8 Striped Dresses For All Body Types

Stripes is one perennial staple that makes for a ravishing ensemble to attain harmony and balance from head to toe. The perfect striped dress is the one that accentuates your most stunning assets and flatters your figure and shape. Have a look at the following stripes for your body type.

Here Are The 8 Striped Dresses For All Body Types:

1. Apple Or Heart Shaped

If you have shoulders broader than your hips, then you have a heart-shaped body. You tend to have more weight on your chest, abdomen and arms. Since you have a heavier upper torso than your lower half, do away with horizontal stripes on your upper body as it tends to make your body look wider and voluptuous. Instead of that, go for Vertical stripes that illusively render a tall and narrower look to your upper torso in perfect harmony with your lower half.

2. Pear Shaped

If you have greater hip measurements than your bust measurements, then you have a pear-shaped body. You tend to carry more weight in your thighs and hips. Since you have a narrower upper torso than your lower half, go for horizontal stripes on top half to create an illusion of more volume on your upper half to harmonize with your lower torso.

3. Rectangle Or Straight Shaped

If you have a straight silhouette with almost same hip and bust mesurements and the waist is not defined enough, you have a rectangular body shape with a masculine appearance. Unlike Heart and Pear shaped bodies, you can experiment with a wider range of striped outfits to achieve that curvy look. Wide stripes create a brodening effect, whereas thin stripes create a narrowing delusion, so going for wider bands rather than thin ones would be great idea to highlight and enhance those contours and look curvy.

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4. Hourglass Shaped

If you have well balanced hips and bust measurements and an alluringly defined waist, you have an hourglass shape. Horizontal stripes are the best to accentuate your waist line and highlight your curves and body contours. Get rid of loose fitting dresses and opt for the ones with belts, bands or the ones that nip in at the waist to enhance your hourglass shape.

5. Petite

If you are shorter than 5 feet 3 inches, steer clear of horizontal stripes as they have a broadening impact and make you seem even shorter and wider. Creating an illusion of an elongated and slimmer frame, dresses with thin Vertical stripes are short women’s best friends. These can be worn in conjunction with cardigans or straight open jackets.

6. Oval Shaped

If your waist is the same size as your hips and bust, with a protruding tummy, you have an Oval shape. You are full figured and your midsection carries most of your body weight. A-line cinched dresses with vertical stripes and Free-flowing garments like Striped Empire day dresses are fitted in the upper part and get flowy and loose as they go down towards the lower half. Dresses like these skim over that unsightly paunch and attract attention away from the mid-section, elongating your frame at the same time.

7. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An Inverted Triangle has a narrower/slimmer chest, waist and back as compared to an apple body shape. Dresses with wide belts and straps will accentuate your waist details. To maintain a visual balance, wear dresses that add volume and fullness to your lower half with vertical stripes on the top. Keep the stripes monochromatic and subtle if they are horizontal.

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8. For Pregnant Women

Wearing Striped maternity dresses is one of the best ways to flatter the body of a women who is pregnant. Wearing dark coloured vertical stripes will make you look slimmer and elongate your frame. Even a well-fitted dress with Horizontal stripes all over, will not only accentuate your bump but also highlight your finest assets.

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