Looking for hairstyles for prom? Here’s a list of pretty prom updos for long hair that add elegance to your entire look. Check it out!

Everybody wants their prom to be perfect! And that starts with having the perfect dress and the perfect hairdo for prom! And just hope to be prom queen.

Both classic and bold hairstyles are a popular choice for prom. Choose an updo that will suit your dress and features of your face. Along with the hairstyle, it is important to pay attention to the accessories and makeup.

There are many options for long prom updos like messy, chignons, buns, French braids, and other hairstyles.

Accessorise your hair with beautiful hair accessories. We will give some tips for prom hairstyles for long hair.

Beautiful Prom Updos For Long Hair

Fairy Princess Florals

Prom Updos For Long Hair

Fairy Princess Florals is a long braided hairstyle suitable for the prom.

princess hairstyle for prom
  • Divide the hair into two-inch size sections. Use a hair straightener to wiggle the hair sections.
  • Make soft waves in the hair with the help of this.
  • After this, braid the bangs and continue doing this with the rest of the hair till the ear.
  • Braid the rest of the hair into a long braid.
  • Decorate the hair on the top with a flower crown.

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Elegant Twist Updo

Twist Updo for prom

Elegant Twist Updo is a beautiful and stylish hairstyle suitable for prom.

Twist Updo for prom night
  • For this look, highlight the hair with a suitable hair color like golden or silver.
  • After that, take the hair at the back of the head, make twists in the hair and tie it in a neat bun.
  • The bun should show the twists clearly.
  • Twist the hair loosely and not tight. Apply hairspray on the hair.
  • Make a cross tattoo below the bun on the neck.
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Braid Side Updos

Braid Side Updos prom hairstyle

Braid Side Updos is a cute and elegant braided hairstyle for the prom.

prom hairstyle updo
  • Make a top loose braid in the hair starting from the upper part of the hair and going down.
  • Turn the braid towards the side and tie it in a loose messy bun.
  • Put decorative pins on the hair. Another option is using flowers on the bun.

Waves Hairstyle With A Tiara

Waves Hairstyle With a tiara is easy to do and it would absolutely lovely if you wear it to the prom!

  • Curl the hair with the help of a hair curler.
  • Run your fingers through the hair and shake the curls a bit to make waves.
  • Apply hairspray on the hair.
  • Style the hair by teasing the hair at the chin level to add volume. Decorate the hair with princess-style tiara worn on top of the hair.

Accent Braid Prom Updo

Accent Braid Prom Updo gives a bold yet feminine look to the hair.

Accent Braid Prom Updo
  • To get this hairstyle, take your long hair behind the head and tie it in a messy bun.
  • Curl the hair before making the bun.
  • Make an accent braid in the hair.
  • Leave some wisps or hair strands free on the front side in a face-framing manner.

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Cute Curly Hairstyle With Twists

Cute Curly Hairstyle With Twists is a good choice for proms.

  • Create the hairstyle by taking the hair at the backside and making twists in the upper part.
  • Make inside-outside twist for this look.
  • Make only two or three twists and leave the rest of the hair free or you could even style it with a half braid.
  • Curl the hair below the twists.
  • Fix shining hairpin on the twists for a trendy look.
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half twist for prom
prom hairstyle twist

Chained Mermaid Braid

Chained Mermaid Braid hairstyle is a beautiful look styled with a choker.

  • Take the long hair at the backside and tie it into a ponytail at the top of the head near the area of the crown.
  • Divide the ponytail into three parts and make a fishtail braid with each part.
  • Pancake the braids to add volume to the ponytail.
  • Twist these braids with each other and secure it at regular intervals with pins.
  • Wrap a choker or chained necklace on the braids.
  • Put pins on the choker so that it stays in place.

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Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo

Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo is an attractive look for the prom.

Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo
  • For this look, make a Dutch style accent braid.
  • Begin the braid from the parting on the front side.
  • Continue braiding the hair till the ear.
  • Take the braid at the backside and finish it off in a bun.
  • Make a fishtail braid for this look.
  • The bun should be loose and not tight.
Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo

Messy Braided Updo

Messy Braided Updo is a cool hairstyle for the prom. It is a suitable style for naturally curly hair. If you don’t have curly hair, you can curl the hair by using a hair curler.

Messy Braided Updo
  • Make a loose messy braid in the middle and tie it into a bun.
  • Make a side braid along with this.
  • It gives a messy, stunning and fun look to the hair.

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