In this article you can find a few tips on how to reduce upper lip shadow on your face. I’ve also listed out reasons why your upper lip is dark and home remedies to fix this discoloration.

There are many women who face the problem of formation of dark tone of skin above their upper lip. This phenomenon is commonly known as “Upper Lip Shadow”.

It is an unwanted occurrence wherein, the colour of the skin tends to turn darker as in comparison to other part of face skin, even after the removal of facial hair on upper lips.

This skin remains darker for a longer period if it is not treated. If you are a women suffering from the same problem, then there is no need to worry about it because there are many solutions to it.

Moreover, if you wish to get a natural treatment, then you are at the right place because following are the natural solutions to cope up with this problem rather than spending huge amount of time and money on artificial ways.

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How To Reduce Upper Lip Shadow

1. I used a DIY homemade lemon scrub

how to get rid of upper lip shadow naturally

If you want to get rid of darkening of skin above upper lip then you better use lemon as a medicine because it is a natural and a very effective skin lightening source.

To work on your skin improvement, mix a lemon into half of a glass of water and apply the same above your upper lip skin.

Leave it untouched till the morning and then wash your face with your regular face soap or face cream. Keep doing this activity regularly for better results.

2. I Always Wore Sunscreen Outside

Overexposure to the sun is one of the main causes of formation of dark skin.

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So to keep yourself away from this problem try not stay out for a longer period and it is recommended to wear sunscreen as often as possible when you take yourself out.

Sunscreen would help to prevent you from harmful UV rays. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 at least every time you go out.

3. Using This Naturally Lightening Face Mask

how to get rid of dark upper lip and chin

You can easily create a natural face mask made up of natural ingredients which must be used for sensitive skin. The required ingredients are:

• Apple cider vinegar (5 ml)

• Rose water (5 ml)

• Cucumber slices (3 slices of medium size)

Crush the slices of cucumber till it becomes a paste. Separate the cucumber juice by using a colander from solid portion.

Add rose water and apple cider vinegar to cucumber juice and mix them properly.

With the help of a piece of cotton, apply the mixture to your darken skin and keep it for overnight.

Wash your face in next morning with the help of face wash. Keep doing this activity constantly for better results.

4. I Tried Honey As It Lightens Skin

how to lighten upper lip shadow fast

Honey is a natural and an anti septic ingredient which helps to retain the necessary moisture layer of the skin very quickly.

Apply some honey on your dark skin for around 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it properly with the help of face cream.

Keep doing this activity once or twice daily for better and quick results.

5. By Taking A Waxing Break

why is my upper lip dark

If you want your skin to recover its complexion naturally, then try not use waxing technique for up to 4 months at least.

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Excessive use of waxing for removal of hair leads to removal of skin moisture layer which leads to dark marks on upper lip skin.

6. I Keep My Lips Hydrated

best upper lip lightening cream

Try to keep your lips as hydrated as possible because doing this would maintain colour of lips as well as colour of upper skin.

Try to use moisturisers such as petroleum jelly or lip balm. This will help you to maintain your skin in extreme hot or cold weathers.

Also drink water as much as possible and herbal tea especially in winters.

7. Massaging Is Important

Regular massaging would certainly help you to maintain blood flow of your lips and its skin nearby.

Proper blood flow would help to sustain the natural colour of lips and skin near to lips. You can also use coconut oil or almond oil for massaging your lips in a proper manner.

You can also try this activity with the help of ice by rubbing it gently onto your lips and skin around your lips.

8. Quit Smoking

Smoking not just affects your lungs but it also increases pigmentation on your lips, making them dull and darker. This change is caused due to presence of nicotine in cigarettes.

Smoking also prevents flow of oxygen from face blood which creates shortage of oxygen to your face skin and lips.

This leads to conversion of natural face colour into dull and shadowed face colour.

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These natural remedies are easy to be adapted. try them out and see the difference in few weeks.

FAQs about How To Make Upper Lip Discoloration Lighter

Why do I have a shadow on my upper lip?

The dark shadow on your upper lip is a result of hyper pigmentation. This means that there is a greater concentration of melanin in that area, leading to development of patchy dark skin or dark spots. Pigmentation can develop due to sun burn, excessive smoking, hormonal issues like PCOS, or conditions like melasama.

Does waxing your upper lip make it grow back darker?

Technically no. Waxing itself doesn’t contribute to darkening of the skin. However, consistent exposure to heat from wax can dry out skin and lead to lower collagen levels. This can cause hyper-pigmentation which leads to darker skin. So if you’re waxing your upper lip just once a while and protecting your skin before and hydrating it afterwards, you should be okay.

Final Thoughts on Reducing Upper Lip Shadow

The upper lip shadow can be caused by many reasons. You might have slight facial hair on that area, giving the appearance of a darker upper lip.

Or you might be affected with hyper pigmentation due to issues like excessive smoking, sunburn, melasma, etc.

In that case the home remedies and hacks I’ve suggested above can help you get rid of said pigmentation by lightening skin and hair, making upper lip less dark.

However, if this condition persists, you might want to check underlying causes like hormonal issues, PCOS, etc. as these might also lead to pigmentation, unnatural body hair growth and more.

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