9 Tips To Tame Curly Hair

Curls are natural gift and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes- wavy, loose, tight etc. If you inherit curly hair, you can be sure that you are the star attraction and at the same time, a cause of envy of others in a gathering. But besides being a proud owner, you must be a good caretaker.

Here Are Some Very Useful Tips In That Purpose:

1. Avoid Regular Shampoo

You should not use shampoo too often as the harsh chemical elements like sulphates etc. can easily drain out the natural oils and moisture of the hair. Curly hair is said to be drier than the straight one as the natural moisturising oils available in the scalp is quite unable to keep them wet thorough. So to avoid this embarrassment using a conditioner is a good idea. Dermatologists are of the opinion that a protein-based conditioner can do a wonderful job.

Avoid Regular Shampoo

2. Moisturise The Hair As Much As Possible

We all know that curly hair is naturally dry. To avoid the frizz, try as much possible to humidify the atmosphere where you live. Installing a humidifier is probably a good idea. You can just place a pot of water on the burner and set it to a low boil. This has the effect of reducing the dryness of the air, thus giving the hair the opportunity to be moisturised and frizz-free.

Moisturise The Hair As Much As Possible

3. Use Of T-shirt Instead Of A Towel

After a shower, don’t rub your precious curls with towel. Try cotton T-shirt instead of towel as they are less absorbent. You could use paper towel as well. This will greatly reduce frizz and potential breakage. Gently squeeze them to soak the extra water in them. As a result, the nurturing and beneficial moisture will remain in place. Too much twisting the hair can rough up the cuticles causing damage to the sensitive curls

Use Of T-shirt Instead Of A Towel

4. Using Satin Pillow While Sleeping

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase will have the same effect as rubbing your hair with a towel after the bath, as they both absorb even the necessary moisture of your hair, leaving them dry and eventually causing frizz. Sleeping on a satin pillow helps to maintain the moisture in the hair. So from now on, sound sleep for the night and a frizz-free, beautifully tamed curly hair for the day just by using satin pillow.

Using Satin Pillow While Sleeping

5. Use Comb Instead Of A Brush

Gone are the days of battling tangles with a brush. Firstly, detangle any knot in the hair. There are so many wide-toothed combs to use to take care of your shiny curls. Use them gently to avoid damage to your delicate hair. Don’t do that in haste, it will surely make a mess. Making the brushing process easier, apply oil on the scalp, brush from the nape of your neck to the top of your head from root to tip. It will polish the shaft and smooth the ends.

Use Comb Instead Of A Brush

5. Do Not Touch Too Frequently

Avoid unnecessary touch to your fabulous curl because this leads to a commotion to the sensitive and brittle nature of the hair. So you should be careful and protect your richness from unwanted touch, even if the touch seems to be a gesture of admiration. You may be considered as a bit rude but the sweat from someone else can lead to frizz, thus ruining your curls and leaving you with a dull look.

Do Not Touch Too Frequently

6. Prudential Use Of Hair-Dryer

Using a hair-dryer regularly can lead to frizzy hair. Curly hair is itself dry enough. But using it with a diffuser can do the trick as a diffuser distributes the heat evenly, thus minimizes the frizz and associated damage to the curls. By eliminating the frizz, the curly is back to its shine and vitality.

Prudential Use Of Hair-Dryer

7. Cold Bath Water

Always use cold water. Hot water is the cause of frizz to your sensitive hair. Cold water gives your hair the strength it requires before applying the product needed to wet hair. In this way the base of the hair is not disturbed, they don’t tend to become loose and give you a bright look.

Cold Bath Water

8. Natural Oil

If your hair is frizzy, there are split ends and as well. By using natural oil, the problem can be solved. Only a small amount of oil is needed on freshly washed hair to soften it and get a shiny smooth hair. Stay away from synthetic oils as they are known to have harmful chemical elements.

Natural Oil

9. Right Cut For A Perfect Curly Hair

Finally, the most important thing. Get your curls cut in the most fashionable manner by a certified hair-stylist. It would be better if the stylist also has curly hair so as to understand your requirement in more precise way.

Right Cut For A Perfect Curly Hair