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  • 10 Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Healthy Hair Growth

    Just application of good shampoo and conditioner is not enough for lustrous, beautiful and healthy hair. The state of your hair and skin largely depend upon your inside health. A constant supply of important nutrients is needed to get healthy hair. The hair problems like dryness, thinning of hair, dandruff, brittleness basically results from nutritional […]

  • 7 Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin Care

    Green tea is high in antioxidants, several enzymes, amino acids, and polyphenols and contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, folate, manganese and its health benefits for our body are well-known. But not just sipping green tea will benefit your body. Topical application also works superbly for enhancing your skin health. The skin care benefits range from […]

  • 10 Smoothies To Make Your Skin Glow

    What you can eat for the glowing skin? Fruits, vegetables or boil food? What if you can eat something delicious and it creates a glow in your skin from inside? We think we are hearing, ‘not bad’. Smoothies are extremely tasty. If it is made of some specific fruits and vegetables then it can be […]

  • 9 Food Sources That Are High In Manganese

    Though manganese is a trace element, its deficiency can result in disease conditions such as diabetes, hearing loss, weak bones, delayed healing, fertility problems, skin sagging, anemia, nervous problems, etc. So, taking the daily recommended manganese, which is about 2mg, is vital to stay hale and hearty. Immediately do not think about dietary supplements as […]

  • Top 8 Foods That Help To Delay Signs Of Ageing

    There are some foods that increase your ageing process and there are some foods that delay your ageing. Remember that ageing is something that is quite natural and would happen over time. But with the right kind of diet, nutrition and most importantly nutrients, it is possible to delay the signs of ageing. Here’s a […]

  • 5 Best Vitamins And Minerals For Younger Looking Skin

    Slowing down wrinkling of the skin and keeping the skin young-looking for a longer time is the challenge of any skin care regimen. Although we are willing to spend a fortune on expensive anti-aging products and treatments, we often overlook the role of our diet in keeping our skin young-looking. Consuming foods rich in vitamins […]

  • 8 Amazing Food That Are Rich In Fiber

    Fiber is a dietary supplement, for the proper digestion we need to eat the fiber, fiber combines with the different enzymes and helps in digestion of the complex compound of the foods like the vitamins and the protein and if our stomach functions well then we will not in the trap of the many diseases, […]

  • 14 Effective Super Foods To Get Glowing Skin This Winter

    In winter there is lack of moisture in the air, which makes our skin dry and it looks dull all the time. Actually less humidity in air steals away moisture from your skin making it drier. You may have used lots of beauty products to get a glowing skin during winters. But to get a […]

  • 10 Best Vitamin E Rich Food Items That Can Make You Healthy

    Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant that cannot be synthesized by the body on its own. It helps in body’s proper functioning. It is fat soluble. Hence, it is an effective fat buster too. It detoxifies the body by getting rid of free radicals. It reduces the risk of heart diseases because it reduces the […]

  • 6 Best Sodium Rich Foods Which Are Useful To Your Body

    “Sodium or Na ” this chemical element is tangled with so many inhibitions. Some say that sodium must be a mandatory component in your diet and others say the low sodium diet is the best. But most of us are not clear about the levels of sodium one must maintain. So, here we are providing […]