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  • 7 Makeup Tips for Managing Uneven Skin Tone

    Every girl dreams of a super soft and even skin tone. Unfortunately, some factors can lead to the problem of uneven skin tone. Excessive exposure to sunlight, hyperpigmentation, and sun spots are the few factors which can result in uneven skin tone. Handling with this type of skin is really a challenging issue. In fact, […]

  • 6 Foundation For Oily Skin Available In The Market

    We have different types of the skin and each type of skin needs some extra care, if you have the oily skin, then you need to choose cosmetic products cautiously as all the make up vanishes in hours and your face will look like full of oil, sometime improper products creates problems to the skin, […]

  • 6 Useful Tips For Summer Melt-Proof Makeup

    Summers are near and so is the concern of maintaining the makeup for long hours! Summers are quite thrilling with the refreshments, awesome clothing trends, stunning summer nights and much more but when it comes to makeup, women go crazy for finding the right and melt-proof makeup! We can just flip through some horrible faces […]

  • 8 Outstanding Makeup Tips for Pale-Skinned Women

    Women with fair skin tone and pale complexion find it very hard to pick right makeup products that work for their skin complexion. Depending on your skin tone, makeup products are to be selected. If you do not pick the suitable product for your skin tone, you might end up in highlighting flaws on your […]

  • 7 Tips For Oil Free Eye Makeup

    The skin of different people is certainly different from others. Some have oily skin while some have a naturally dry skin. Some have mixed skin type where some area is extremely oily and some are dry. The people with oily skin face a problem of the extremely oily eyelids. Not only for in the people […]

  • 8 Eyebrow Gels Available In The Market

    Eyes are the best part of the human face and every woman wants beautiful eyes but you need to take care of them, eyebrow plays an important role in making your eyes attractive, full growth of the eyebrow is always in fashion and if any one has not the proper growth, then they have less […]

  • How To Turn Your Eye Shadow Into An Amazing Eye Liner

    Make up products in not easy to buy, now a days we have a product related to each part of the face and all of them are so expensive, we have eye shadows, eye liners, kohl, eye shadows, eyebrow gels, eyebrow powder and many other products just related to the eyes only, but there are […]

  • Step By Step Make Up Tutorial To Get Fuller 3D Lips

    No two faces are same, we have different eyes, nose, skin color, design of the face. Lips are most of the beautiful part of the face, now a days everyone wants to make pout for the selfie and for this they want fuller lips, if you have fuller lips, then your makeup also suits you […]

  • 20 Best Maroon Lipsticks You Will Fall In Love With

    Lipsticks are trendy women companions. They enhance beauty, and can also offer a fuller look to thinner lips. They are one such amazing rescue that can offer a dramatic desired look to women with different complexions. No matter you have dry lips that are dark, sun damaged lips or even chapped ones, there are still […]

  • 14 Must Know Makeup Myths For Proper Makeup Application

    Makeup covers up for all our imperfections and makes our skin flawless. It helps us get a desired face contour, illuminate the specific area we want to highlight, and get fuller lips without having the need to undergo expensive cosmetic procedures. It is one amazing temporary fix that gives us a permanent solution to flaunt […]