8 Stylish Peplum Tops For All Body Types

There is a myth that peplum tops are more suited for very skinny women types and doesn’t really compliment the others. But that is not at all true. In fact, peplum tops compliment the shape of all women and body types, if they are donned the right way. So here are some chic and trendy peplum tops to complement your silhouette.

Below Are The 8 Stylish Peplum Tops For All Body Types:

1. For Apple Shaped

If you are apple shaped and skinnier on the bottom as compared to the top then these peplum tops are quite well-suited for you. The create the illusion of a curvier you, making you look more balanced and also slimmer on the top. The best way for such women to sport these tops would be with flared skirts that gives an illusion of a heftier bottom and thus makes you appear curvier than you are.

2. For Hourglass Shapes

Those who are blessed with being naturally curvy and thin can don these peplum tops in anyway they want. But the best way is to create a stark colour contrast so that your body shape gets all the attention. You can opt for the classic sleeveless ones or even go for something more sleek. Think of materials like satin or even lace.

3. For Plus Sized Women

Those who have a more fuller figure should not abstain from these tops because they really compliment all the right curves in your body. Only, you should opt for some deeper shades in these peplum tops and also pick something that has a slightly longer sleeve. Doing so will not only create the illusion of a slimmer you but also help in taking attention away from the problem areas.

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4. For Skinny Women

Those who are actually petite and quite on the thinner side can think about adding some layers to their peplum tops. This is suggested because these tops can make you appear more on the skinnier side and make you look rather lanky. Layering with jackets and shrugs would give you a more fuller appearance.

5. Pencil Shaped Women

As the name suggests, such women are on the skinnier side too but they hardly have curves around their waist that makes them appear like a pencil or absolutely straight figure. However, this is a problem that peplum tops can really take attention away from. For such women, wearing a little loser and abstract shapes of these peplum tops are suggested. Doing so creates the illusions of curves around the waist and other areas but also make you appear slightly fuller.

6. Pear-shaped Women

This is probably one of the most common shapes of women found these days and it is ideal for wearing peplum tops because you are blessed with curves. The only factor to keep in mind here is the right bottoms. So think of straight skirts or pants that deviate attention from the body. Opt for colours that hide your lower body’s silhouette. Also choose longer cuts that hide your lower body.

7. Spoon Shaped

Such women tend to have issues with love handles. Though their waist line remains just perfect, they have issues with love handles. The hips and top are in sync too. For such women, using prints is highly recommended in peplum tops. This will take attention away from problematic lower waist but create a more uniform shape for them, especially the midriff area. Think of abstract or even geometrical prints in this reference.

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8. Athletic Women

For such women, these peplum tops soften their body shape and make them appear more feminine and curvy. These women should opt for softer cuts that don’t cling much and yet create a curvier and softer look for them.

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