8 Yoga Poses To Increase Flexibility Of Body

The most bitter and ugliest truth to face in the world of health and fitness is the fact that body flexibility is a very rigid issue to deal with, literally. It is given we all love our workout sessions and make the best use of whatever time we spend at the gym. But of course there are some who want to achieve too much too early and end up doing more harm than good to the body; two most common examples being pumping weights that are not suggested in the first place and doing more than required crunches in a day’s workout session to inch closer to developing six-pack abs.

Yoga, an ancient form of exercise has quite a reputation for dealing with body flexibility issues and can be of great help for increasing flexibility. Look around and you shall see contortionist, dancers and athletes swearing by it. Practice the 8 yoga poses before you end up pulling your body muscles so bad that you could barely walk upright.

Here Are The 8 Yoga Poses To Increase Flexibility Of Body:

1. Cat And Cow Pose

Absolutely mandatory for people who end up making their spine and back rigid due to sitting in front of work computers for long hours. The pose demands you to be in a tabletop position and much like the cat or cow; you will have your arms and feet on the ground. Arch your back while looking when you inhale so you your back is extended and curl your chine, tailbone as you exhale.

Cat Pose

2. Plough Pose

Anything but spine is made completely flexibly thereby contributing to your entire body’s flexibility. In plough pose, you lie on your back with arms stretched on the either side. At one full lift albeit slowly, you bring your feet above and past your head to touch the floor behind your head. Hold the position for 10 seconds or so.

Plough Pose

3. Warrior Pose

Body flexibility is hard to come by if your core muscles lack strength, hence practicing the warrior pose is a must. Breathe as you bend your forwarded leg’s knees and stretch both your arms, one backward and forward.

Warrior Pose

4. Cobra Pose

Significance of the exercise cannot be any greater as it literally opens up what is better known as locked muscles in layman terms. Lie on the flat surface with your body rested on your stomach and stretch upwards much as you can.

Cobra Pose

5. Tree Pose

As the name suggest, you have to stand real straight and that too on one foot. In this pose the other foot is put on the one you are standing on. Raise both your hands and join them. Flexibility is improved due to the endurance level that is put on test.

Tree pose

6. Bridge Pose

Lie flat on the floor and lift the body from thighs to torso region keeping your feet and palms clasped on the floor. The more you are able to open the chest, the more flexible the body gets.

Bridge Pose

7. Locust Pose

The pose should be tried after practicing some other poses like cobra and warrior pose. This is done lying on the belly with arms, legs and chest stretched.

Locust pose

8. Thread The Needle Pose

The knees go up to form 90 degrees and point toward the head. Then the right ankle is crossed on the left thigh to stretch the buttocks. Lower body becomes most flexible in this pose.

Thread the needle pose

The above mentioned yoga poses are very effective if you try them regularly on the daily basis.