9 Best Ayur Products Available In The Market

Ayur is a well established Indian brand in the cosmetics industry since 1986. The products of the ayur are natural and herbal, you will have a range of it, like the creams, shampoo, face washes, oils and many others, the products are at reasonable price and easily available in the market, as well as you can buy it online, also these products are recommended by many beauty saloons, here are list of the some of the best ayur products in the market.

1. Rose Water

Rose water is used to soothe the face and also gives refreshment to the skin, it is used as a cleanser also, it is used in many face packs also, ayur rose water is totally herbal and it is made up of the rose petals at a very reasonable price, the bottle is so handy and can be travel along with you.

2. Ayur Hot Wax

Unwanted hair on the skin, loose your confidence, waxing the hair is the easy way to remove the hair from your skin, many hot wax has chemical contents in it, but ayur hot wax is made up of the herbal things like the lemon, sugar, vinegar, all you need to just apply the hot wax on the skin area and remove it with the wax strip, you will get a hair less skin for about 4 weeks.

3. Ayur Cold Wax

This is again a good product by the ayur, in this you need to heat the wax, it is the cold wax and can be applied to any type of the skin, people do not prefer hot wax on the skin as it sometimes give redness to the skin, apply cold wax to the area and clean it to get the smooth skin in no time.

4. Anti Tan Face Pack

This is the best product by the ayur, as we go out our skin produce melanin in the sun light and that causes the sun tan, this anti tan face pack has the turmeric powder, fuller’s earth, calamine powder in it, which calms the skin and repair the damage the caused the sun rays, also it is helpful in removing the sun tan easily, all you need to apply this and then leave it so that it will become dry, now clean it proper with the cold water.

5. Ayur Cleansing Milk

This product is also high in demand, dirt has been trapped in the pores of the skin and it is not easy to clean it, ayur cleansing milk do this for us, it cleans the pores deep inside, we should use it daily, this is a herbal product and fragrance is also nice, it has the vitamin E, aloe vera gel in it, that will give softness to the skin and you will get glowing skin.

6. Aloe Vera Cold Cream

In the winter, our skin becomes dry and sometimes it has the rashes also, this is because there is no moisture in the atmosphere, so we need to apply moisture on the skin, ayur aloe vera cold cream is totally herbal with the goodness of the aloe vera, this is the perfect cream in winters and also it absorbs by the skin easily and the look is totally oil free.

7. Tea Tree Face Wash

We should always use the face wash which should be gentle on the skin, because harsh face wash removes the softness of the skin, this face wash has the tea tree oil in it, which is good for the cleansing purpose and it also nourishes and repairs the damages skin, this is best to used for the acne problems, you should apply this moisturizer twice a day, especially when you return from outside.

8. Peel Off Face Mask

If you have acne or you have oily skin, then you need to extra cautious about the products that you should applied on the face, this is a peel off face mask by the ayur, which sticks the dust in the mask the remove it from your face, just apply the gel on the face and then allow it to dry, now slowly take it out, use it 2 to 3 times in a week for nice and glowing skin.

9. Rosemary Shampoo

Harsh shampoos always damaged the hair, we should always used the gentle shampoo to clean the hair. Rosemary shampoo by ayur has the rosemary in it which nourishes and repairs the scalp and allow hair to grow fast, it gives a nice foam, this is best to used in the summers and good for the removing the dandruff also.