Looking for the best Shein jeans for your body type? Well, check out this curated list of jeans to get from Shein that are the epitome of comfort, style and sass and there are so many types available. Read further to know more. 

Jeans are one of the most fashionable clothing items ever made. It’s never been out of fashion ever since it came into existence and everyone loves wearing and styling it. No wardrobe is ever complete without a pair of jeans!

There are so many jeans options out there in the market that you can never have enough of them and with the prices of Shein, you’d just want more and more. Shein offers decent quality jeans at dirt-cheap prices that are surprisingly long-lasting and comfortable as well. 

You’d love pairing these jeans with different tops, overcoats, shrugs and a lot more. Also, they’re perfect for any occasion you’re attending like formal parties, brunch, casual parties, vacation etc. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out the best Shein jeans review below that will help you find your perfect pair. 

Best Shein Jeans: Summary

Best Shein JeansFit type
High-Waisted Slant Pocket Split Hem Vintage Straight JeansStraight regular fit 
High Waist Lace Up Front Flare Leg JeansFlare led regular fit
Highest-Rise High Stretch Skinny JeansCropped skinny fit
High-Waisted Slant Pocket Baggy JeansCropped loose fit
High Waisted Butterfly Print Mom JeansLong regular fit
High Waist Color Block Straight JeansHigh waist straight fit
Slant Pocket Solid JeansWide leg regular fit

Best Shein Jeans

High-Waisted Vintage Straight Jeans

This is one of the best shein jeans on the list. It’s high-waisted with a vintage look that has slits on the sides. It’s better for people who are tall as that will fit better. These jeans might flow in length for short people and wouldn’t give a perfect look. 

shein jeans

These jeans fit perfectly on the behind and give a proper lift. This is one of the best jeans to buy on shein because of the material as well, it’s made with good quality cotton and polyester. These high-waist vintage jeans are available in 3 basic colours and look gorgeous when worn. 

You can style it with bodycon crop tops, vests or tuck in your long tee inside to give a beautiful look.

Description: Pattern Type: Plain; Length: Long; Type: Straight Leg; Details: Split, Button, Pocket, Zipper; Fit Type: Regular Fit

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High Waist Lace Up Front Flare Leg Jeans

Are you a little worried about your short height and not finding the perfect pair of jeans? Well, don’t stress because these jeans look great on women who are short-height. The best part about this is the lace-up front tie that can be adjusted according to you. 

shein jeans for thick thighs

When you secure the lace front, it lifts your hip plus you can tighten and loosen it at your convenience. This is one of the best Shein jeans that’s super stylish.

 These booty jeans are what you need if you’re looking for that natural lift. These jeans are available in 4 beautiful colours.

Description: Pattern Type: Plain; Length: Long; Type: Flare Leg; Details: Lace-Up, Pocket, Grommet Eyelet; Fit Type: Regular Fit

Highest-Rise High Stretch Skinny Jeans

Are you planning on buying jeans from Shein, don’t miss out on the basics. This is one of the best Shein jeans that suits well on everyone no matter what your body type or height. It fits tight on your legs and defines your curves very well. 

The length might go on a little big but you can always alter it. There are 6 sizes available from XXS to XL and all of them are true to their sizes. I love how it’s so stretchy that you can almost split wearing these jeans. 

high waist shein jeans

It comes in 3 amazing jeans colours and also has pockets that can fit your phone or your little wallet. 

Description: Pattern Type: Plain; Length: Cropped; Type: Skinny; Details: Pocket; Fit Type: Skinny

High-Waisted Slant Pocket Baggy Jeans

These jeans are literally the best baggy jeans on Shein that’s so comfortable to wear and go anywhere you want to. The fit is perfect for people who are worried about their belly pooch or slightly heavy thighs, This fit won’t show any of it and yet give a wonderful look.

