5 Best Exercises To Tone Your Arms, Bisceps And Shoulders

It is a wrong idea that if you exercise your arms it will be muscular and bulky. Rather workout will make your arms slim and toned. Don’t feel shy to try curling hard and heavy exercises. Your arms will not become muscular. Building heavy muscles will take much time and effort. Rather strong and toned arms will make you look more healthy and fit. There are lots of arm exercises that you can practice regularly. You can start the exercise routine with professionals. Then you can carry on at your home. We are going to suggest few effective exercises that you can practice at home without any issues. These exercises will help you to build arms, biceps and shoulder.Here, we will guide you in toning the three major areas which are arms, biceps and shoulders.

Here Are 5 Most Effective Exercises Which You Can Try:

1. Alternating Biceps Curl With Dumbbell

Stand straight with a gap between the two feet. Keep your upper arms close to the body. Hold dumbbells in each hand. Now bend your hand and pull one dumbbell towards the shoulder and then lower the hand. Do the same with the other hand. When one hand will complete the task then another hand will do the task. Each hand should do this 8 times. This exercise will tone your arm muscles without increasing the size.

Alternating Biceps Curl with Dumbbell

2. Biceps And Arms Circles

Stand straight and keep your feet apart. Keep the gap wider than your waist length. Now hold dumbbells in each hand. Bend your hands from the elbows, palms face up, come to the squat position. Now circle the left hand pull up towards the shoulder. Lower the hand and repeat this with the right hand. You must practice this exercise for fifteen times at a stretch. It will tone your arms as well as your whole body.

Biceps and Arms Circles

3. Biceps Curl And Alternating Lunge

Slightly bend your knees. Hold dumbbells in each hand. Take a step forward with the right leg and then lower the body and come to a lunge position. Don’t push the knees past the toes. Now bring your left hand to the chest with tightening left biceps. Now do the same thing with the right hand. This exercise will make your arms lean and toned. It is a very good workout for the lower body.

Biceps Curl and Alternating Lunge

4. Dip Kick

Sit on the floor with bent knees. Now make an angle of 45 degrees with your torso in the back. Place the palms on the floor. Now move the left knee towards the chest and put the left foot on the right knee, try to raise the hips from the ground by bending your elbows. Practice this exercise for about 15 times at a stretch. It will definitely tone your shoulder, upper back and triceps.

Dip Kick

5. Forearm Plank

Lie down on your abdomen and come to the push up position. Put the weight on the toes and forearms. Place the elbows under the shoulder. Keep your head to toe in a straight position. Breathe normally and be in this position for 20 seconds. Now take rest for 30 seconds by resting your knees on the floor. Practice this exercise with 30 seconds of intervals. Practice this exercise for 3 times a day with at least 6 repetitions. This exercise will build your arms shoulder and leg muscles.

Forearm Plank

The above mentioned exercises can be practiced regularly under the supervision of an expert.