Are you looking for almond French tip with rhinestones for your next nail salon sesh? Well, I have some really fancy inspiration list for you that you can check out before getting your new nails. Read further to find out various types of classy almond French nails. 

Self care is essential nowadays. You should treat yourself once in a while for all the work that you’re putting in throughout. Get yourself a hair spa, skin treatment, massage or nail manicure. 

Getting nails done is definitely the most therapeutic for me out of all. If you too are just like me then it’s time for you to book yourself an appointment for a nail spa session. But.. wait! Have you thought of the type of nail tip, design, decoratives and everything else? 

Don’t worry! We suggest you go for almond nails this time because it’s really trending these days. Everyone on Instagram is flaunting their almond nails, why don’t you join them? Let’s go a little blingy and add rhinestones on your nails to make them stand out and give you all the feels.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the awesome almond French tips with rhinestones that will get you on the nail game. 

Almond French Tip With Rhinestones

French Tip Design with Rhinestones

These French tip almond nails are not only trendy but look very chic. I got these French tips with rhinestones when I went to one of my friend’s weddings. The nails are kept plain with white tips and silver designs on those tips. Attach the rhinestones randomly, around the middle area where the nails seem pretty empty. 

I’m sure these nails are gonna fetch you a lot of compliments. They also go with all outfits and occasions. 

White Almond French Tips with Multiple Rhinestones

Another white French tip nail that looks chic is with multiple and different rhinestones patterns. You have the complete freedom here on how you want to place your rhinestones for it to look awesome. 

Keep a few nails light with only one or two rhinestones and go heavy on the others. You can attach the blings on the start of your cuticles, or surrounding the French tip from the bottom. These almond French tips are great for weddings, or functions. 

Black Amond French Tips with Rhinestones

You can never go wrong with classic black and natural rhinestones look on your nails. This is pretty much similar to the white tips nail. All you do is get yourself black French tips and attach rhinestones in the empty nail area. 

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If you’re looking for a heavier glam, go bananas with the rhinestones. However, you can keep it light for daily and occasional outings. 2-3 stones on a single nail would give you the look you desire. Make sure to place the blingy stones at some distance to give your nails a full coverage glam. 

Almond French Tips with Flower Rhinestones

Wow! If you ask me about my personal favourite almond French tips with rhinestones design, this is it. It’s unique, subtle yet one of the most gorgeous designs. Try keeping the base of the nail subtle with colors. You can go for light pink, peach, and other pastels colors. 

Get half flower designs on the ring finger nails of both your nails and keep French tips on the other ones. Attach single rhinestones just above the cuticles of French-tipped nails. Next, put 3-5 small rhinestones inside the flower’s pistil to complete the nail’s look. 

Christmas Almond French Nails with Rhinestones

This Christmasy nails look is nothing but giving celebration and holiday vibes. It’s a great design choice to go for if you’re celebrating Christmas and New Years with your friends and family. I got these Christmas almond nails last year and I still can’t get over how fancy they looked.

You can get different designs on different nails. Use red, green and white rhinestones only. Try nail arts that speak loudly about holidays like jingle bells, snowflakes, flannel prints etc.

Subtle Almond French Tip with Jeweled Rhinestones

Subtle almond French tips with jeweled rhinestones is quite a contrasting approach. These nails look extremely fine but one nail is extra-ordinary. It goes along perfectly with all kinds of outfits and events. 

I saw these subtle almond French tips on my cousin and I already knew what I’m getting next on my nails. The French tips are an ombre with natural nails. Different sizes and shapes of rhinestones are used to decorate a single nail. 

Louis Vuitton Themed Rhinestones Nails

A much fancier take and definitely looks more expensive on the nails than anything else. We all know about LV being a luxury brand that sells shoes, bags, apparel etc. but never on nails. You can get this in any color you want but pastels definitely change the game. 

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Get French tips on a few of your almond nails and others can have the LV logo and other designs. Attach silver rhinestones on the one with the LV logo on the sides randomly as suitable to you. Rhinestones give an elevated look and go well with extra-ordinary occasions. 

Short Glitter Almond French Tips with Rhinestones

Glitter nails never go out of fashion. They’re classy and go well with every occasion or even fine for a casual look. You can get an ombre glitter French tip on natural-colored nails and just attach one medium-sized rhinestone on the nail body. 

If you want to get a little extra, go for other base colors like lilac, light green, powder blue, pink, brown etc. Every color gives a different vibe to the nails. Glitters just add a lot of beauty to the nails and make them look very fine. 

Red Glitter French Tip with Rinestones

Another extremely subtle yet a little glammed-up look are these rhinestone nails in red color. Well, much of the difference is just made with the glitter red nail paint which reflects a bold look. It’s perfect to go for if you’re a guest at someone’s wedding. 

You can go with different designs on different nails with a combination of red glitter and white nail paint. Nail arts of stripes, French tips, etc. look really cool. Attaching rhinestones just above cuticles of some nails or on the French tip of a few can change the game. 

3D Almond French Tips with Rhinestones

Looking for something that’s extremely fashionable and trendy these days? 3D nail art is definitely something you should go for that will make others turn back and look at your nails. This one has glitter ombre French tips with flowers on 3 middle fingers. 

I absolutely love how feminine this design is. The 3D art elevates the entire hand and looks more fancy. You can attach rhinestones in the pistil of the flowers so that they look real.

Minimalistic French Almond Nails with Rhinestones

Anything minimalistic is trendy and never out of fashion. Minimalistic accessorisation can definitely enhance the overall style and make one look classy. You can go with a light color ombre with rhinestones on only one finger nail. 

Line the rhinestones around the cuticles so that it deviates the attention from the centre making it look minimal. These French almond nails go along with all kinds of outfits and occasions. 

Blingy Almond French Tips with Rhinestones

Have an extremely fancy event to attend? Well, these blingy nails with rhinestones is what you need for this season of celebrations. These nails might look a little over-the-top but trust me, you’ll not be able to get over it once it’s on. 

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Get your nails ready with glittery nail paints and patterns of French tips on some of the nails. Use rhinestones around the French tipped nails. You can choose big diamonds to make it look extra-ordinary and glamorous. 

Full Coverge Almond Nails with Rhinestones

How many rhinestones are too many rhinestones? Give some of your nails a full coverage look with rhinestones and keep a few simple with only ombre nail paints. This will create a contrast within your nail palette and make it stand out. 

I really love rhinestones and have tried these full coverage almond nails with rhinestones quite a few times. You can also add glitters or foil instead of just ombre according to your personal preference. 

White Nail Art French Tips with Rhinestones

Wow, this is super simple yet looks so attractive. I bet this is one nail art type that can go along with anything in the world. Be it classy or sassy, the flower makes it worth getting the design. 


All you need to do is get French tips on your almond nails. Choose one middle nail in both hands and get rhinestones placed in the shape of a flower. You can also design leaves, stems or anything that you like with nail art around the rhinestone flower. Voila, it’s done. 

These rhinestone French tip nail designs are one of the most popular and trendy ones currently. They will look super stunning on your hands. Time to get one for you! 

Do let us know your favourite design from the list above. 

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