8 Stylish Ways To Carry Maxi Coats

Colder days or even months are all about putting on a layer or two to kill the chill. Cardigans are boring, leather jacket; too masculine. So what’s the safest pick? You gotcha! It is maxi coats; coats for women which spells class and sophistication. The long coat which runs down way below the knee is picked not only for its practicality in wear but also because its design is more impactful than any other coats. Maxi coat has seen lots of transitions since the Dr. Zhivago days. As a matter of fact maxi coats have few undertones male masculinity in design. Pick your look out of these 8 stylish ways to wear a maxi coats.

Here Are the 8 Stylish Ways To Carry Maxi Coats:

1. Bold Buttons

Make the rather innocuous look of your denim jeans and tees impactful with large button in your maxi coats. Add more masculine details by opting for masculine silhouette. No matter how feminists go about, maxi coats with bold buttons can withstand any change of trend and can become part of those clothes in wardrobe which can be pulled out whenever you are in disarray.

Bold buttons

2. Slim Lined Coat

Women with hourglass figure cannot keep them themselves away from wearing slim lined coat for too long. Black is the color that will add impeccability to the look. But much as the color of the maxi coat you wear, accessories must cast their spell too. Here’s another fashion mojo; if you team a dark slim lined coat with any primary color dress, the appearance becomes even classier. That said, it is not wise to put on a dark colored dress beneath dark slim lined maxi coat.

Slim lined coat

3. Maxi Coat Men’s Style

No worries, you need not sacrifice your all female look. Men’s style coat silhouette is a pretty easy way to add variety in your closet. But keep one thing in mind; it is the cut that matters the most, not colors. You need to stop playing with colors and go for simple and basic shades. The men’s style overcoat looks best in tight fitted trousers any day but you can also make a bold statement by pairing them split skirt as well.

Maxi coat; men’s style

4. Short And Long Story

It is all about clubbing the two extremes together. Long maxi coats can bring attention to your legs provided you wear them over short hem skirts. Perhaps a little bold in the books of few, the look can be added more casual appeal by wearing a pair of sneakers.

Short and long story

5. Bold Colors

These are hit no matter what the fashion police say, bold color maxi coats never lack the appeal and charm and when it comes to accentuating them even further, black is the color which is second to none. Again bold colors are individual choice but some colors like mustard yellow, grass green are eternal favorites.

Bold colors

6. With GFX

It’s the effect that is being talked of. Wearing a maxi coat with a graphics tee inside is a quirky way of flaunty the slouchy wear. Also, it somewhat gives a retro touch. Contrast prints are another way to go as far wearing long maxi coats are concerned. If you are little inclined to vintage look, a leopard coat’s purchase is the right call for you.

With GFX

7. Leather Boots And Loafers

Footwear can also have their share of attention with a maxi coat on. While many in the industry have been seen mostly wearing sneakers, maxi coat looks just as stunning with loafers. Loafers add cheekiness of sneakers and in a tasteful way. Leather boots on the other hand has a lot of androgynous element that can look imposingly sophisticated.

Leather boots and loafers

8. With Oversized Sweater

For chilly days, style takes a backseat; not if you are wearing a maxi coat with sweater. Being slouchy, oversized coats blend well with maxi coat’s free willed wave. Skinny jeans always look good on oversized sweater, even with those well knit sweaters that have long neckline.

With oversized sweater Alternatively, you can wear skinny jeans with a khaki colored maxi coat to look dapper. Bottom wear is very much a determiner to enhance the overall look in a maxi coat. For a little chubby woman who has accumulated flab in the mid region, high waist jeans will allow them to nail the maxi coat. Now; A word for those who would want a stylish way of wearing maxi coat with accessories. Apart from woolen headgears, Cashmere scarves can hardly go wrong with maxi coats. Hats are also very much in order. With jewelry or without it; the call is yours. So, try these super cool maxi coats and enhance your personality.