8 Stylish Loafers Styles For This Season

Time and again fashion magazines, shoe experts and style gurus have pinpointed on loafers as one of the ten shoes that should be in everyone’s closet. Loafers are unusually stylish and thanks to their unique slip-on design, comfort and style for feet can be achieved at a push of the toes! On a serious note, this slip-on design is a great saver for old persons suffering from joint pain as they don’t have to bend down to put on shoes and lace them up. That could go well with virtually all attires you wear. Rest assured, you won’t be labeled as guilty for not wearing socks under them.

So Wait No More And Try Out Any Of The 8 Stylish Loafer Styles For This Season

1. Wildsmith Loafer

More than the immaculate style and elegance, it is the interesting bit of history of these loafers that makes them a must try this season. This design was manufactured by Matthew and Rebecca Smith’s companyWildsmith Shoes in the UK back in 1847, the makers’ grandson was commissioned by King George VI to make a shoe for indoor wear. Since then this style’s rising popularity has made this pair of loafers a hot favorite for outdoor wear as well. For your information, they were first called 582 and then came to be known as Model 98.

Wildsmith Loafer

2. Penny Loafer

Arguably the most popular style that continues to be eternal since the 1930’s, they are an instant stand out for the diamond-shaped at the top of the shoe which is big enough to hold a coin. Versatility is its unique selling proposition.

Penny Loafer

3. Gucci Loafer

You can recognize them instantly for the golden brass strap on shoes top that looks identical to horse’s snaffle. It was this designing genius by Italian designer Gucci that took footwear business by storm. Reason for this businessmen’s standard footwear unprecedented/overnight popularity; An article written by fashion journo Hebe Dorsey which talked at lengths about it.

Gucci Loafer

4. Tassel Loafer

Very little is known about tassel loafers that use tassels for decoration. However it is known for a fact that this shoe has been traced back early as 1950’s and one The Alden Shoe Company is credited for the design.

Tassel Loafer

5. Apron Loafer

The shoes have visible stitches roughly forming apron shape that run to the toe. They are most favored pairs by white collared men due to the subtlety it is packed with. Burgundy is the color that looks the best for this pair.

Apron Loafer

6. The Belgian Loafer

Eccentric is the word to define the shoe’s design, uncommon is the word to define the materials used to make this pair. As for the sole construction, Belgian loafers prefer soft sole construction and sewn inside out. With so much of unusualness, don’t expect the colors to be a regular one.

The Belgian Loafer

7. Aurland Loafers

Heavy influence of North America is apparent by the use moccasins as material for the loafers. They look quite a bit like apron loafers and are definitely comfortable to wear on any given day. “Loafer”, the generic term for slip-ons in America was the name Aurlands were marketed with.

8. Weston Loafers

Hard to find outside the French market, their place of origin but Weston loafers have effectively carved out a niche for themselves with their suave designing.

Weston Loafers

The above mentioned loafer styles are surely going to enhance your styling way. So, try them on!