Going back to school is fun- getting to meet some old friends, getting to make some new friends. What’s even more exciting are cute back to school outfits. I mean, isn’t it awesome? You get to plan a whole new wardrobe, clothes, shoes, accessories and all.

All you need to do is choose from the trendy teen and tween styles that are popular right now. And maybe throw in some fashionable and cute back to school hairstyles. Tada! You’re all ready for the first day of classes!

Cute Back To School Outfits

With school right around the corner, it’s time you started planning and got some real cool outfits ready. Here are some suggestions and tips for some cute back to school outfits:

#1 – Oversized Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Cute Outfits For High School

Get all comfortable in some oversized clothes. All the celebs we see are wearing oversized sweaters to oversized hoodies, so why can’t you?

They are perfect as you can stay super comfortable while you enjoy catching up with your friends while walking down the hallway all day long.Makes the perfect sixth form outfit.

Pair these oversized hoodies or your sweats with a pair of sneakers to up the level of comfort. Walk, run or hop along, the sneakers have you covered. 

Though all the stylish, hot celebs are wearing just a hoodie or a sweatshirt paired with cool sandals, a pair of stilettos or some fancy shoes, if your school is a conservative, pair these with a pair of shorts.

A nice pair of skinny jeans or leggings will work too. Keep the sneakers basic and neat in white or pastels. 

These are subtle pastels and go great for any season, be it summer or autumn. Team them with a few simple accessories to highlight the outfit. 

You can match this with leggings or wear it as it is. It is the most effortless and stylish look for back to school. We especially love the way this faded blue goes with anything. Match this with a pair of white shoes and you’re look for the day will be bomb! 

This oversized hoodie is a great option for those of you who like to go bright and tick off being the best among the cute outfits. 

#2 – Floral Outfits 

Cute Outfits For School Summer

Go floral with some empire waisted dresses. Who said summer dresses must be worn only in the summer?

Upgrade them for your autumn wardrobe by pairing them with a denim jacket if the weather is cooler.

Or, you could wear the dress as it is for a feminine touch in a place full of denims and trousers. 

Keep your dresses flirty and cute and pair them with sneakers for a younger vibe.

Plus you have to agree that sneakers are so high up the scale on comfort that they make your day so much better, while giving you that cute look. Keep your hair long and flirty or wear a matching headband to complete the girly look. 

There are plenty of colours and prints in this one, with a drawstring waistband to give you that cinched waist, yet keeping it comfortable. 

This floral maxi is the perfect outfit for when you want to look semi formal and yet casual. This goes with any hairstyle and does not look extra at all. Make sure you match this outfit with a sexy pair of heels or flats to complete the look. 

Here’s another one:

This one is a sure shot winner in the floral slash feminine department. These prints and the cut of the dress is so cute that you absolutely must choose one of these for your wardrobe! Not a girly girl? No problemo! There are also cute floral track pants you can wear. If you’re allowed PJs to school that is!

#3 – Classic Back to School Outfits with a Twist 

Outfits For Middle School

Classic doesn’t have to be boring. That’s why it is called “classic”. For one of those mornings where you have to be quick in dressing up and out the door, go classic. It saves you time and you will not look like you didn’t make an effort. 

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A pair of skinny jeans, a basic tee and your boots or sneakers are all you need. But wait, here’s the twist.

Instead of a jacket, layer with a funky printed kimono wrap shirt to up your style quotient and get heads turning when you walk into school. 

Only you will know that you spent only a couple of minutes putting this outfit together in the morning!

Here are some patterned kimono wrap shirts you could invest in to spice up your “classic” outfit:

If you don’t like to go too funky, opt for florals:

#4 – Lots of Denim!

Outfits For High School Guys And Girls

Yet another classic is denim. This is evergreen with every sixth form or college student and for good reason. Denim can be classy, it can be sexy, it can be cool and it can be chic. Choose the right denims and put them together for that uber cool back to school look. 

Wear denim in any form, in any piece of clothing. Be it jeans or a jacket, or a skirt or a dress, denims are perfect for school.

