9 Amazing Energy Drinks Available In The Market

Our body needs food to work, this food is nothing but the energy, that charges our body, but in the today’s fast life we have no time to eat so much and eating much also causes the problem of the obesity and other problems, we also go to the gym and we burn out calories, but we need tremendous amount of the energy, there are many energy drinks available in the market, that will give us instant energy and charge our body, you can drink it any time, when you feel lazy, here is the list of the some of the amazing energy drinks available in the market.

1. Monster Energy Drink

Monster energy drink you will get at all the stores as most of the people love it because it has a good flavor, it has good range of the varieties of the flavor, almost each flavor is good, the caffeine in it gives us the instant energy, the bottle comes in the black color, it has the its logo in the green color,  you need to just open the cane and enjoy it.

2. Red Bull Energy Drink

If you really tired with the hectic schedule of the day or you feel laziness then you should definitely try the red bull, this is a cup of coffee in a red bull cane, it has almost 8 flavors in it, the best thing is that it comes in the sugar free cane also, so if you have the diabetes, then also you can drink it. This drink is loved by most of the athletes.

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3. 5 Hour Energy Drink

If you are an athlete and ready for the competition, so you have to maintain the every level high up to many hours, so you can go with the 5 hour energy drink, it has the 200 mg of caffeine level in it, which gives you energy for the 5 hours, this is loved by the most of the professional body builder, just one shot to replenish the energy, it comes in the 3 flavors.

4. Vital 4 U Energy Drink

If you are out from your home, so you have always have the packet of the vital 4 U energy, it comes in the powder form, all you need is to mix it with the water and drink it anytime, it has almost 150 mg of the caffeine, but it has the vitamin C and the ginseng in it which retains the energy level for the hours, this is love by the athlete of swimming and cycling.

5. E6 Energy Shot Energy Shot

E6 Energy Shot comes with the powerful 235 mg of the caffeine in it, you need to drink it at any time just before the exercise, you feel charge always throughout workout, the bottle is of plastic, you need to twist the cap and enjoy it. E6 energy shots comes in 4 different flavors, also all the drinks are sugar free.

6. Crunk Energy Drink

If you don’t want to have caffeine so much in amount and want instant energy also, then crunk energy drink is the best option for you, crunk is just like a cold drink, but this drink gives us energy, it is just a pomegranate juice, but it has the vitamin C, ginseng, and other things, it has also the corn syrup which gives us the instant energy throughout the day.

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7. Cloud 9 Energy Drink

Just like its name cloud 9 energy drink gives you the energy to do anything, the bottle comes in the cane form with the opener at the top and it is handy, it has the good level of the caffeine, vitamin C and vitamin B in it, which gives and retains the energy level of the body, earlier we get only the mixed fruit flavor in it, but now cloud 9 has the blueberry also in the market.

8. Rip It Energy Shot

Rip it energy shot comes with the high level of the caffeine in it, it has almost 100 mg of the caffeine in it. The bottle is in the plastic with the cap on the top, it gives us instant energy and the citrus fruit flavor in it, retains our energy for up to 4 hours, if you want to loose weight simultaneously fill the energy requirements of the body, then this is the best option for you.

9. Xtra Power Energy Drink

Xtra power energy drink should always be there inside your refrigerator, because the real flavor comes when it is chilled, it has many things in it, like the caffeine, ginseng, vitamin C and vitamin B in it, the bottle looks so colorful in the blue color.

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