9 Foods To Fight Breast Cancer

Although a healthy diet does not guarantee that you will never develop breast cancer, numerous studies have shown that a diet rich in cancer fighting foods can dramatically reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. A number of nutrients are known to help in blocking development of breast cancer cells. By destroying the pre-cancerous cells they help in lowering your chance of developing the disease dreaded by women.

The Following Foods Are Best Known For Their Role In Fight Breast Cancer:

1. Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are a powerful weapon against breast cancer. They are rich in cancer fighting phytochemicals known as glucosinolates that help in speeding up excretion of estrogen, thereby reducing the risk of estrogen induced breast cancer.[1] Although mature broccoli too contains large amounts of indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane, the two anti-cancer glucosinolates, broccoli sprouts contain 30 to 50 times more of these compounds. Studies have shown that these compounds help in arresting growth of breast cancer cells.

Broccoli Sprouts

2. Apple

Apple has the reputation of keeping the doctor at bay. Studies suggest that it also helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer.[2] Apple contains two anti-cancer compounds called quercetin and triterpene. These compounds are primarily concentrated on the skin of the fruit. They help in strengthening the immune system and inhibiting development of breast cancer cells.


3. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contains the omega-3 fatty acid DHA and EPA. EPA helps in lowering the circulation of active estrogen in the body. As estrogen stimulates development and proliferation of breast cancer cells, consuming fatty fish or fish oil helps in reducing the risk of estrogen-responsive breast cancer.[3] Studies have shown that consuming EPA and DHA rich fish helps in lowering the risk of developing invasive ductal carcinoma, which accounts for almost 80% of all breast cancer cases.

Fatty Fish

4. Pomegranate

Pomegrate contains compounds known as ellagitannins.[4] These plant compounds are known to suppress aromatase, an enzyme responsible for synthesizing estrogen especially after menopause. Hence, they help in lowering the risk of developing estrogen induced breast cancer.


5. Blueberry

The active constituents in blueberry help in inhibiting growth and proliferation of the breast cancer cells. The phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins and stilbenoids especially help in combating breast cancer.[5] According to preliminary study, the phytochemical pterostilbene, which is known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-proliferative activities, is especially effective in stimulating apoptosis of breast cancer cells.


6. Walnut

Consumption of walnut helps in fighting breast cancer. Walnut contains a number of anti-cancer compounds including antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and phytoesterols.[6] Laboratory studies have shown that the incidence of mammary gland tumor is significantly less in female rats on walnut diet.

Walnuts (2)

7. Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper is rich in carotenoids such as lycopene, beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin. Research has shown a diet rich in carotenoids helps in inhibiting growth of breast cancer cells.[7] Hence, to lower your risk of developing breast cancer, add red bell pepper to your diet.

Bell Pepper

8. Flaxseed

Phytochemicals known as lignan and the natural oil present in flaxseed are known for their anti-cancer property. Lignans help in reducing the level of free estrogen circulating in the body, which helps in lowering risk of estrogen responsive breast cancer.[8] Preliminary studies suggest that flaxseed and flaxseed oil help in suppressing growth of breast cancer cells.


9. Soybean

Increasing consumption of soybean products helps in reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. Soybean is a rich source of isoflavones that are known for their weak estrogenic effect.[9] These phytoestrogens interfere with the activities of the breast cancer causing estrogen made by the human body.