Wear them slightly distressed or severely ripped, you can pull off the look with just a pair of sneakers and a graphic tee. 

Pair your jeans and a basic white tee with a nice jacket and sneakers. Black and white is a great combination and can be interesting if you wear the right kind of button up shirts or tees to pair with the jeans. 

Also try out a plain or graphic hoodie with your jeans. Denim jackets can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the fall. Layer a cropped jacket for that hot cool look.

This buttoned denim shirt can be worn effortlessly with ripped jeans or unbuttoned with a tank top and you’re all set for a day out. 

#5 – Bright Basics – Neon Back to School Outfits

Outfits For 8th Grade

Adding a splash of neon to your outfit definitely brightens up the day. Be bold and incorporate one item in a bright yellow or green to bring the “pop star” vibe to your class. 

Neon doesn’t need too many accessories to pep up the look, cos neon itself is the “pep”. Avoid too much bling to take away the focus from the neon.

If you want, you could add a few thin necklaces in rose gold or yellow gold. One thing we would suggest is, don’t overdo it on the neon. Keep one neon piece, be it your top or your bottom, or a jacket. 

Here are a couple of sexy neon tops you could wear beneath a denim jacket along with a cute skirt:

#6 – Sparkly Back to School Outfits

Outfits For 6th Grade

Life is a party and you gotta dress everyday like you are ready to rock. Why not wear some of those sequins and sparkles that you think are meant only for an evening out? All the celebs are wearing sparkles with their daily outfits. Keep it subtle, though. Wear a graphic tee or a button down shirt with sparkly tights or sequined pants. 

Your friends might wonder how you can wear club clothes to classes. Show them how it’s done by wearing these sequined tights with an oversized hoodie or a long shirt. You need no other bling or accessories to spruce up the outfit. 

You could pair these with sneakers for a student look. 

Here are some sparkly pieces of clothing to wear to your classes:

#7 – Layered Florals 

Back To School Outfits For Strict Dress Codes

Layers are definitely sexy. Layers are also perfect if your school has rules about how you should dress and frowns upon short skirts or revealing tops. Well, just because they want you to cover up doesn’t mean you should go to classes looking like a grandma (no offence to all the hot grandmas out there).

Layer your favourite spaghetti top with a long sleeved turtleneck to look both stylish as well as “appropriate”. 

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Take a page out of the Korean fashion world and do the “dress over blouse” where you wear your favourite summer dress with a tee.

This is a look a lot of celebs are adapting which will work for you while you adhere to the dress code. 

Go printed or go plain, either ways, it’s a unique and stylish look:

Match them with a pair of boots or fluffly pompom sneakers to complete the look. 

Go pastel or go dark, they all look great!

Here are some dresses and tees you can club for that stylish layered look:

Here’s a turtleneck sweater that is sure to go with anything you decide to wear. 

#8 – Overalls

Cute First Day Outfits for Kindergarten

Overalls, suspenders and dungarees are the retro items that are making their way back into our style book and how! Check out any casual day outing and you see all your favourite pop stars and movie stars dressed in denim overalls, ready to paint the town red. 

If you already have an old pair of denim overalls hiding away in your closet, it’s time to bring it back out to let it shine. Otherwise, you can always pick up a nice pair from the umpteen options available online. 

Wide legged overalls or slim legged ones, whatever the style is, wear them and rock them. Pair them with a simple tee or get creative with a patterned shirt, accessorise with a pair of mini earrings and pull on your colorblocked sneakers for a “ready for school” look. 

Move away from denims and you have overalls in various fabrics to still give you that hard worker look. 

Want something different? Try out an overall dress for a girly look.

#9 – Tie-Dye Back to School Outfits

Cute Outfits For 5th Grade

Tie dye outfits are not only cool but they go with almost any other piece in your outfits. You can choose several kinds of tie dye – chill, monochrome, contrasting, overall tie-dye, etc.

