9 Amazing Probiotic Drinks Available In The Market

Our body always some of the essential nutrients, that helps in proper functioning of the body. All the diseases come from the stomach so we need to have good digestion system for this we need many enzymes, these enzymes are normally produce in our body, but due to some of the diseases, we need to have these nutrients from the outer source, pro biotic enzymes make our digestion easy, there are many probiotic drinks available in the market by which we can make our digestion system strong.

1. Vega-Probiotics Drink Mix Elderflower Pear

Vega probiotics elderflower pear comes in the powder form and you need to drink it with the water, it has the 2 billion of the pre biotic bacteria in it, which gives you a good digestive system with the good immunity system also. The packaging is of the paper bag and the flavor is slightly sweet in nature. It comes with the 16 serving, you should drink it after meals.

2. Yakult

Yakult is used by most of the people, it is easily available to your local store, it comes in the small plastic bottle, it has the good amount of the lactobacillus bacteria which is good in easing the digestion, it has the some of the glucose also, which also maintains the energy level of the body during digestion, you should take it daily, it has the sour taste, if you are facing bowel problem then you should go for the yakult.

3. Coco Biotic

Coconut is good for the health especially for the digestion, coco biotic has the extracts of the baby coconut. Baby coconut has millions of probiotic bacteria. You need to drink it while taking meals as it maintains the energy levels of the body easily and this energy is used in digestion, it comes in a big plastic bottle, it is sweet in taste, this can be used by anyone because it has no gluten it.

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4. Beyond Berry

Beyond berry has the extracts of the berries in it, berries are the rich source of the anti oxidants, prebiotic bacteria and it also maintains the energy level of the body, if you have any inflammation to the digestion system glands, then this berry will help you out, you need to mix it with the water and drink it after meal.

5. Pre Pro Biotic Enhancer

If we have some problem related to the stomach, then our pro biotic bacteria are attacked and they are killed, so we need to increase the number of the pro biotic bacteria. Pre pro biotic enhancer has the 5 different sweet flavors to choose from, it comes in the liquid form with the beautiful packaging, it will increase the immunity system of the body, best to use if you have bowel problem.

6. Dan Active

Dan active comes in the beautiful yellow packaging, it comes in the strawberry flavor, it has a good amount of the pro biotic bacteria, that eases the digestion and best to remove the inflammation of the stomach also, it has the glucose also, it detoxifies the body and removes the toxic levels of the body, you need to take out 5 tablespoon of it, you can also use it as a energy drink.

7. Kyo-Dophilus Powder

Kyo Dohilus has plenty of the pro biotic bacteria in it with good amount of the energy in it. Kyo dophilus comes in the bottle packaging, it comes in powder form, so you need to mix it with the water and then drink it before meals, if you have the bowel moments, then you can also take it as it maintains the water level of the body and provide a good amount of energy also.

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8. Good Belly

Good belly removes the inflammation of the stomach, the good thing is about the Good Belly is that it comes in different flavors like the orange, coconut water, cranberry and many more, the texture of this drink is just like the juice, the flavor is good, it has good amount of pro biotic bacteria to give ease to the upset stomach, the packaging is just like health drink comes in the paper bag with the tap on the top of it.

9. PHD 2 Go Prebiotic

PHD 2 Go prebiotic drink comes in the paper bag, it has 3 gm of the pre biotic fiber per serving, it comes in the powder form, you need to mix it with the water and drink it. Pre biotic will help in constipation, also it eases the upset stomach, it also gives you good amount of the energy and also strength your immunity system to fight with the diseases.

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