9 Awesome Style Tips For Plus Size Women

Before you start looking out for ways to make yourself look attractive and stylish, you must first stop thinking that you do not look good because of your plus size figure. If you do not love to be who you are, no outfit or fashion tips will solve your problem. So, love yourself and follow these style tips to look even more beautiful and gorgeous.

Here Are The 9 Awesome Style Tips For Plus Size Women:

1. Hairstyle

For a body type like yours, short boyish haircuts will look very odd. So, keep a hairstyle that makes your head look balanced in an attractive way with the rest of your body. For example, shoulder-length curls on your plump, round shoulders will make you look fabulous.

2. Footwear

Most plus size women have heavy ankles and legs. If you are one of them, wearing shoes with wedge heels will suit you more and make you look marvelous. Flimsy or delicate shoes are not for you; so steer clear of them. Walking while wearing such shoes will give an impression as if you would fall over anytime. If you do not want to wear wedge heels, try a good pair of equestrian style boots. Whether you are wearing pants or skirt, such boots will always make you look more attractive. It will also make your calf look slender.

3. Accessories

Plus size women usually have shorter necks. If you are one of them, you can make your neck appear long and attractive by wearing long dangly earrings. Likewise, if you have thick wrists, you can make them appear slender by wearing 2-3 chunky bangles. The handbag you carry should also be big enough to match your size else it will look out of proportion. The same rule goes for your pendants as well. Tiny pieces of jewelry will look odd on you. So, try bold, large jewelry items.

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4. The Top Half

A tunic-style top with leggings or skinny jeans will look great on you. If the dress on your bottom half fit you well, a loose top will also look good. As long as jackets or cardigans are concerned, wear full lengths. Cropped length jacket or cardigan will only highlight your body type.

5. The Bottom Half

Straight leg or skinny jeans in dark shades that fit properly to your bottom half will go well with your personality. Avoid wide leg trousers or flared pants. As long as skirts are concerned, skater skirts can be a safe choice, but A-line cut skirts will make you look more attractive. However, you must avoid wearing pencil skirts at all costs because they will only make your plus size waist and hips more noticeable. Broomstick skirts should also be avoided. The length of your skirt also matters a lot. The best skirts for you are the ones that reach your mid knee.

6. Patterns

Vertical patterns on your dress will make you appear slimmer. On the other hand, dresses with horizontal patterns on them will make you look wider. So, choose dresses with deep V-neck, stripes and seams.

7. Fitting

Wearing clothes that are too tight or clothes that are too loose will only highlight your plus size figure. Therefore, the best strategy is to wear something that fits you just right in a comfortable way. Tight clothes, in particular, should be a big no because it will also make it difficult for you to walk, sit or bend. These difficulties will damage your confidence, and if you are not confident from inside, no outfit can ever make you look or feel beautiful.

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8. Tailored Clothes

A very common problem that most plus size women face is that they find it very difficult to find ready made clothes that fit them just right. Most of the times, if a dress fits on their waist do not fit at the thighs or vice versa. A simple and straight forward solution to this problem is to get your dresses altered by a professional tailor as per your body needs.

9. Age Appropriate Clothes

If you are a woman in her late thirties and are trying outfits that have actually been designed for women in her early twenties, it will only convey a message to the world that you are trying too hard to look young, which again will go against you. However, at the same time, wearing clothes that make you look older than you actually are is also obviously a bad idea.

Last, but not the least, whatever clothes you wear, you must wear it with confidence. Keep your spine straight, shoulders back and chin up high. This posture shows confidence and makes you look more attractive.

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