How do you show your partner you love them loads? Simple, Get couple matching outfits! With these interesting couple matching outfits, you can show the bond between you two. Whether it’s Halloween or Valentine’s Day or just another regular ol’ week, these outfits add that spark back into your romance.

They say couples who stay together for a long time, pick up each other’s habits, tastes, and styles. So why not go a step further and get a pair of matching tees or pyjamas? Just like a sports team wears matching outfits, you and your partner can try them too. After all you two are a team too! 

And the best past is that these outfits are quite stylish too. Not your over the top, theme-party fare, these ideas let you declare your love without it coming off as cringy. 

Check out some of our favorite couple matching outfits below: 

Couple Matching Outfit IdeasWhat To Buy
Couple Pyjama SetGlorya Silk Pajamas for Women & Men
Tie DyeCouple Matching Hoodies Tie Dye
Netflix And Chill ShirtsAmazon Netflix And Chill Couple T-Shirts
Together Since Matching TeesEpic Tees Shop Tropical Together Since Tees
Matching Pizza OutfitsTstars Store The Missing Piece Pizza & Slice
Matching Tees For A CauseAwkward Styles Store Rainbow TShirts
Coordinating Graphic T-ShirtsAwkward Styles Stores Tequila Lime T-Shirt
I Love You I Know Couple T-ShirtsAwkward Styles Stores Tequila Lime T-Shirt
AirForce One ShoesNike Air Force One Low Black
King And Queen T-ShirtsAnn Arbor T-shirt Co. Store King/Queen T-Shirts

Top Couple Matching Outfits

Couple Pyjama Set

If you’re not yet ready to embrace the couple’s outfit trend and want to keep it low-key, try wearing these matching pyjama sets. You don’t have to be seen in public with them. But you’d still get the thrill of coordinating outfits with BAE. 

Couple Pyjama Set

Not to mention, wearing these couple pyjama sets seems just so intimate. So if you’re looking to spend your day indoors with your partner, getting lovey-dovey in front of the TV with the Notebook playing, this is the perfect matching outfit. 

We loved this Glorya Pjyama set on Amazon. It’s not just a couple’s set. There are matching pyjamas for your kids and pets too. They are quite comfy and stylish too.

So if you’re planning a family night with board games and snacks, you can make these pyjama sets your unofficial dress code. 

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Check out the price on Amazon

Couples Tie Dye Hoodies

Another subtle way to match outfits with Bae is to wear similar tie-dye shirts. Tie-dying a white t-shirt is a fun way to spend the evening. Bring out your old tees and some paint and make a date out of it! 

Tie-dye shirts help you stay connected to your significant other without it looking over the top. 

You can even buy these t-shirts online for very cheap. Unlike the best couple matching outfits, these don’t have to be customized. And as most of the tie dye t-shirts are unisex, gay and lesbian couples can wear them easily. 

Check out this 100 percent cotton Tie-Dye t-shirt from the Colorstone store on Amazon. It’s funky and comfortable to wear. There are several sizes to choose from, and we loved how each t-shirt is hand dyed. 

Check out the price on Amazon

Netflix And Chill Shirts

Are you one of those couples who loves ordering takeout than going out to eat? Is your idea of a romantic date watching Titanic together while cuddling on your couch? Boy, have we got the perfect couple matching outfits for you!

Check out these Netflix and Chill shirts! You can cosy up to each other dressed in these and look stylish while you’re at it. The best part is that they make for a very subtle (yet hilarious) couple’s Halloween outfit. 

With Netflix printed across one tee and Chill across another, these t-shirts make the perfect sense when the two of you are together. Now isn’t that romantic? 

You can find these tees in 100 percent cotton on Amazon. These cute twinning outfits come in a variety of sizes to fit the two of you perfectly. 

Together Since Matching Tees

If you want a cute, romantic gift for your significant other for your anniversary, try giving them these matching ‘Together Since’ tees. The graphic print on the tees shows the year when you got together. 

