Looking for beautiful feathered short hairstyles for women? We have curated a list for you, check it here.

Women in the 70s were known for wearing feather-cut hairstyles. Everyone has jumped on the feathered haircut trend, from celebrities to models.

Some of these feathered hair ideas have been worn by celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Halle Berry! Layers look fabulous on anyone, no matter what their hair length or style.

Wearing the layered look could be really comfortable and easy to wear all day.

The feathered cut includes short layers that are usually swept back at the sides, creating a feathered appearance.

Through the years, the haircut has been altered and modernized in a way that now includes different hair colors, highlights even create various hair lengths and a version you want to express your personality.

Basically, the feathered haircut takes volume from the crown while adding refined layers to the bottom. To mimic the feathers of a bird, these layers are laid out in a layering pattern.

Beautiful Feathered Short Hairstyles For Women

Many evolved visions of the feathered looks are below for you to consider and change into a new look:

Ultra Short Feathered Crop Cut

If you enjoy styling your hair but dislike are not a fan of neat lines, this shaggy ultra-short cut is ideal for you. Furthermore, all you need to style it is some hair mousse, and the textured cut will look absolutely amazing.

Feathered Bangs Crop Cut

I love this feathered bangs look for a short crop cut hair. This hairstyles elegance is totally underrated. This hairstyle is great for formal and casual attires. 

Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut

 Feathered Short Hairstyles For Women

If you have an oval face, the feathered pixie bob haircut is the best short feathered hair cut for you. It looks super edgy yet elegant. This look will suit for both casual as well as formal functions.

Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut

Feathered Bob

To start off, we have this cute bob to share with you. Just a few layers and a short length characterize this hairstyle.

Beautiful Feathered Short Hairstyles For Women

This feathered haircut will always be in style and so damn chic and glam. One can recreate this hairstyle with numerous shades of color complementing the complexion or even run for a longer or shorter bob.

Auburn Blush Short Feather Hairstyle

You can give yourself a little splash of avant-garde visual appeal in this casual-chic feather hairstyle on short hair. The racy cut on short layered bob hair catches our fancy. We strongly recommend it for young women who love to experiment.

feathered haircuts for thin hair

Don the casual-chic short feather hairstyle on short hair and channel your minimal side with a touch of edgy and avant-garde visual appeal.

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The racy cut on short layered bob hair catches our fancy and totally gets us grooving. Here’s a hairstyle idea for those who like to experiment with new hairstyles and are always keen to experiment with their own signature look.

Vibrant Feathered Hair

If you’re a lover of bold hair colors, this look is exactly what you should try on. Have a long feathered cut that is colored in a vibrant and vivid purple shade.

short feathered bob

It will make you stand out from the crowd in style if it has vibrant colors such as purple, turquoise blue, lavender, or even rainbow, then this is a must-have for you.

Create this look by selecting a color that is bold and eye-catching.

Cropped Hairs With Longer Side Fringes

Teenagers and even those in their late 20s and 30s can embrace this modern and stylish feather-cut hairstyle.

short feathered hairstyles for thin hair

The style is to keep the hair cropped at the back, leaving longer fringes at the front that span the forehead and long locks framing the face.

Classic Short Pixie Feathered Cut.

As we are aware there are many kinds of short hairstyles, but pixie cuts are best known for their short backs and sides as well as their very short bangs at the front. Pixie cuts have a cropped haircut with shorter bangs at the front.

short feathered hair

Short feathered hair cuts are certainly appealing to women in their 30s and 40s. It will create a more glamorous appearance for you, as well as make you appear even younger.

Shaggy Feather Cut

It’s difficult to make thin hair look voluminous and dimensional since it is generally less dense. This technique adds volume without removing much hair.

feathered haircuts for medium hair

A thin head of hair can benefit greatly from a haircut. A few feathered layers and some bangs, on the other hand, will actually allow your hair to breathe more and give the appearance of being airier.

Beachy Highlighted Feather Style

The volume of feathered hair is further enhanced with beach waves, as they make the hair look even fuller.

feathered haircuts for short hair

To emphasize the summer-like vibe, you may also choose to add highlights and ask your stylist to add shades that suit you.

