5 Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses are one of the must-have accessories that don’t just serve the purpose of protecting your precious eyes from the harmful sun rays or dirt, but also play an instrumental role in depicting your style statement. And it is safe to say, that a pair of shades can either make or break your fashion statement. Hence, the need to go for sunglasses that can enhance your facial feature and make you look fabulous.

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Choosing sunglasses that can draw attention to the best features of your face can have a huge influence on your style factor. That is why, stylists often suggest people to choose sunglasses that can complement their particular face shape. The right frame can do wonders to your chic factor and draw all the attention to your face. Read on to learn more about the different face shapes and the sunglasses that will suit them.

Here Are The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape:

1. Wayfarers For Round Shape

People with round-shaped faces should opt for sunglasses that can flatter their face’s natural frame. Style experts believe that wayfarers are perfect for round-shaped faces. Wayfarers can make the face appear narrower and greatly raise an individual’s chic factor.

2. Oval Shaped Sunglasses For Diamond Shape

The best way to show-off the features of a diamond-shaped face is by opting for a pair of oval-shaped sunglasses. These sunglasses can do full justice to the lines of this face type.

3. Aviators For Heart Shape

Heart-shaped face tends to have a broad forehead and a relatively narrow chin. So, you must opt for sunglasses that complements the structure of your face. As per the stylists, aviators are the best bet for people with heart-shaped faces.

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4. Cat-Eyed Sunglasses For Square Shape

People with square-shaped faces have prominent jawline and the right pair of sunglasses can make them look like a celeb. Cat-eyed sunglasses can perfectly soften the edges of the face. These sunglasses are trendy and will help you in making a strong style statement.

5. Rectangular-Shaped Sunglasses For Oval Shape

A pair of classic rectangular-shaped sunglasses can do great justice to an oval-shaped face. These sunglasses can greatly accentuate the lines and angles of your face. You can also opt for sunglasses that have prominent embellishments attached to them.

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