9 Chic Jersey Dresses For Your Body Type

Jersey dresses are a rage this season and they are very comfortable and stylish. As the name suggests these are made of jersey and hence tend to have a better fall and cling to your body as compared to the regular cotton or other alternatives. The trick to wearing these jersey dresses correctly is picking a style that compliments your body type. Here are some fashionable dresses and  the kind of body type who should wear them.

Here Are The 9 Chic Jersey Dresses For Your Body Type:

1. BodyCon Jersey Dress

This is one is ideally suited for women who have hour glass figures or tend to be narrower on the bottom. But remember that since it really clings you cannot have flawed areas like heavier tummy or hips. And alternative here is to pick something that is rather pleated and hence it gives you a camouflage.

2. Wrap Around Jersey Dress

This is ideal for women who have pear shaped bodies or flatter tummy. As the dress wraps around the waist, it tends to draw attention to your upper body and hence apple shaped women should avoid this. With a wrap around dress, you also draw more attention to the tiny waist and not hips, which is ideal for women with heavier bottoms.

3. A-Line Jersey Dress

This one is again suited for girls who tend to have tinier waists and heavier bottom. Usually you will find these A-line dresses to have a little flair in the bottom to create the illusion of slimmer hips without taking attention away from your lean and tone up upper body. Opt for wide necks in A-line jersey dresses.

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4. Flared Jersey Dresses

These are more suitable for women who seem to have a little flab on the stomach along with wider hips. Ideally, they have narrower shoulders and thus this jersey dress actually brings out the best of both worlds for them. Being flared it is comfortable and yet provides you with enough feminist thanks to revealing shoulders and enough attention to the upper body.

5. Little Black Jersey Dress

This one is ideal for all body types because black is a colour that tends to camouflage all of your problem areas. The little black jersey dress can be either full sleeved or even sleeveless with just enough room for movement. Think of a touch of lace or even embellishment to make the look more formal.

6. Frilly Jersey Dresses

This one is ideal for women who have a broader shoulder or the Apple shaped women. What happens here is that the frill and patterning around the waist and the lower body tends to get you a fuller look there, which in turn makes your upper body look lankier and leaner. You can opt for slight puffs in the sleeves for an added effect.

7. Ruched Jersey Dresses

If you are one of the people who are lankier and don’t have any problem areas then opt for the rushed style of dress. This can work with women of all types as long as you know what’s right. For instance, if you are heavier on the top, avoid ruche there and if on the bottom, just get a slight ruche. This gives an elegant and formal appeal while covering up all of the wrong areas.

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8. Printed Jersey Dresses

These are another popular trend because now jersey comes in print. As a rule of thumb opt for rings that compliment your body like vertical prints for looking skinner and a bit of bolder prints for adding a little volume to your petite body type.

9. Long Jersey Dresses

If you are looking for something that covers a formal occasion and yet drapes well, long jersey dresses are the way to go. Think of queen cuts, off shoulders and classic colours that drape you well and compliment the body.

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