the bad cholesterol and also strengthen the muscles of the heart, take the garlic oil with the fish oil capsules, as the combination of both the remove the concentration of the cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol to the body, but you need to consult with the physician before take the garlic oil and fish oil both because sometime, you have improper digestion.

2. Acne

Garlic oil has the zinc in it, which has the good anti inflammatory properties in it, along with the anti oxidizing properties with it, which remove the redness of the acne area and also soothe the skin, for this you need to take the mud pack, add the garlic oil to it, now apply it on the clean face evenly, now leave it for about the 10 minutes, so that it will become dry, clean it with the water and apply a good moisture on it, regular use will remove the acne and scars of the face.

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3. Hair Strengthening

If our scalp is strong, then your hair will grow fast and thick, our scalp need many nutrients and vitamins, garlic has the vitamin B complex and Sulphur to it, which is good for the scalp and nourishes it, all you need to warm the garlic oil little bit, don’t over boil it, now with the help of the finger tips, massage the scalps with the oil, leave it for overnight and then clean it with a good shampoo, many hair related problems will not be there.

4. Tooth Pain

As we eat anything, we are prone to the bacterial attack on the enamel and slowly if we don’t clean our teeth proper, then our enamel degrades easily and we have several tooth problems, just take the cotton ball, add the oil to it, now place it to the place on the teeth, where you have the pain, garlic kills all the bacteria to that area, also the anti inflammatory properties, removes the pain.

5. Ear Problems

Garlic oil is best for the ear as it will remove the wax of the ear easily, also if you have any problem related to the pain in the ear, then you need to slightly warm the oil and then add few drops in the ears and leave it for sometimes, it will all the bacteria to the area and also heals wounds if there, also if you have oozing in the ears, then also you can use it as a ear drop.

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6. Head Ache

Head ache is the most common problem now a days, it causes due to stress, now you need to take the garlic oil warm it little bit, add honey to it, now apply it to the area and rub it for sometime, you will feel good after some time, you can also mix the asafoetida powder to it and apply the mixture on the head for immediate relief.

7. Intestinal Problems

Our intestine should be good as it absorbs the nutrients from the digestive food, there are many worms in the intestine which is harmful for us, garlic oil kills the warms as it has the anti bacterial properties and also repairs the damages caused by them, eat the garlic oil capsules daily.[7]

8. Skin Infection

If we have any infection on the skin this is just because of the bacteria, virus or fungus attack on it, as we met with any accident then we might have the wound on the skin and these wounds are prone to the bacterial infection garlic has the Sulphur in it, that kills all the bacteria and germs of the infected area because it has the good amount of the anti inflammation or anti bacterial properties.

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