8 Ways To Grow Thick Eyelashes In One Week

Eyelashes are the most delicate and attractive part of the eyes. The beautiful eyelashes enhance the shape of the eyes. Thick and long lashes sculpt the eye perfectly making the entire face look beautiful. Eye lashes are very delicate and often fall or break. Also girls with thin and small lashes have to fulfill their desire for long and voluminous lashes by wearing fake lashes. Here are some tricks and tips on how to make your lashes lengthy and thicker in just a span of week.

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Below Are The 8 Ways To Grow Thick  Eyelashes In One Week:

1. Castor And Coconut Oil Massage

You may have heard about application of castor oil and coconut oil on hair as well as eye lashes for quicker growth and strengthening. These oils have amazing properties which make the hair grow quickly and make the hair voluminous. These oils can be massaged into the eyelashes and the eye lids through brushes or finger tips. Before going to bed, apply any of these oils to the eyelashes daily and you will find your lashes more thicket and longer within just a week.

2. Vitamin E Oil Massage

Clinicians suggest consuming Vitamin E for better hair and skin. This treatment can also give you amazing nutrients which would result into long and thick eye lashes. In the market, vitamin E oil and tablets are readily available. Apply some oil on the eye lashes regularly and you will get amazing and gorgeous lashes within a week.

3. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is always mentioned when it comes to hair, skin and health care. This herb has amazing nutrients and minerals which can give treasure of benefits. The raw aloe vera gel can be applied on the eyelashes to get amazing thick and long lusty lashes. Regular application of gel would give you amazingly stunning lashes forever.

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4. Use Egg White And Olive Oil Mask

Eggs have amazing nutrients and are thus used for hair care while olive oil has strengthening and smoothening properties which would work the best for your eye lashes. For the egg white and olive oil mask, take some egg white and mix olive oil. Apply this mixture gently on the eye lashes and let it set overnight. Regular application of this paste would give you thicker longer and attractive eye lashes within a week.

5. Green Tea

Green tea is applied on hair along with oils and henna for strengthening and regulating the growth of hair. It can also be used for thicker and longer eyelashes. You can boil the green tea in water and let it cool down. Apply this solution to the eyelids or brush it into the eyelashes just as the mascara. Sleep with this solution applied on your lashes. You will witness the eyelashes getting longer and prettier day by day with the regular application of green tea.

6. Vaseline

Vaseline is generally used for miniaturization for skin. But it has amazing results when applied to the eyelashes. It has the nutrients and minerals that regulate the growth of eyelashes making it stronger and thicker. Apply some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the lashes and corner of the lids and let it work on your lashes overnight. You will be surprised in the morning to see boatel and pretty lashes that will make you eyes look super attractive.

7. Almond Oil

Almond oil is widely known and preferred for hair and skin care. It has amazing vitamins and nutrients which would give you very strong and long lashes. Daily application of almond oil on the lashes would surprise you with amazing results and pretty gorgeous eyelashes. Apply almond oil regularly to get long, voluminous and strong lashes.

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8. Lemon

Lemon is rich with vitamins and nutrient which help in providing voluminous and thicker eyelashes. Applying lemon juice directly o the lashes may get harmful as you can drop it in your eyes, so the better options to use the lemon peel. Dry the lemon peel in the sun and crush it while making fine powder. Add few drops of olive oil and apply the mixture on the lashes. Let this mixture set on you lashes and keep it for few hours. Within few weeks you will find your eyelashes beautiful and long.

These are the proven methods and remedies which will work miraculously on your eyelids providing you amazing long, thick and strong eye lashes. The use of any of these methods on a regular basis would give amazing and visible results within a very short span of time. Start these treatments now and flaunt your extra gorgeous eye lashes!

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