9 Amazing Types Of Aerobic Dances And Their Benefits


Everyone likes to stay fit and fine, however, most of us are often bored with the monotony and complexity of the regular workouts sessions. A dynamic form of exercise, such as aerobic dance, can be a wonderful change from your regular workout routine. In fact, aerobic dance routine is fun exercise. Performing aerobic dances improves your blood circulation in the body, rejuvenates your system, and makes you feel pleasant from within. Ladies of all ages can perform it, no matter whether you are obese, aged, or pregnant. So, are you eager to learn about various types of aerobic dances and how beneficial they are for your health? Think no further, just read on to learn all about it.

Find Below Nine Popular Types Of Aerobic Dances And Their Benefits:

1. Jazzercise

You simply can’t miss considering Jazzercise, which is a great dance aerobics that you can learn and perform to get in shape. This aerobic dance is a blend of cardio and resistance training so it helps you tone your body as you perform yoga poses, resistance training, kickboxing, and pilates while doing Jazzercise. As you dance doing Jazzercise to the tunes of music, you burn 600 calories in 60 minutes. Amazing benefits of Jazzercise are that it helps you minimize the risk of develop heart diseases, keeps you away from the risk of heart attack, makes you energetic, suits perfectly for women of all ages, tones your body well, and makes you feel happy and relaxed.


2. Zumba

One of the most famous types of aerobic dances is Zumba. Zumba is fabulous combination of Latin, Salsa, and International music and some outstanding, pleasant dance moves. You discover that slow and fast rhythm alternate throughout the Zumba performance which along with resistance and strength training and interval training helps you burn your calories. Anyone can perform Zumba, as it is simple and fun to do. Some key benefits of Zumba are that it tones your whole body, promotes weight loss, ideal for women of all ages, minimizes your stress, and easy to do.

3. Hip-Hop Aerobics

If you are a dance enthusiast, then you simply can’t afford to miss learning and performing hip-hip which is an aerobic dance. Some crucial benefits of hip-hip aerobics are that it helps improve your oxygen absorption, minimizes anxiety and stress, improves your mood and energy levels, burns fats, enhance your stamina, makes you resistant to injury, increases your flexibility, and boosts your self-esteem and confidence substantially.

Hip-Hop Aerobics

4. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is another fantastic aerobic dance where you learn and perform sets of choreographed dance steps on an elevated platform on the tunes of music. This form of aerobic dance works on your upper body, cardiovascular system, and lower body. The benefits of step aerobics are that it improved your agility, co-ordination, increases your leg strength, increases the efficiency of your lungs and heart, helps you maintain good weight, and keeps joint-pain, diabetes, and heart ailments at bay.

Step Aerobics

5. Aqua Dance Aerobics

If you are fond of water then learn and perform aqua dance aerobics. Aqua dance aerobics is a low-intensity workout where you can dance in a pool with water supports your body. However, water too offers resistance to your dance moves, so it’s challenging. Benefits of aqua dance aerobics are that it makes your body feel lighter by about 90%, burns 400 to 500 calories in one hour, promotes muscle development, boosts your metabolism, and increases your strength.

Aqua Dance Aerobics

6. Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is performed in a pair socially and competitively worldwide. It includes several different types of dances from various parts of the world. Some of the popular dances that comes in ballroom dancing are tango, amazing salsa, modern waltz, quickstep, and Viennese waltz. You maintain five particular points of contact between you and your partner’s body throughout the ballroom dance. Some wonderful benefits of performing ballroom dancing are that it helps tone your muscles and body, burns plenty of calories i.e. 200 to 400 calories in just 30 minutes, sheds your weight, makes you feel confident, reduce your stress levels, boosts your energy, improves the flexibility of your joints, and increases your bone density.

Ballroom Dancing

7. Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is another aerobic dance which is believed to be originating from ancient cultures of Middle East and India by the popular International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance. Women uses their muscles of torso for moving their body while performing the belly dance. Some of the outstanding benefits of belly dancing are that it improves your strength and fitness level substantially, helps you feel the spirit, and works on your stomach to help you get rid of the undesirable belly fat.

Belly Dancing

8. Break Free Dance

If you are looking for a stress-buster aerobic dance, then Break Free Dance is an ideal aerobic dance that not just helps you get rid of your stress but also aids you in getting in shape in just 30 minutes. Perform it six times in a week and then you are sure to experience some positive changes in your body. Some of the important benefits of the Break Free Dance are that it helps increase your stamina, improve your strength and endurance, reduces your stress, and boosts your energy significantly.

Break Free Dance

9. Pump It Up Aerobic Dance

Another great aerobic dance is Pump It Up that you can learn and practice. The workout of this aerobic dance is one hour and fifteen minutes long. You need to begin by performing some warm up exercises. Start with a dance workout of 20 minutes that gets speedier with time. At the end of your Pump It Up dance aerobics, do some cool down exercises, stretch your body properly, and relax. Popular benefits of Pump It Up dance aerobics are that it burns your calories, reduces stress, makes you feel good by improving your mood, and helps you maintain good weight.

Pump It Up Aerobic Dance

Now that you know these 9 fabulous aerobic dances, make sure you learn some of them and include them in your regular workout routine to enjoy a fun workout and stay fit and fine.