Refreshing Feathered Bangs

The new trendy Feathered hair look with bangs is very popular in the new generation, basically a perfect fit for your classy yet stylish appearance every day.

short feathered hair

Long And healthy hair is the best choice as the style brightens up your look and frames your face while adding just the right touch of elegance.

Short Punk Pixie Feathered Hair

short feathered hairstyles for thick hair

If you have thick hair and wish to thin it out, then this cut might work wonders. By feathering it in a boyish style and shaving the sides right above your ears, you’ll achieve a modern “young and restless” punk look that will make you appear quite daring.

The 80s Feathered Hairstyle.

Famous and style icon Diana rocked this hairstyle Two decades ago. Those of you who like the vibe of the 80s might want to try this feather haircut.

layered feather cut

Keeping the hair voluminous at the roots while layering generously at the tips will provide that windswept look while making your hair appear effortlessly tousled.

Short Feathered Hair

short feathered bob hairstyles

Short hair ladies need not feel left out, a feathered haircut is also a well-defined hairstyle for your style. An attractive chin-length feathered hairstyle maybe your best option. With this effect, the appearance will become airier, incorporating a yet put-together vibe.

Wavy Flowing Feathered Hair

The medium feathered hairstyles for straight hair are the next best-opted style by women. Any season is actually good to be in the style of this hairstyle. In most instances, this style is seen in women in their 20’s and 30’s.

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The good thing about this style is that it will look good on any face type and only straight hair will do well on it. Dress this style up or down according to your taste for family gatherings or parties, depending on your preference.

feathered fringe short hairstyles

Feather Cut for Curly Hair

Were you thinking we would miss out on the curly hair never, the most adorable one is right here for all the stylish girls and ladies with their bold and cute curls!

feathered look short hairstyles pictures

There is nothing more fantastic and stunning than long curly hair feathers, particularly when combined with grunge bangs and a feather-cut hairstyle.

For better results, one should have long hair, and leave the curls on the lower part of the hair. A woman in her 20s should attempt this style.

Hot dresses with this cut work best for parties. If you combine this oval face style only with wavy or curly hair, you’re guaranteed to be the center of attention.

The Pageboy Hairstyle

Taking its name from a pageboy’s haircut, this hairstyle involves a blunt cut with fringes on top. This hairstyle is short, no longer than shoulders. If you want your clothing to look feathered and ruffled, one must ensure that there are many underlayers.

feathered layered short hairstyles

If you curl the edges towards the inside, it will look very stylish and sophisticated. The feather-cut hairstyles are extremely in style at the moment. People in their 30s can be seen sporting those hairstyles.

Corporate parties are a perfect time to wear this style. Females with straight hair and square or round faces are suitable for this type of hairstyle.

Short Bangs Feathered Hair

short feathered hairstyles for over 60

Short bangs are a great option to make you look upbeat and sporty. This short hairstyle will take years off your face and make you feel like you’re in your 20s.

Bohemian Redhead Feathered

If you’re looking for some attention, these layers, accentuated by the color red, will certainly do the trick. Bohemian means unconventional, artistic in nature.

low maintenance short feathered hairstyles

Styles featured in this category will feature braids, twists, long tresses, and so much more. An already stylish cut is given an additional sense of intrigue by the color, perfect for evoking that 1970s bohemian vibe.

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If you’re looking to balance out or slim down your round face shape, match a fringe with face-framing layers. Upkeep depends on your chosen feathered hair, short hair is relatively easier. It is advisable that a regular trim every 2-3 months would be sufficient if you want to keep those layers finely and evenly shaped.

It has always been simple to feather hair. And because there has been easier access to salons, it is only natural that with 2021 and the coming years, this look will become more popular. And I am sure everyone out there is excited and ready to experiment with variant and also eligible colors with their hair and prefer feathered hair as an option.

In the past 21 years, feathered haircuts have been the most popular across multiple fashion cities around the world. This haircut incorporates a thick and bouncy look to hair that will give you a stunning and cheery appearance.

Regardless of your hair texture and facial features, feathered hairstyles can look nice on anyone. Thin hair looks bouncy, thick hair looks textured, and both can look good on anyone.

It’s a style that works regardless of your hair length or type. Women with thin hair who wish for thick hair should consider wavy hair, which adds volume and texture to their hair.

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