Discover the Truth: Does Aquaphor Make Your Lips Bigger? Explore the Science and Myths on Getting Bigger Lips Naturally. Get the Facts on Lip Care and Plumping. Your Guide to Beautiful Lips, Right Here!

Having fuller lips has now become a symbol of seduction and attraction. But everyone has the same question on their minds, “How to get bigger lips”.

So it’s not about pouting for selfies, it has become a yearning for many. Just look at the Kardashian clan!

I am always looking for ways to keep pace with these beauty conceptions.

And plump lips have always been on top among the many. While there are natural ways to make your lips seem bigger there are products as well that will help with the appearance of fuller lips.

So read on to find out how to get bigger lips. 

Check out these natural hacks you can use to get bigger lips.

Although it may take time we are sure that when practiced and paid heed to, this can be effective.

Not only are these steps easy and can be done on a daily basis without making it a hassle. 

Does Aquaphor Make Your Lips Bigger

  • Aquaphor is a popular skin care product known for its hydrating and protective properties, but it does not have the ability to make your lips bigger in terms of volume or size.
  • Aquaphor primarily functions as a moisturizing ointment to soothe and alleviate dry, chapped lips.
  • If you’re interested in achieving fuller-looking lips, you may want to consider lip plumping products specifically designed for that purpose, such as lip plumpers or lip glosses with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or peptides that can temporarily enhance the appearance of your lips.
Does Aquaphor Make Your Lips Bigger

Will Applying Aquaphor In The Sun Cause Swollen Lips

Applying Aquaphor to your lips should not cause your lips to swell when exposed to the sun. Aquaphor is primarily a moisturizing ointment designed to help with dry and chapped lips. However, it does not contain ingredients that are known to cause an adverse reaction when exposed to sunlight.

If you experience swollen lips after using Aquaphor in the sun, it’s more likely due to an unrelated cause, such as an allergic reaction to something you ate or an external irritant. In rare cases, individuals may have sensitivities to certain ingredients in skin care products, but this is not commonly associated with Aquaphor.

If you notice any unusual or severe reactions on your lips, including swelling, redness, or discomfort, it’s essential to discontinue the product’s use and consult a healthcare professional or dermatologist for a proper evaluation and advice on suitable lip care products.

Does The Sun Make Your Lips Smaller And Thinner?

Prolonged and unprotected sun exposure can potentially contribute to the thinning and aging of the skin on your lips, just as it can affect the skin on other parts of your body. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, leading to the breakdown of these supportive structures. Over time, this can result in:

  1. Thinner Lips: UV exposure can lead to a reduction in collagen production in the skin, which can make your lips appear thinner.
  2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Sun damage can cause the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the lips and the surrounding skin.
  3. Dryness: Sunburn on the lips can cause dryness and peeling, which may lead to the perception of thinner lips.

To protect your lips from these effects and maintain their fullness and health, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent sun damage:

  1. Use Lip Balm with Sunscreen: Apply lip balm or lip sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your lips from UV radiation.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Proper hydration can help keep your lips plump and healthy. Drink plenty of water to maintain moisture.
  3. Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat: When spending extended periods in the sun, wearing a hat with a wide brim can provide additional protection for your lips and face.
  4. Avoid Peak Sun Hours: Try to stay out of the sun during the peak hours of UV radiation, typically from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  5. Reapply Sunscreen: Reapply lip balm or sunscreen to your lips regularly, especially after eating or drinking.
  6. Consider Lip Care Products: There are specialized lip care products formulated to help maintain lip fullness and reduce the appearance of fine lines. These may contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid or peptides.

By taking these precautions and protecting your lips from sun damage, you can help maintain their fullness and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Additionally, remember to protect your lips from sun exposure by using lip balm or sunscreen specifically formulated for lips when spending time outdoors to prevent sunburn and other potential issues.

Best Tips To Get Bigger Lips Naturally Without Surgery

#1 –  Ice Cube – how to get bigger lips fast

I am as surprised as you are with this! But the majority of the users have stated positive results after rubbing ice cubes on their lips on a regular basis.

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Not only does it remove dead cells and make it softer, it makes your lips look more plump and fuller.

I suggest you do this for 14 days straight without fail and you can see evident results. 


