8 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Eyes are the most attractive part of your facial features. Having a big pair of sparkling eyes makes you look beautiful and young. But not all of us are blessed with bright, big eyes. If you want your eyes to look bigger and attractive, there are some artful makeup tricks and few simple tweaks that can help you make your eyes look bigger, beautiful and bright.

Here Are 8 Key Steps That Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger:

1. Apply Nude Eye Shadow

To create a base, apply a matte nude eye shadow over your entire lid. This will help to even out the coloring of the lid and add dimension to the crease. Application of light neutral colors on the lid will help to provide a larger appearance to your eye area.

2. Even Out

Use concealer to eliminate any darkness or discoloration around the eye. Dark circles make the eyes look smaller. Illuminate the area with the right concealer. Choose a shade that is little lighter than your skin tone. This will help to brighten up the area underneath and around the eyes. You can even apply over the lids to get a uniform base.

3. Define Your Eyebrows

Well groomed eyebrows will frame up your entire eye area. Anything that emphasizes the eyes will help to bring attention to the eye area and make them appear bigger. Tweeze the stray hairs and then clear up the areas above and below the brow to define the arch; fill in the gaps with the help of an eyebrow pencil and finally brush the brows up to get perfect shape.

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4. Apply Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner starting from inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes with little heavier on the outside edge. This will allow the eyes to look longer. Do not apply eyeliner all around the eyes. This will make your eyes look smaller and rounded. While applying eyeliner on the lower lids, draw it just below your lash line, not to the inner side of the rim. Line the wet line with white or any other light toned pencil to make the white of your eyes look noticeably wider. But overdoing it can look awkward. If you don’t like to use dark eyeliner on the lower lash line, use a white or neutral pencil and draw few extra strokes to emphasize and brighten your eyes.

5. Add Depth

Apply another coat of eye shadow, in slightly darker shade than you used earlier to your crease and blend it using your finger up to the eyebrow to provide depth to your eyes.

6. Apply Mascara

Bigger and thicker eyelashes make your eyes not only attractive but bigger also. Curl your lashes with lash curler flipping the lashes upward. Curling the lashes upward will help enhance the eye area. Also apply mascara to the lower lashes, but skip liner on lower lash line.

7. Highlight

Highlight the inner corner of the eyes using highlighter, a pearly eye shadow or white powder. Also use highlighter under the brow bones also. This will help to make your eyes look lifted and more focused.

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8. Use Different Shades

Using two different colors while applying eye makeup can make your eyes really look bigger. Choose shaded that complement your skin tone. Choosing lighter hues will help you to get maximum from what you have.

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