Editorial Process

We at WomensOk.com have strong standards about the content we produce and make it a point to always give our readers frank and unbiased advice.

The strong editorial standards we set as researchers, writers, and health specialists are still something we aim for as our team. We strive to provide content that is extremely factual, objective, and effective across a variety of themes thanks to our multi-layered editorial approach. 

We only partner with and support businesses that uphold high ethical standards, with whom we have a working relationship and ongoing communication, who are open about the ingredients they use, and whom we have personally tried and tested. 

Research is the first step in our editorial process, which continues through the final edit and publishing.

Here are the steps we take through our editorial process to publish our articles. 

Focus On New Research and Good Research! 

Every article that is written for WomensOk has already completed a thorough research phase. 

From our fashion articles to our highly researched fitness ones, we simply won’t cover a subject if it sounds questionable, is clinically understudied, or doesn’t seem to follow our editorial tenets. 

We commission one of our writers whose expertise is most closely suited to the topic for those articles that we believe will provide actual value to our audience. 

Our team of nutrition, fitness, and skincare specialists is always expanding, and we also have professional personal trainers in the real world who give us insight into our exercise and fitness-related articles and can attest to the effectiveness of their recommendations.

We also continuously find new research so that we can update our articles with new and relevant information from time to time. 

This ensures that our readers are not only shown up-to-date fashions and style tips but they are also kept in the loop about new information in the fitness industry, skincare and beauty departments. 

No Partiality To A Business or Brand

It doesn’t matter if we are writing a skincare product review or a “best of” list, our objective is to always maintain objectivity. Yes, our content is  monetized by using affiliate links wherever they are appropriate), but the placement of these links is not done for financial gain. 

This revenue assists us in maintaining a strong editing process. As previously said, we typically only feature products that make it through our screening and research process.

But when we do include things that don’t meet our high criteria, we’ll make sure you know its flaws and drawbacks and frequently offer better alternatives. Even the most outstanding products will occasionally have problems, and we will be sure to point them out when they do.

Also, we use whatever skincare/hair care/beauty products that have been reviewed ourselves so you have first hand knowledge about these items. 

Quality Writers For Quality Content 

We only choose content editors and writers based on their level of competence in the topic matter. 

The  authors on our team are typically from the United States. As  we don’t hire writers on a project-by-project basis, we can guarantee a very high level of competence in every piece that goes on our site. 

Furthermore, all our content goes through a three-step pre-publication screening process. This involves a screening process for accuracy, fact checking, and spelling and punctuation. Usually, two editors work together to do this so there’s no chance of an error. 

Always Aim For Accuracy 

As a result, we strive for absolute correctness in every single article we produce. Our policy is “if the content isn’t 100% accurate, it is simply ‘not accurate,'”. 

Since style, fashion, skincare and even the fitness sector frequently evolves quickly, this makes the role of the editors essential. 

As a result, our editors thoroughly research every piece of written information, and we frequently reevaluate earlier articles whenever new fashions are created, new studies are published and scientific opinion shifts. This is especially true for our skincare and fitness content.