5 Best Exercises For Females To Maintain Their Stamina

Fit body is demanded by everyone but for females, it is a quite challenging task to maintain their fitness level and utmost stamina because not all of them are gym goers. However, they can easily ,maintain their stamina and can attain toned body at your home also by doing some effective exercises there. Here are 5 best moves for females which will definitely help them a lot in maintaining their stamina for performing even hard labor task of their day comfortably.

Below Are The 5 Best Exercises For Females To Maintain Their Stamina:

1. Star Jump

Star jump is a very effective exercise for increasing your stamina which will have a direct impact on shoulder, abs and legs of your body. You can easily follow this exercise by standing in a position having your legs joined together with bent knees. Once, you achieved such position, start jumping in such a way that your hand and legs can make X shape. After this, you need to again bend your knees thereby keeping your hands in side position for 10 seconds and then again start jump in a previous way. You must repeat this exercise 8-10 times in the morning time so as to keep your body toned, refreshed and full of energy.

Star Jump

2. Plank Tucks

Plank tucks is another good exercise for those females who wants to raise their energy level. This exercise has a direct impact on hands, abs and back of its follower. For this move, first of all, you need to adjust your body in a plank position followed by keeping your shoulders above your wrist and extending your legs. After attaining such position, next you need to jump in a leftward direction without making any movement to your shoulder followed by adjusting your legs again in a plank position. Repeat this same jump in a right side after 10 seconds. You must follow this exercise in a set of 8 jumps to attain desirable result in improving your stamina.

Plank Tucks

3. Starter Jump

Starter jump is the best exercise for increasing energy level and achieving toned body. This exercise is very good for hamstrings, abs and thighs of its follower. To do this exercise, you need to first stand with joined legs thereby keeping your hand over your hips. After this, you need to move your right leg ahead thereby making a deep lunge while your left leg needs to be touched to the ground. Now, stand straight keeping your legs again joined and repeat the same exercise for 8 sets by taking rests of at least 10 seconds after every set.

Starter jump

4. Plyometrics

Plyometrics or jump training is a very effective exercise for improving stamina which is being followed by the Olympics atheletes. Plyometrics involves muscles stretching followed by rapid shortening. This is the perfect exercise for increasing stamina which can be followed by not only women but also, men as well as children can follow it comfortably. Plyometric exercise is very helpful giving utmost strengths to muscles and reducing impact force on the joints of its regular follower. Doing plyometric exercises like hoping and jumping in the morning will definitely keep you refreshed and energetic for the whole day.


5. Rope Jump

For the females, the rope jump exercise is highly beneficial in improving their stamina. Speed ropes made of beads or plastic are ideal for intense workout as it can whip around faster than cotton ropes. You can easily follow this exercise by first adjusting the length of rope according to your height and then preparing lower parts of your body for jumping impact.While jumping, you needs to ensure your arms are closed to your sides as improper body posture may cause accidental damage to your body.

Rope jump