9 Yoga Poses To Control Hairfall And Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is a very common problem and at the same time it is also difficult to tackle. All those shampoos and expensive treatments don’t always come with guarantee, and even if they do, they will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. So instead of running after chemical remedies, why not try something at home, something that will not cost you anything, except maybe for a yoga mat.

Here Are The 9 Yoga Poses To Prevent Hairfall And Promote Hair Growth:

1. Front Lobe Cleansing Technique

Sit with your legs crossed and your back and neck straight. Put your hand on your knees, palm facing upwards and join your index finger and your thumb. Relax yourself before beginning. Take a deep breath in and breathe it out while contracting your abdomen muscles. Start with fifteen and double the count in the next round. Take breaths between each round.

Front Lobe Cleansing Technique

2. The Shoulder Stand Pose

Place your yoga mat flat on the floor and lie on your back. Raise your legs slowly till your feet point toward the ceiling (or the sky if you are outdoors). You should be resting on your shoulders and the back of your neck. Place your hands at the centre of your lower back to support your body. Take deep breathes throughout the process.

The Shoulder Stand Pose

3. The Standing Forward Bend Pose

This pose also helps for hair growth and for increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Stand straight with your feet together. Bend yourself, without bending your knees and hold your ankles to keep your balance and not break from your pose. Do not bend your head as it will put extra strain on your neck.

The Standing Forward Bend Pose

4. The Rabbit Pose

To do this pose you need to kneel stand on your knees. Then bend forward and try to touch your head to your knees. If you cannot touch your knees, bring your head as close as possible and rest it on the ground. Take your hands to your feet and hold the positon for twenty counts and repeat the process ten times.

The Rabbit Pose

5. The Downward Dog Facing Pose

Stand straight on one end of your yoga mat. Bend forward and place your hands on the ground, palm down. Put your head in between your hands and bend your body toward your legs as much as possible. The main purpose is to keep your head down to increase blood circulation to your head.

The Downward Dog Facing Pose

6. The Camel Pose

Kneel stand on your knees at the centre of your yoga mat. Relax yourself. Bend backwards and hold your ankles. Hold the pose for twenty counts and repeat the whole process ten times.

The Camel Pose

7. The Wind Relieving Pose

Lia down straight on your back on a yoga mat. Fold one leg and hold it close to your chest with both hands. Inhale deeply while folding your leg. Hold the position for five counts and also hold your breath during these five counts. Exhale when you release the leg and put it back into position. Take the other leg and repeat the process. Do the same thing, while alternating your legs for twenty times on the first day. Increase by ten counts with every day.

The Wind Relieving Pose

8. The Fish Pose

This pose is recommended by many hair specialists who deal with natural techniques or preventing hair fall. To do the pose, like down straight on your back on your yoga mat. Make a diamond with your index fingers and your thumbs and put your hand at the centre of our lower back, close to your butt. To do the pose, but pressure on your elbows and push yourself by pushing your stomach upwards, as much as possible. Bend your head back ward to increase blood flow to hour scalp. Hold the position for a minimum of forty seconds. Repeat the process ten times.

The Fish Pose

9. The Squat And Rise Yoga Pose

This is one of the best techniques to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth. To do this yoga pose, take a squat position. Spread your legs with your feet facing outwards. Interlock your fingers and keep your arms straight so that your palms are just below your lower stomach. Bend your knees slightly to get into your starting position. Slowly come down by bending your knees further and push them back up, but do not straighten your legs in the middle of the exercise. Repeat the process thirty times on the first day and increase slowly, maybe by five counts daily till you reach a hundred counts. If doing too many hurts, then stay on one count for three to four days before increasing the count.

The Squat And Rise Yoga Pose