9 Ways To Handle Short Tempered Children

Children are the best gifts from God. They are the most innocent and loving human beings on earth. Once you attain parenthood, you need to have a lot of patience to handle your kid with great skill because of the random tantrums they throw. They are oblivious of the ways of proper behavior and so go to any extent to fulfill their tantrums. I have also come across many kids who are too short tempered. Actually, children need a lot of time to get used to the life, people and rules of the world. So, we as grownups , need to show a lot of patience. Here I shall present to you some simple tricks to handle a short tempered child if you have one.

Here Are The 9 Ways To Handle Short Tempered Children:

1. Divert The Child’s Attention

When you see that your child is yelling at the top of their voice or is constantly whining for something impossible, divert their attention as soon as possible. Take your little one and show them flowers or birds that sit around your window sill. You can also show them something beautiful or attractive that will immediately distract them and make them forget their anger. Keep doing this continuously and see the behavioral change in your little one when he or she gets angry later.

2. Observe Your Child’s Emotions Closely

Every mother has a natural instinct to study her child’s behavioral hints in the best way possible. Mothers can feel their children’s emotions better than anybody else. So, if you see that your child is feeling low, immediately talk to your child or engage her in an activity she likes best. Do not wait for your child to cry out incessantly which gets difficult later to be controlled.

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3. Never Bend The Rules

A child may go to ant=y extent to fulfill their wishes. In that case, do not get perturbed from your child’s behavior and break the rules that you have made for them. Stick to what you have told them to follow and then they will understand that wild or unruly behavior will not make parents deter from their decisions. For e.g.: if you have made a rule that your child will not get T.V. in the wee hours of the morning, but he or she has to their study and then will get their T.V. time, stick to what you have said despite your kid’s tantrums.

4. Help Your Child To Feel Their Emotions In A Better Way

Children are often puzzled with the emotions that grow within them everyday. Your child may put up bad behavior when you do not get for them that attractive toy they saw in the store. In such a case, explain them that everything on earth cannot be attained and that he or she should be happy with the toys that they already have. I am sure they will accept this reality soon and grow up as understanding human beings.

5. Stop Using The Cane For Your Child

Beating up your child may make you feel that your child will fear you and will stop putting up wrong behavior. But trust me, this will only worsen your relation with your child. Whacking your child every now and then will instill fear in your child for you which will later turn to hatred. So, instead of using the cane, use simple sweet words to make your child explain about the affect of bad behavior.

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6. Engage Your Child With Various Activities

It I true that children are inexhaustible sources of energy. Put their interest into use by engaging them in different curricular activities. Let them run, dance, play, sing, draw or paint how much ever they want. Keep them so busy that they have little time to show bad behavior and get so exhausted they hit the bed soon. At times, present them with something they wished for just to act a s a boost for the good behavior they are putting up everyday.

7. Have A Regular Talk With Your Kid

How much ever busy you are with your daily chores, see that you have enough time to communicate with your kid. At times, your kid’s pent up feeling may also lead them to put up bad behavior. To avoid this, talk to your kid about how they are doing in school, what problems they are facing in life or their future aims and ambitions.

8. Be Patient And All Ears For Your Child 

We always may not see the real reason behind a child’s bad behavior. So, listen carefully to what your child says about their reason for such a behavior. At times, showing such kind of attitude may be justified because of the situation they were in. be patient to listen to what they have to say and in return show patience to explain them the results of wrong behavior. It may always not be easy to put up patience but remember if you lose that every now and then your child will hide things from you and will distance themselves from you.

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9. Let Children Realise Their Faults

Leave your child alone sometimes when he or she puts up wrong behavior. This will give them time and space to realize what wrong they have done. They will then come up to you an be sorry for their rude behavior.

Hope these pieces of advice will be of help to all the parents who are on the lookout for handling their kids in the beat way possible to make them grow up as lovable and understanding children.

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