9 Top Rated Ball Exercises For Women

For the easy going woman, hard is definitely not the way! Definitely not when it comes to working out in the gym. The echelons of fitness world probably took this into cognizance and got the stability ball into the bigger picture. Stability ball may look like a playful ball to exercise with but its benefits are manifold. Ball exercise is best known to provide stability, strength and flexibility with neat performance track record in terms of keeping its users from getting injuries and muscle pulls. Additionally, they also stabilize muscles in a particular direction to maintain that position. This happens due to the unstable surface of the ball which engages all the muscles for one particular exercise.

Ball exercises can be done for entire body’s fitness that include key problem areas like abs, back, shoulder and legs. A consistent way to build your body; some of the exercises are best done on stability/yoga ball.

Check Out The 9 Top Rated Ball Exercises For Women:

1. Hamstring Curl

This exercise softens the hamstring and lets your body stretch. To do hamstring curl, lie down on the floor, and rest your lower calve along with your heels on the ball. Keep both your hands perpendicular to the torso. Roll the ball toward yourself so the knees come close to your hips. Straighten your legs out again after a few seconds’ pause.


2. Back Stretch

Release the tension experienced in the back with this workout. Sit on the ball and spread your left at a yawning gap, lean forward to touch the floor with arms. The upper body i.e. from torso to head should be leaning forward for 3-5 seconds before getting up to normal position.


3. Abdominal Stretch

The most revered exercise for women so far as ball exercises are concerned. Lie on the ball in such a way that the entire back of yours is rested on the ball with head hanging outside, and legs firmly holding the ground. You must also let your hands hang backward when you try to maintain this posture for 5-10 seconds. You must discontinue this exercise if the pain is unbearable in this posture.


4. V- Pass

This top rated ball exercise for women raises the bar for those eves who are a little off with doing crunches alone. You need to start with holding the ball overhead by laying straight. Lift your arms and leg at the same time by engaging core muscles of the abs by keeping the torso grounded. Let your legs reach for the ball and squeeze it while going back to the floor. Repeat the same cycle of passing the ball from hands to leg and vice versa.


5. T-Raise

Lie on the ball by resting your torso and let your arms hang outside at 90 degrees. Lift your arms sideways till the shoulder lever. Try to maintain the leg position as well. Number of reps required- 10.


6. Ball Roll-Out

Kneel down in front of the stability ball and keep your legs hip width apart. Put your forearms on the ball with open fists. Now, roll the ball away from the body straightening your arms. The straightening should be far as possible without affecting the hip’s position. Pause for a while before going back to your starting point.


7. Plank Shoulder Taps

In order to do plank shoulder taps, get into the push up position on the ball. Once you make the body stable in this position, lift your right hand for a tap on left shoulder and repeat the same with your left hand for tapping right shoulder. Keep an eye on the leg position since you are required to let the shin rest on the ball.


8. Wall Squat

A great ball exercise for the back, wall squat takes away much of the pain that many women cannot bear in the initial stage of their quads workout. Place the stability ball between your back and wall and squat gently down in such a way that knees form 90 degrees angle. Rise up slowly and try doing at least one set of 15 reps.


9. Standing Plank

Arguably, the most challenging ball exercise, standing plank is done by raising one leg behind while keeping the elbow and forearms on the ball. Push the other leg back and hold this position for 30 seconds or so.


Effectiveness of ball exercise depends on the stability ball’s measurement itself. Most commonly manufactured balls taking into account users’ height are: 55 cm for those between 4’11” and 5’4,” 65 cm for people between 5’4” and 5’7,” and 75 cm for tall drinks of water between 5’11” and 6’7.”