8 Stylish Wedges Styles For This Season

Turn over the pages of history and you will find out that wedges, a form or rather style of heels are in business since the 1930’s and the person to be solely credited for this design and its subsequent popularity is Italian shoe designer Salvatore Feragammo. Not only did Feragammo raise the bar in the footwear design world with wedges as design, he also exhibited his brilliance in the craft of making wedges with non-traditional materials like cork, wood, straw and felt. Wedges ring a bell among the fashion struck ladies primarily because of its comfort factor. Traditional heels undoubtedly look mean and stylish but the hefty price for wearing them from long hours is charged by shooting pain in the toe and ankles. Visionary as the wedges are, they are an ideal wear both for casual and formal occasions.

Here Are 8 Stylish Wedges Styles For This Season

1. Printed Wedge

Wedge in prints takes the “hey look, it’s me” factor to a different level and in a very healthy way. It is perhaps the only wedges that can make prints so desirable and pretty wearable with denims, summer tops and few attires that look a little dull than others.

2. Gladiator Wedges

Best of two worlds meet to make gladiator wedges. Gladiator design has a long legacy that inspires the footwear industry even now. On the other hand, wedges bring balance thanks to the little or no heel present. More detailing can be done with footwear DIY in case you want to get noticed from a distance.

3. Strappy Wedges

Strappy are nice and naughty as you can tie and untie them! The straps though don’t restrict themselves to fastening the shoe in the ankles alone. Wedges in straps make for a great office wear and you can be very classy yet not sultry with these on. Lovers of minimalist and wedges go nuts for them, time for you to grab a pair if you think about them in the same lines.

4. Peep Toe Wedge

Pumps on conventional heel have had enough, time for you and peep toe wedge to step in. They are meticulously designed and create some real strong impression when paired with office wear. That said, wedges themselves have not abided by standards, why should you?

5. Closed Toe Wedge

Alright you fear you may kick and end up spoiling your nail-art but then again want to have wedge footwear too. Consider the closed-toe wedges that slip in easily and you do not have to rue over not getting to wear wedges. Close toe wedge are pretty much favored by those on the upper side of the age scale.

6. Wedge Sandal

OK, agreed they are a little out of the league when it comes to delivering in style but are wedges not about being one that can be worn all day long, let’s say while attending the door or teaching classes? Or may be to wear at a pool party?

7. Block Wedge

For once, wedges follow the rule books albeit they are more comfortable than the rest because of the low heel. Once again, you get a versatile style of wedges.

8. Platform Wedges

No reason is plausible to keep the ultra stylish platform wedges that are more like a boon for those who aren’t too tall. Finding platform wedge in straps, in close toe, in straps and already found one? Gee! You are at it already!