9 Bedtime Beauty Regiment Tips For A Flawless Skin

During the night, while you are sound asleep, your skin  would be taking in its deep breaths after a day of exposure from UV rays, dust, grime and dirt. Hence it is natural to prepare your skin to repair itself while you are asleep. Following these beauty tips would go a long way in ensuring that your skin is not neglected and is allowed to nourish itself.  There are other benefits in following these beauty tips religiously as well. For starters, you do not have to scramble for time during the morning’s rush hour  as you have already prepped up the night before.  Also, this is the best bonding time you can enjoy with yourself after a day of living for your company, your family and friends.

Below Are The 9 Bedtime Beauty Regiment Tips For A Flawless Skin:

1. Cleanse

Perhaps better than using a makeup remover, you could go for a cleanser and try to remove all the make up yourself. This is because while just using a makeup remover might wipe away those lipstick or eyeliner residue but it would do nothing to the build up of dirt collected on your face. And at night your skin would rather build up on the dirt than building up on repairing your skin.

2. Toner

The next step after cleansing is obviously applying a toner that would balance the pH level of your skin and remove excess residue of soap. It is recommended to use a toner that understands your skin type well.

3. Serum

Studies by Dermatologists have proved that though a serum cannot wipe away existing wrinkles or fine lines, it can delay their effects. Using a natural serum like green tea and Vitamin C is crucial as they are loaded with anti-oxidants and are touched away by chemicals. However those with an oily skin have to skip this step and move on to the next.

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4. Moisturiser

Its time to move your attention from your face to the rest of your body. On winters, its especially recommended to moisturise your entire skin and use a moisturiser that is all purpose.

5. Treat Specific Skin Issues

Whether acne, puffiness, black heads or spots night is the best time for you to go for those specific treatments that can help ease your pesky ailments. Hence whether it is a pedicure, facial, massage or simple filing of nails, devote the most of your night beauty regiment for these issues.

6. Rinse Your Hair

How many times would you have skipped shampooing your hair in the morning since you are getting late for work? You can use the time before bed in rinsing, drying and twirling your hair into a bun before you hit the sack so that in the morning as you untwirl your hair, you can be regaled by the curly thick tresses on display.

7. Apply Petroleum Jelly To Your Feet

To make your feet baby like, its time you heal your cracked heel with petroleum jelly. At first soak your feet in hot water that has extracts of lemon, dry it thoroughly before you apply a petroleum jelly and massage your feet.

8. Have Warm Milk With Honey

The beauty benefits of milk with honey need no explanation. With lactic acid in your system, your body tends to calm down and turn off to sleep mode. In addition to this, this combination will defintely treat your intestine or digestive issues and avoid problems of constipation.

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9. Sleep On Your Back

Ensure that your pillowcases are made of silk fabric as they will prevent the tugging of your skin as you toss and turn in your sleep. It is also recommended that you do not sleep with your face squashed to your pillow as that would block circulation of air and blood in your skin. For better results, always sleep on your back

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