9 Trendiest Eye Shadow Colors For Summer Season

Every one is well aware of the fact that eyes are the most prominent and noticed facial features. It goes without saying that getting your eye makeup right is important for your looks. Without the right shade of this cosmetic product, your eye makeup can not be complete. And improper eye makeup can single-handedly lower your beauty and style quotient. Even if your contour game is on point and your lipstick color is looking great, if your eye makeup is not to the point, then your makeup can look all over the place and unattractive.

Whether you like bold, loud makeup or want to go for something subtle, this eye makeup item is essential for making eyes stand out. These days, there are various shades of available in the beauty stores. One season during which most people struggle to decide which one to don is summer season. So, today we are letting you know about the trendiest hues for the time of the year when the whether is hot. All the below specified hues go well with different skin tones and can take any woman’s eye makeup game to new levels.

Take A Look At The 9 Trendiest Eye Shadow Colors For Summer Season:

1. Blue

If you wish to go bold and stunning during warm season with your makeup game, then you should most definitely give this particular shade a try. Ideal for evening events, this color can take your makeup game to new levels. Either don dark blue or a light shade of blue to give a cool aqua feel to your makeup and stand out from the rest of the crowd.


2. Gray

Gray is one eye shadow color of the ideal summer-ready shade of that can help you make an unforgettable impression on anyone you come across. Green is the shade that is worn all-year round but it tends to look particularly striking during this season.


3. Orange

Orange is the playful color of hot weather that can escalate the overall style appeal of the makeup you have on. This preppy shade is a favorite among party-goers. Whether you have to attend a beach party or just go for a few drinks with friends, opt for this edgy hue and look stunning.


4. Coral

Coral is the trending shade of color that is rocking the makeup community. This particular hue is ideal for both, bold or light eye makeup. Whether it is a beach party or just a morning date with friends, rock this hue and look like a gorgeous queen even when the temperature outside is sky-high. Go for similar lipstick shade to match the eye makeup.


5. Nude

Nude is a shade of this makeup item that can be donned all year long. Especially, if you wish to keep your makeup subtle and calm during this particular season, then apply nude shade and make a solid impression with the elegance of this color. Opt for the one that goes well with your skin tone and look like a glam diva despite of the harsh weather.


6. Black

Black is one of the trendiest colors that has managed to become the it-color of the season. This particular color is best suited for night-time events. Ideal for smokey-eye type of makeup, this particular shade can take your entire beauty game to new heights. Most importantly, this specific makeup item can go well with various casual and formal summer-perfect outfits.


7. Brown

Brown is a classic color like black and gray that is often hailed as a must-try color. If you wish to try something trendy and different, then apply this classic shade and make your eyes stand out during hot and humid days and nights. Just a dash of this cosmetic shade can turn your entire look into a fashion-forward and classy look.


8. Pink

Pink is a feminine eye shadow color that tends to look gorgeous during any time of the year. This one can be opted for any kind of casual event during warm time of the year. Cool and subtle, this color is known to compliment all skin colors. Moreover, it looks preppy and donning this specific hue will surely make your makeup appear more chic and lively.

9. Gold

Give your eye makeup an upgrade during warm days and nights by trying out this amazing hue. Gold is the color that shimmers and can bring all the attention to your eyes. If you wish to go bold during hot days, then just add a dash of gold to your eye makeup and look like a show-stopper. This dazzling makeup item can make turn your hot nights into glamorous ones.