So this is not only a great way to celebrate an important milestone, but you can also show your partner your attentiveness by remembering the date. We’re sure they’ll appreciate it. 

We really liked these cute matching outfits for boyfriend and girlfriend from the Epic Tees Shop on Amazon. They are made of 100 percent cotton and are super comfy.

You can customize the date to match the day you first got together. And what’s more, the tropical print gives a nice, vacation look to the matching tees. 

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Check out the price on Amazon

Matching Pizza Outfits

There are many things that bind a couple together. If yours happens to be food, try getting these pizza couple matching outfits. These tees not just satisfy the foodie in you but also bring out your romantic side. 

One of the tees has a pizza with one missing slice and the other has a graphic print of one pizza slice.

So it’s not just about food, it’s about how Bae is your missing puzzle piece. Your missing slice of pizza if you like. And isn’t that super romantic?

You can check out these combed cotton matching pizza outfits from the Tstars store on Amazon. 

Check out the price on Amazon

Matching Tees For A Cause

Love is love. Does it matter if you’re straight or queer? Step out with your same sex significant other with pride with these matching tees for a cause. They are a great outfit to wear to the next pride parade. 

Or maybe just around the house, because why not? These tees come with a heart-shaped print with the rainbow flag designed into it. They make a great addition to bachelor parties at gay weddinngs too. 

We loved the ones from the Awkward Styles Store. They are made of 100 percent cotton, are pre-shrunk and come in different colors and sizes. 

Coordinating Graphic T-Shirts

The best couple matching outfits are the subtle ones. And that’s exactly what we love about these clever graphic t-shirts. They look great on their own. But when next to its matching set, these t-shirts suddenly go from good to absolutely brilliant. 

There are several such fun graphic t-shirts for couples. Like this one by the Awkward Styles Stores. There is a cute lime design on the women t-shirt and a bottle of tequila printed on the guys shirt. 

Together, you too make one heck of a cocktail! Sigh. And they say romance is dead. 

If you want, the store also has matching hoodies with the same design. So you can continue your made-for-each-other look into the winter as well. 

Check out the price on Amazon

I Love You I Know Couple T-Shirts

These t-shirts will satisfy your nerdy needs. Remember that amazing moment in Star Wars when Princess Leia confesses her love to Han Solo? And he responds with the iconic “I Know”. 

Well, you can bring a touch of that intergalactic romance into your life with these matching t-shirts. Can’t get those Han and Leia outfits for Halloween or that theme-party? These are fantastic alternatives. 

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You can find these t-shirts in black on the Awkward Styles Store on The best part of buying them online is that you have several size options to choose from. Plus, you can get your hands on them easily.

Check out the price on Amazon

AirForce One Shoes

Alright, the thing is, no matter how cute matching outfits are, not a lot of folks are into coordinating clothes with their significant other. And for those people we have a brilliant alternative. Why not match your shoes instead?

couple matching shoes

It’s subtle. It’s cute. And no one except you and your significant other will know that you have coordinated outfits. So it can be a small joke just between the two of you.

The latest Nike Air Force Ones being so darn popular. There are several ways to style entire looks around these shoes. So maybe get a stylish pair, one for you and one for Bae. 

Check out the price on Amazon

King And Queen T-Shirts

There’s this popular relationship advice given to people. Always treat your partner like they are your king/queen. And it’s right, isn’t it? Pampering your loved one is just so important. 

And if you want to tell your significant other how special they are to you, make a gift of these matching King and Queen t-shirts. 

We are love in with these ones by the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Store. They make for brilliant bachelor/hen party wear.

With prints in the front saying Miss or Mr, and a design of the King or Queen of hearts card at the back, these t-shirts are perfect for newlyweds. 

Check out the price on Amazon


A lot of couples are trying the coordinated look this season. Whether it’s for Halloween, Valentines’ Day, your anniversary, or a pre-wedding party, the best couple matching outfits are all the rage. And you know what? They make a great gift! So if you’re looking to buy Bae something special, these matching outfits would be perfect. 

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