8 Stretching Exercises That Reverse The Ageing Process

Stretching is an essential part of fitness regimen that helps to upgrade your range of motion, blood circulation, and helps soothe your mind. Simple stretches also help stimulate digestion, alleviate head and bodyaches and help cure insomnia while Reversing the effects of aging as well. Following is a set of 8 stretch exercises that help us fight degenerative changes in our body thereby reversing the process of Aging.

Here Are The 8 Stretching Exercises That Reverse The Ageing Process:

1. The Runner’s Stretch

Stand up straight, and put one leg behind you, and lower your body slowly down to the floor. Keep the heel of the front leg on the floor (if it lifts up, take your other leg further back). Place your hands on both the sides of your leg in the front. Repeat with the other leg. This Stretch strenghths the Hamstrings muscles.

The Runner’s Stretch

2. The Standing Side Stretch

Stand with your feet together and your arms stretching straight over your head. Put your hands together, with your fingers interweaved and pointer fingers stretched straight upwards. Inhale as you try to reach upwards. Exhale as you bend your upper torso to the right. Take a couple of slow breaths and slowly and gradually return to the center. Switch sides and repeat. From top of the arm down to the hip, this stretch takes care of all the side muscles of the body.

The Standing Side Stretch

3. The Forward Hang Stretch

Stand with you back straight and knees slightly bent, with your feet placed shoulder-length apart. Interlace your hands together behind your back. Inhale and straighten your arms to expand your chest, and then breathe out slowly as you bend at your waist. Tuck in your chin down as you move forward and focus on your spine. When you are done, your hands should be stretched straight up in the air. Hold this position for five deep breaths. The forward hang stretches out your lower back, which strengthens your calf muscles and hamstrings.

The Forward Hang Stretch

4. The Low Lunge with Upward Stretch

Put your right foot forward into a lunge in one line with your hands and lower your left knee to the floor. Put your arms in front of your right leg and clasp your thumbs together, with palms facing the floor. Inhale in as you raise your hands overhead, stretching as far back as is possible and arch your back as much as comfortable. Take five natural breaths. Repeat with left foot forward.This stretch focuses on strengthening your knees, releases tension in your hips, stretches groin, hamstrings and quads and helps build mental focus.etch focuses on strengthening your knees, releases tension in your hips, stretches groin, hamstrings and quads and helps build mental focus.

The Low Lunge with Upward Stretch

5. The Seated Spinal Twist Stretch

Sit with back straight and extend both legs in front. Now bend stretchthe right knee and cross it over the left thigh, and then bend left knee or keep your left leg straight. Now place your left elbow outside of the right knee, and then place right hand on the ground behind you while looking over the right shoulder. Hold and take 5 deep breaths, and release. Repeat by switching sides. This spinal stretch improves posture and boosts mobility through the lower back.

The Seated Spinal Twist Stretch

6. The Bound Angle Stretch

Sit straight on the floor and extend your legs outside. Fold your knees and place the soles of your feet together, trying to let your knees touch the ground as much as possible. Inhale and stretch your spine straight. Breathe out as you bend forward from your hips (without slouching) and put your palms on the ground. Hold for a couple of deep breaths and release. This one stretches the back without straining the hamstrings, opens your hips and stimulates the internal organs.

The Bound Angle Stretch

7. The Hamstring Stretch

Sit up straight and split your legs apart. Extend your hands and use them to pull your toes of your left leg towards your body while trying to reach as far as possible. All this while your right leg is a little bent against the ground. Switch sides and repeat the process. The hamstring muscles can cause low back discomfort if they are too tight.

The Hamstring Stretch

8. The Hip Flexor Or Quad Stretch

Kneel down on your knees with shins on the floor. Place the right leg forward at 90 degrees in front while the right foot lies flat on floor under the knee, left leg is bent still and placed parallel to right. Now put both your hands on top of right knee and press the hip forward, keeping the spine straight. Hold for a couple of deep breathes and release. Switch sides and repeat with the other leg. This super-effective stretch exercise helps loosen up stiff hips, tight hamstrings and helps treat a sore back.

The Hip Flexor or Quad Stretch