I love these jeans especially because they’re super comfortable and breathable. It’s perfect for travelling or on a casual day where you don’t wanna be wearing too much. These jeans are one of the best Shein jeans available in 12 different shades. 

boyfriend jeans shein

Description: Pattern Type: Plain; Length: Cropped; Type: Baggy; Details: Button, Pocket, Zipper; Fit Type: Loose

High Waisted Butterfly Print Mom Jeans

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say this is the best Shein jeans because it’s extremely pretty. This best mom jeans in Shein has butterflies printed on them and they’re available in 2 colours, black and blue. These jeans are of great quality and extremely comfortable. 

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It’s fitted on the waist to give the shape your waist requires and is free from the thighs and beyond. It’s perfect for casual parties, brunch, vacation as well as hanging out with friends and family. 

These are my favourite jeans and I’m impressed with the quality of the jeans as it’s perfect and durable. 

mom jeans shein

Description: Pattern Type: Animal; Length: Long; Type: Straight Leg; Details: Button, Pocket, Zipper; Fit Type: Regular Fit

High Waist Color Block Straight Jeans

These Shein jeans for women is to die for, they’re so pretty. I love how it’s so perfect when worn. Plus these jeans are really trendy and are also one of the best jeans on Shein for cheap prices. These jeans are in hot pink, light pink and white colour. 

They stand out when worn in public and give off a real statement vibe. These best Shein jeans are perfect for brunch or a girls party. It’s one of the best Shein jeans to wear when you’re feeling a little sassy.

block color jeans shein

Description: Pattern Type: Colorblock; Length: Long; Type: Straight Leg; Details: Button, Pocket, Zipper; Fit Type: Regular Fit

Slant Pocket Solid Jeans

These Shein jeans are very different from the top listed and come in vibrant colours that would look awesome wherever sported. The best part about these jeans is that you can make any outfit and it will look awesome like pair them with a fitted top or maybe a loose Tee. 

These jeans are very comfortable and surprisingly of good quality. Also, the fit is something that is close to perfect and it’s the best shein jeans for thick thighs. Pair these Shein jeans with anything and rock your outfit. 

slant pocket jeans shein

Description: Color: Beige; Pattern Type: Plain Length: Long; Type: Tapered/Carrot; Details: Button, Pocket, Zipper; Fit Type: Regular Fit

Which is the best Shein Jeans? 

I’ve worn Shein jeans always as they’re cheap and of average quality. I found Highest-Rise High Stretch Skinny Jeans to be the best because of its design, comfort and price. 

Highest-Rise High Stretch Skinny Jeans is skinny fit jeans that enhance your curves and defines them. It’s perfect for all body types and can be sported on any occasion. It’s highly stretchable and available in 6 sizes from XXS to XL. It’s available to buy on Shein. 

Tips to buy the right Shein Jeans for a Perfect Fit

  • Pictures with Models: You’ll find most of the jeans worn by models on Shein. This is the best way of buying as it will give you an idea of the size that will be ideal for you as well as give comparison points to check how much size up or down you need. 
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In the chart, you’ll find more descriptive size details. 

  • Size Chart speculations: Before buying your jeans on Shein, always examine the size chart which may be different for different products. Hence, this will help you buy the exact same size that you need. 
  • Quality of material used for Jeans: You cannot expect the best quality material for your Shein jeans given the price you’re going to pay. So have minimum expectations. They’re decent and can be worn for a few times before wearing out. 
  • Trying New Jeans types: You might give into fashion and want what’s the most trendy thing in the market but it’s advisable to examine your body type and know what suits you the best before buying a pair. 

Shein Jeans: FAQs

Are Shein jeans good quality?

Sometimes, it is and sometimes it isn’t. Shein is known for its fast-fashion, low quality and cheap prices clothing which isn’t always bad. You pay for trendy clothes and low-quality goods at Shein, basically. 

Do Shein jeans run big or small?

Shein jeans often run small so it’s advisable to check the size guide of the particular product before actually buying it. 

Are Shein jeans stretchy?

Shein jeans are breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable and not stretchy. 

Best Shein Jeans Review

These jeans are amazing and perfect to buy at a cheap price as they are decent and can be worn several times before discarding. I love them and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for trendy jeans. 

Hope this article- the best Shein jeans helped you find a perfect pair!

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