9 Quick And Easy First Date Makeup Tips

Every girl wants to look her best on her first date. From choosing the perfect outfit to deciding the right makeup and hairstyle, most probably you are feeling unnerved. When you are gearing up for first day makeup, you must represent yourself accurately. Be yourself; focus on emphasizing your best features, so that you can look your best on the big day and make it special. It is important to consider time, place and occasion before doing your makeup. If you have been invited for lunch, wearing heavy makeup like red lipstick or Smokey eyes will be overstating. It is best to look sober and feminine on your first date. These quick and easy makeup tips and tricks will help you to look elegant and polished.

First Date Makeup Preparation

To look natural, flawless and put your best face forward, you need to do some preparation. For good makeup, you need to brighten up your skin. The more attentive you are to caring for your skin; the more confident you will look on your first date. Wash your face daily with facial cleanser containing salicylic acid which helps to shrink the pores. Maintain good skin care regime like scrubbing (to clean off dirt, dead skin cells, makeup to clean your face), moisturizing, wearing sunscreen lotion and staying hydrated at least 1week before your date. Use concealer under the foundation to minimize appearance of pores, dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles and allow your makeup to blend evenly.

Here Are The 9 Quick And Easy First Date Makeup Tips:

1. Apply Foundations

Choose a liquid foundation that matches your skin tone. Expertly applied foundation is the key for achieving a natural looking face. Apply evenly on the face and neck, blending well with a brush, sponge or your fingers to even out the skin tone.

Apply foundation

2. Apply Powder

Using a soft brush, apply light touch of translucent powder under your jaw lines, over the cheek bones, under the eyes across your forehead and chin and on the T zone if your skin is oily. This will help to avoid greasy look and keep your skin smooth. Check your makeup under different lightings. If your skin is appearing little pale, apply bronzing powder.

Use Powder Sparingly

3. Eye Shadow

Apply light colored neutral eye shadow to your lids. Light brown is a nice and neutral shade to try.

Apply nude eye shadow

4. Liner

To emphasize your eyes, apply any dark color rich brown or black eyeliner to the inner side of your lower rim or apply eyeliner using brown or black pencil to just enhance your natural look. This will add dimension to the eyes.

Apply eyeliner

5. Curl your Lashes

Use eyelash curler to curl your lashes. For curl to stay longer, you can slightly heat up your curler using a hair dryer.

Make use of eyelash curler

6. Mascara

Use non-clumping Mascara. To keep your look natural, chocolate brown will be a good choice rather than black. With softer effect, brown color will be a more applicable choice for a day time date.

Apply mascara

7. Brows

Your eyebrows should be well groomed. A properly shaped eyebrow is a basic requirement for framing your face. Use a brow pencil of appropriate color and a brow brush to fill the gaps and define the arch.

Define your eyebrows

8. Lips

Lips are one of most important feature of your face; so, your lips should look fabulous. Apply softening balm to keep it smooth and healthy. Wear a softer shade of lipstick or gloss which will help to enhance your natural lip color like soft pink, mauve or champagne color. You can also wear tinted gloss over any matte lipstick. Never choose a red lipstick, it will be quite overbearing for the first date. Your makeup should be soft and feminine for the first date.

Lip Balm

9. Select A Fresh Scent

You definitely want to smell good on your first date. But you never know what kind of scent your date finds attractive. So, select a mild, fresh scent that is appealing to everyone.

Select a fresh scent