9 Eye Shadows By The Lakme Avalaible In The Market

Eyes are the best part of the women and anyone can easily fall in love with them, many writers have written poem about the charm of the eyes, now a days, make up products are available for each part of the eyes, eye liners, eye shadows, mascaras and other, eye shadows gives your eyes a glittering look with the dual tone effect, eye shadows are available in the market in different shades, but the lakme products gives you a range of eye shadows here is the list of some of the eye shadows by the lakme.

1. Lakme Glide On Pencils

This is the eye shadow by the lakme, it is handy and can be sharpen by the cutter, it is easy to apply on the eye and you will get a perfect glittering effect on the eye lids, this spread on the eye skin easily and it comes in different shades, there are some shining crystals in it of different colors, the best thing is that you can keep it in the pocket.

2. Eye Chromatic Backed Shadows By Lakme

This come with a beautiful box with the brush and mirror in it, it is best to use in the party, as you apply it on the eyes, then you will be at the center of the attraction as it reflects the light of the party and gives a perfect shine to the eyes, the glittering effect is so good, it is totally smudge free and can be used up to 5 hours, it glides on the skin easily and give a perfect matte finish.

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3. Lake Lime Time Duos

If you love the nature and want to look like a princess of the nature, then you should definitely try this eye shadow of the lakme, the box is small and easy to carry in the purse, you will get the dual tone colors in it, with full pack of the glitter and shimmers. It comes in green gold and blue shades, just one stroke gives a perfect finish and gives you a smudge free look.

4. Lakme Drama Eye Shadow

This is eye shadow in the pencil form and it comes in different shades, you can use it to your office with the light colors and in the party with the dark colors along with the glitters and shimmers, these eye shadows give you a perfect look in one stroke, you can also apply the dual tone to the eyes to get the most dramatic eyes for the parties.

5. Lakme Fairy Dust

These eye shadows comes in the pigmented form but the bottle is eye catching with its long cap, this eye shadow comes with the gold, blue and green in colors and that can be matched with your dress easily, the shimmers gives you a perfect shinning effect and it lasts for about the 5 hours on the skin.

6. Lakme Eye Magic

This is the best product by the lakme to make your eyes even more beautiful, this eye shadow works as an eye shadow and a highlighter also, it comes in two shades of the gold and silver in color, the shimmers shine beautifully in the lights of the party and it lasts for up to 5 hours, the best thing about this product is that it gives a nice finishing to the eyes.

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7. Gypsy Eye Color Quartet

If you want to have all types of the eye colors in a single box, then this is the best eye shadow for you, it comes with the beautiful golden box, with the brush and the mirror, they comes in two different shades and easily matched with the dresses and the colors of the eyes also, the finish is so good and can be last for 4 hours by just one stroke of the it. The shimmering effect is nice and eye catching.

8. Starlight Pearl Eye Shadow

If you want to have a natural look on the eyes by applying the eye shadow then this is the best eye shadow for you. It is easy to apply and dry in no time, it gives you a nice look like a pearl shine with the mild glittering effect, the color is brown with the shimmers in it.

9. Lakme Artist Shimmer Stick

If you want a small eye shadow then you can buy the artist shimmer of the lakme, this is the eye shadow that comes in different colors and shades, these colors are combined with the golden shimmers and gives you a perfect touch up, it is waterproof and smudge free for about the 4 hours and it glides smoothly on the skin.

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