9 Braid Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium length hair are gracious, feminine and beautiful just as the glorious long hair. If you are a woman who loves a beautiful bubbly personality with comfortable, easy and voluminous hair, the medium hair is perfectly suitable for you. Also the medium length hair is quite manageable and easy to style. Especially for working women and teenagers, medium length hair are extremely beneficial as they can get a beautiful, dynamic and vivid look everyday within some time. If you are a fashion pro and love to experiment with different looks and hairstyles every day, here are some beautiful braided hairstyle ideas which would make you look gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. These amazing varieties would enhance your beauty, grace and would make you appear confident, pleasing and stylish this season.

Below Are The 9 Braid Hairstyles For Medium Hair:

1. Beautiful Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are extremely gracious and elegant. You must have seen this amazing hairstyle is adopted by brides for a divine and angel look on weddings. The waterfall braids are the best suitable and stunning hairstyle for medium length hair. You can complement it with beautiful sleek open hair or can style the rest of hair into soft curls. Also you can add some beauty by getting a glorious hair accessory and make it look flawless.

Beautiful Waterfall Braid

2. Side Braided Pony Tail

Pony tails are quite casual and widely preferred hairstyle on casual occasions and in the regular life. You can give your pony tail a stunning and cool twist by adding amazing braids. If you are dressing for your workplace or do not like to keep the hair open all the day long, here is a stunning braided pony tail. Get a beautiful side braid and tie it up into a beautiful pony tail. You can also soft curl the ends and make the pony tail look stylish.

Side Braided Pony Tail

3. Amazing Voluminous Fishtail Braid

The beautiful weaves of the fishtail braids are extremely adorable and commendable. If you want to get something trendy, cute and stylish this week, try this amazing fishtail braid. If you have sleek and voluminous hair, the fishtail braid would look flourishing and stylish for sure. You can carry this amazing hairstyle on functions, for a casual look, for picnics and outings or for weddings too.

Amazing Voluminous Fishtail Braid

4. Pretty Headband Braid

The headband braids are stunning and cool. Not only these amazing braids settle the hair stunningly, but also they give a very rich, royal and cool look. The head brand braids can be complemented with ponytails, open hair, updo’s and many other variations and can look breathtakingly beautiful.

Pretty Headband Braid

5. Glorious French Braid

The trendy and cool hairstyles always include the beautiful and stylish French braids. The amazing French braids make the hair look thick, stylish and beautifully styles. If you are looking for a simple and yet effective look, you must try the cool French braid which would complement any dressing and would make your entire personality strong and flourishing. Try this cool hairstyle and make your hair look jaw dropingly stylish and trendy.


6. Gracious Messy Bun With Braid

Messy hairstyles are the latest trend which would never fail to get you a fashionable and stylish loo. The messy hair buns complemented with beautiful braids is such a stunning and mesmerising combination. Try amazing and beautiful braid and complement it with beautiful buns and hair accessories and make it look flawless.


7. Headband Braid With High Pony Tail

If you have beautiful and thick hair, you can get this cool and trendy hairstyle for your casual and stunning look. High ponytail complemented with stunning headband would give you a gorgeous and trendy look for sure. Complement it with amazing dresses and gowns and rock the parties!


8. Cute Hair Updo With Braid

Updo’s are not only comfortable but also they are elegant, stylish and gracious. If you are looking forward to attend a dressy and cool event, you must consider this high profile and high impact hairstyle which would make you highlight throughout the event. The gorgeous and cute hairstyle like this would never fail to steal hearts of people. Try amazing updo with beautiful side and front braids, leave some strands open and wavy and get a completely gracious and amazing look this season.


9. Cool Ladder Braid With Open Sleek Hair

Ladder braids are fun and cool. If you want a stylish and funky look this season, try this perfect and cool hairstyle with beautiful ladder braids and get a flourishing appearance. If you have beautifully sleek and stunning hair, you must consider this hairstyle which would make your hair more adorable and your personality more enriched. Try this awesome and amazingly pretty hairstyle and get a breathtakingly beautiful look.