How about a simple tie-dye t-shirt to pair with your jeans:

Or maybe these tie-dye bicycle shorts in funky colors:

#10 – Athleisure Outfits (Tracksuits, Bike Shorts, Statement Sweats)

Cute Outfits For 4th Grade

Got used to leggings and sweats at home? Not to worry! Carry over the comfy chic style to your classes with some posh athleisure wear. These can include tracksuits paired with crop tops and hoop earrings, funky statement bike shorts or printed statement sweats.

Pair them white sneakers and multiple chain accessories to get the whole look!

try these metallic leggings to add some glam to your cosy outfit:

#11 – Crop Top with High Waisted Jeans

Want an outfits that is combining comfort with style and the school dress code? Try pairing your dark navy jeans with some high-top sneakers and a crop top. It’s the ultimate school outfit. And it doesn’t have to be your regular jeans, you can try long-line jeans, loose fit jeans (boyfriend jeans), high-rise jeans, or even distressed jeans to give it that edge.

To complete this stylish outfit, get a crop top in a funky print. You can try fun logo prints, leopard print, a gorgeous combination of colours or any other look. We suggest white converse trainers for the footwear as they are the flavour of the season.

But hey why be basic? Try going for day-glo accessories like a plush cardigan, funky boots, trendy leather jacket to add extra layers. This can help you get past the school dress code too. If you want to be extra add that prettiest necklace or that statement eye catching piece!

#12 – Leopard Dress with Leather

Do you know what’s the perfect combination? A leopard dress and a timeless leather jacket. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe for school divas. And with the right shoes and accessory, this will outfit will fly under the radar of the school dress code too!

We love this new trend of making school clothing not-boring. The bright leopard print dress gives you a look of individuality. And everyone knows there’s something sexy about a black leather jacket.

For the footwear, we suggest some buckled boots or platform combat boots. These add that perfect rebellious and edgy look to your outfit. You can even try high knee boots if you fear your dress a tad short.

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If you find this trend super girly, you can opt for leopard print body suit over a jean bike shorts instead. Or you can add the print in the form of a slouchy cardigan (think Scary Spice from the 90s band Spice Girls). And if you dare, you can opt for bold pants in leopard print too. There’s also the less eye-watering faux snakeskin pants too if you want to stick to the animal theme but not go overboard.

Cute Back To School Outfits: FAQs

How do you dress cute for school?

Wear a classic with the addition of one unique piece that stands out. Keep your hair and makeup simple with minimalist accessories to keep the focus on your fresh face. Don’t add too much bling as that takes away the “cute” factor. 

What should a girl wear to school farewell?

The best outfit to pick for a farewell program is something formal but not too stuffy. And also one that reflects your personality. So it’s a no to extravagant gowns and business suits. But that doesn’t mean you turn up in jeans and a ripped tee either.
A simple cocktail dress, understated pant suits in pastels, a mini floral dress, trousers with a plain blouse, etc. are some outfits that are suited to the occasion.

How do you pick a good back to school outfit?

Choosing cute back to school outfits can be nerve wracking. But not if you follow these simple tips:
Wear something that reflects your personality while keeping in mind that these places have dress codes.
Experiment with a few outfits, mix and match with some simple accessories before your classes start to see what works. 
Break in any new shoes by wearing them at home before debuting them at school
Choose your favourite style icon and model your look on them
Always have all your clothes, accessories, laid out the night before.

What should I wear on the first day back to of?

Well, as much as you would like to be stylish and stand out in the crowd, your first day comes with a bit of anxiety and excitement. Wear something that you know you will be comfortable in. All of the above outfits are curated prioritising comfort and ease. Choose one from the above to shine on your day one. 

What do 6th graders wear to school?

You can go for basics such as denim and solid t-shirts and solid jackets. You can also go a little out of the box and try flashy colour trousers with weekend tops and stylish jackets.

What should I wear to back-to-school?

There are a lot of options to wear to back-to-school, they are:
Solid T-shirts
Sports Bras
Floral outfits

How can I look fancy in school?

Here’s how to look fancy in school:
Put on nice shoes, something that matches your outfits.
Accessorise well. Wear earnings, chains etc.
Choose an outfit that’s allowed in your school.

Going back to school in style is on everybody’s bucket list and our enlistment will help you make the right pick and adhere to trends.

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