Here are some stylish ways to tie sarongs and pareos! Check out how to tie a sarong to cover shoulders, how to wear a sarong with arm holes, among other ideas!

Sarongs and Pareos are one of the coolest outfits that look really nice when worn properly.

It is a single piece of clothing and you can wear it in several different ways. you just have to tie few knots here and there and you are all set to look sexy.

There are various ways to wear the sarongs and it is one of the sexiest beach outfits and it looks really classy no matter what.

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There are many women who loves to wear the sarongs for their brunches or the evening beach parties as it is something that can never go wrong.

The pareos are usually the skirts, which are tied around your waist. You can buy them from any shop.

Pareos and Sarongs can be easily found in any beach shops, as it is the most common thing to wear after a good swim.

It is light in weight and it looks really wonderful. There are various ways to tie the sarongs and pareos.

Stylish Ways To Tie Sarongs And Pareos

1. Make It A One Shoulder Dress

how to tie a sarong dress with clip
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Make the sarong a one-shoulder dress by tying it carefully on your body.

For this you will have to hold the scarf straight under one arm and then bring the corners and tie them around with two knots.

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The dress is made and it looks really cool.

2. Make A Simple Skirt

how to tie a beach wrap skirt
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It is the easiest and the most common thing to do with the sarong and the pareos.

Having a skirt tied around your waist is a good idea when you are chilling at a beach. They look nice and you can pair it with a hat and nice lingerie. The skirts look really sexy.

3. Sarong Halter Neck Dress

Ways To Tie Sarongs And Pareos
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This is the classiest way to tie a sarong and also the most common one.

In this you just have to wrap the sarong around your body and take the corners of the cloth and tie it around your neck to make it a halter neck dress.

It is very simple to wear and it looks really sexy and stylish.

4. Strapless Dress

How do you tie a sarong pareo
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This is one of the sexiest ways to tie a sarong around your body. The strapless sarong looks really sexy and is also very easy to wear.

You can tie it over your swim suit and wear the simple flip flops to make it look the best. It is one of the coolest beachwear dresses.

5. Long Pareos Skirt

ways to tie sarongs and pareos for ladies
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The long pareos skirt looks very sexy when paired with a crop top or the sexy bralette.

You can wrap the pareu around your waist and roam around in the beach. Pair it with simple flip flops and a hat and you are ready to roll.

6. The Jumpsuit Dress

19 ways to tie a sarong
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This is another way to tie the pareos and the sarong dress. It is one of the coolest way and also the simplest.

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Though tying this dress might take some time but it is a simple task.

All you have to do is take a sarong or the pareu and wrap it around your body taking it from under and tying it upwards or on your waist. It looks really stylish and sexy.

7. Dress Over The Shoulder

how to wear a sarong with arm holes
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This is another way to tie the sarong and the pareos dress.

Tying the dress over the shoulder is one of the sexy ways to make sure that you look really hot in your beachwear.

It is very simple to wear and you can wear it within five minutes. Choose the right color for yourself and you will rock the beach.

8. Make Your Own Shorts

how to tie a short sarong skirt
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This is another classy way to make use of the sarongs and the pareos. You can easily wrap around the sarong and rock the beach party.

It is very comfortable and it looks really nice when worn with any off shoulder tube.

Summary on How To Wear Sarongs and Paroes

Sarongs and pareos are amazing beachwear but they can get boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The best thing about a sarong and paroe is that these pieces of clothing can be tied in different, creative ways.

You can also add some accessories to jazz things up!

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