9 Ways To Make Brittle Hair Stronger By Reducing Hair Breakage

No matter you have short hair or long, no matter they are straight, curly, thin, thick or wavy, they are all susceptible to damage. Sun and pollution are the two major hair spoilers that make hair brittle. Brittle hair are breakable and can ruin the hair texture by developing split ends. They can also decrease the hair volume and make your hair thinner and coarse. We have listed 7 Simple hair hacks below to help you make your brittle hair stronger again. Follow them to gain your lost bounce and shine.

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Hair are made up of a natural protein, keratin. Heat damages keratin that makes hair brittle. Using hot water to wash your hair exposes them to excessive heat that damages hair quality and makes the strands weaker by drying the scalp. Using lukewarm water does no good either. It can also make hair frizzy. Frizzy hair, when exposed to wind, heat, moisture and pollution, start breaking apart too easily. This makes hair weaker.

2. Stop Using Chemicals And Colours

colours and dyes to brittle hair is suicidal for hair health. Colours, that are already rich in chemicals, damage hair texture, and brittle hair start breaking apart. This results in hair loss, hair thinning and split ends. And even after your brittle damaged hair are reformed to stronger and damage free, never forget to use a neutralizer before exposing them to heat or colours.

3. Use Water Based, Sulfate Free, Hair Spray Sunscreens

Weak hair are more prone to UV damage. When brittle, hair follicles start leaving the roots. This results in hair fall. The hair even start breaking apart that results in split ends. It makes hair coarse and lifeless. Thus, using a water based hair spray sunscreen protects hair from heat and UV exposure. It keeps the scalp away from inflammation. The hair become bouncy and the roots become healthier. This makes hair stronger and lustrous.

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4. Do Not Wrap Wet Hair In A Towel

Wrapping brittle hair in towel results in hair breakage and hair fall. They will lose their already less moisture and water content. This will reduce their flexibility and strength further. Thus, the best you can do to avoid brittle hair from becoming more fragile is letting them dry naturally. Let the scalp cool down. This will add strength to the roots, and will result in hair strengthening.

5. Comb Your Hair With A Wide Tooth Hair Brush

Brittle hair can easily come off when brushed harshly. Always turn your hair upside down when brushing them. This minimizes the chances of hair fall and tangling. Thus, brittle hair aren’t subjected to much pulling. It reduces the chances of hair breakage by 50 percent. A wide tooth hair brush also detangles severe knots. It doesn’t damage hair roots. Thus, the new hair strands are damage free and stronger.

6. Always Use A Conditioner And Hair Serum

Brittle hair need a lot of conditioning. In order to repair the broken coarse hair, ensure that every strand is covered with a hydrating milk and shea butter based conditioner. You can also use a hair mask and leave it on for 30 minutes. After washing the conditioner/mask, never forget to use a hair serum on semi moist hair. This detangles the hair knots and reduces the chances of hair fall and breakage.

7. Wash Your Hair With Herbal Shampoo

Using a harsh shampoo will certainly dry your hair strands and scalp. But using a Shea based cleansing herbal shampoo will keep the scalp clean, fresh, hydrated and moisturized. This will reduce the chances of hair fall caused due to sweat. It will also keep the pores fresh and clean by removing sebum. Damaged hair will become stronger and bouncy.

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8. Use Egg Mask

A protein rich egg mask can provide additional support to the keratin. This makes hair stronger. It will not just reduce hair breakage, it will also reduce hair fall. Thus, using an egg mask will make brittle hair stronger, thicker and bouncy. It will also control frizz and make dry hair manageable. Needless to say, it will improve the hair texture by reducing split ends.

9. Wear A Scarf In Sun

Always cover your hair with a scarf when you step out in the sun and pollution. This protects hair from UV damage. It also saves the strands from collecting dirt and dust. The resulting hair are smooth and stronger, and have a satin soft texture.

The above listed 9 hacks not just strengthen brittle hair, they also prevent them from any further damage. They are the best ways to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.

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