8 Ways To Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

Building a beautiful body with its nice curve is not only always associated the word with a man, but also it has core necessity with women in the present day world. But transforming your body is not a very easy work as we tell easily from the mouth. But it is not an impossible task too.

Building Fine Line Of Muscle With Reducing Body Fat Can Be Achieved By Following Ways:

1. Set A Goal

As we know nothing can be achieved until and unless a goal is set. In order to do so ,you have a specific and written down that from what point to what point you have to go. You may set it by yourself or to be more precise take perfect advice from experts. Though it sounds like a small issue, but it is the most important step in this field. As long as we identify our goals, we can easily proceed to the next step- How it can be done.

2. Eat In Small Quantity In Phased Manner

As we know the women burns carbohydrate even higher range than a man, but she burns fat less. Moreover, they have a tendency to store more fat after eating for some physiological cause. Once a young woman earns ability to reproduce their body will start storing fat in thighs and hip as a normal preparation to have a baby. It will be required for lactation and pregnancy purpose. So in this situation fat loss with strength training and proper dieting pattern is highly important. For this we know the efficiency of calorie burning is depending upon metabolism. For metabolism boost,eat five to six times a day in small quantity. Skipping meal slows down metabolism. So meal should be taken within three hours of gapping.

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3. Drink Water A Lot

Drinking a lot of water is a basic thing for any fitness program and losing fat. Water is such a thing which is used every physiological work of the body. Start for four liters a day initially and increase it up to five or even a bit higher is preferable.

4. Do Acute Cardio At Least Three To Four Times In A Week

It is the way through which majority of calorie burning takes place. Not only has that it also helped to build muscle in a great way. But always keep in mind that it should be done in such way which increases metabolic rate for the rest of the day through which you can burn more calories. Just make it in three phases- first five minutes for warm up, then about twenty minutes for high intensity level and lastly five minutes of cooling down session.

5. Do Deep Weight Training At Least Three To Four Times In Week

First of all we break a big misconception that weight training does not make for burning enough fat. It was done for strengthening your muscles already you have. It also adds lean muscle with existing to support any future demand on the muscle.

6. Cut Down Carbohydrates

As we know that more carbohydrate will not help to build muscle instead it retards urge of in taking of other essential food elements. Moreover, women have a tendency to store more fat after eating carbohydrate for some physiological and hormonal features. So minimize it. Eat high fiber vegetables. Eat carbohydrate before two hours of your workout and just after your workout is over.

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7. Increase Your Protein Intake

Though it sounds awkward, but there is no cause of panic to consume plenty of protein throughout a day. As we know protein helps muscle tissue to build and protect them from breakdown. Since muscle building is our chief motto so after fulfilling above mentioned points it is very necessary. Always keep it in mind present research have declare up to two grams of protein per pound of body weight is required for muscle building and more precisely, it has no adverse effect of fat storing in body of a woman.

8. Eat Up Healthy Fat

As far as beauty is concerned with a woman we measure it in terms of their good and fair skin, figure, hair and nail. Though it is not a very fair thing,but most of persons in the world will do such thing in order to ascertain the quantum of her beauty. Many women drastically cut their consumption of fat for shedding weight. But for resultant they lose their once beautiful skin, hair and nail with her weight. One should not forget that fat plays vital role in building an environment for muscle, cell structure and hormonal level. Recent research says half gram of fat is required per pound of body weight. As we know omega 3,6 and many others are healthy fats comes from egg, fish, different oils and other natural resources.

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