Wrap the ice cube in a clean thin cloth and hold it against your lips. Make sure you take regular breaks from pressing it against since your lips are prone to feel numb. 

#2 – Peppermint Oil For Lips 

can your lips get bigger naturally

Peppermint oil (when mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil) can give you plump lips overnight.

It has antioxidants that act so well on your lips by making them pink and full.

Using a cotton pad, dab olive oil mixed with two drops of peppermint oil on your lips and massage it for a good five minutes.

Wash it off with warm water while also massaging it. You will definitely see surprising results on your lips. 


I suggest you do this routine at night so that your lips have the time to absorb it without exposure to the sun. Even though you wash it, olive oil has a thick texture and can linger on your lips for longer. 

#3 – Increase Lip Fullness With A Brush

how to make your lips bigger with toothpaste

This may seem a little strange but it has huge impacts. One thing I want to stress on the texture of the lips is that the dead cells can be very underwhelming for the skin. It makes the lips appear flaky and tough.

Brushing the lips with a solution or a natural mixture can remove these dead cells and as mentioned before, massaging of the lips can make it more plump. 


Try to use a sugar scrub and brush your lips lightly with these mixtures. Mix sugar and coconut oil in a bowl to create your very own DIY lip plumper tool and use this on your lips with the brush to take off dead cells. Sugar has the ability to make the lips more fuller. 

#4 – Make your lips bigger with Cinnamon and vaseline

The mixture of these two is tremendous as Vaseline is already used as a moisturiser for the lips. Cinnamon adds the bigger boost to the petroleum jelly making the lips pink and plump!

Massage this mixture onto the lips for two minutes and leave it on for about fifteen before you wash it off. 


You could store this mixture in your fridge to use it the following week as well. 

#5 – Beeswax and Anise oil – For bigger lips 

This herbal mixture of Anise oil and beeswax is sure to bring you full lips and allow it to stay that way for longer.

Add beeswax onto a pan and pour a few drops of coconut oil into a pan and heat it for about 20 minutes.

Let the solution cool down and store it in a container. This cannot be applied immediately but has to be applied every now and then as a lip balm.

#6 – Pout your lips – Use lip exercises to make lips bigger

can your lips get bigger naturally

Finally. This one’s all in your control and can be incorporated into your body language.

Pursing your lips in a way that will make it protrude forward is a way of it appearing more plump.

Exercising your lips every time you have the chance is a way of making it a habit. 


Keep aside an hour to repeat this exercise so that it’s easier. 

While these natural remedies will work on you without any consequences, there are certain products that will make it more effective. Check out these handpicked products to get fuller lips. 

#7 Use a Plumping Treatment For Lips 

plump lips before and after

This lip system is the most effective available in the market today as it has the presence of the hydraulic acid which appears heavier than usual.

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Wearing this will make your lips appear plump and give a more fuller structure to the lips.

One of these tubes which is named ‘smooth’ is applied as the base after which the tube named ‘plump’ will be plonked on top and voila.. Your lips look bigger and much in form. 

Looks plump even with a considerable amount Expensive. 

#8 – Exfoliate to increase lip fullness

lip treatment for plump lips

There is a reason why I keep stressing on the importance of a good lip scrub. Once the dead cells are removed from the surface of the lips it appears more shiny which in turn looks more plumpy and big.

lip plumping treatment

This honey lip scrub is exactly what you need to acquire bigger looking lips. The honey which is dominantly present in the scrub allows your lips to shine and reflect light more making it bigger.

Pros Cons
Natural conditioning for the lips Might not last long 

Customer review 

“ This served as an overnight therapy for my lips. I have flaky lips since I often chew on them, but just one night of this lip scrub made it smooth and now my lips look plump.” 

#9 – Overline! Make lips look bigger with makeup

Lip liners are an amazing way of showcasing bigger lips. Casting an outline makes the whole form more appealing and attractive. This lip liner set has the best and exotic colours that you will ever need.

Don’t forget to fill your lips with a complimenting colour to complete the look. This set has all the colours that you will ever need to go with any look and any shade. 

Awesome range of colours Might not be suitable for women with extremely thin lips. 

Line with Concealer after Lipstick for Bigger Lips

The concealer hack to get bigger lips is one of the most common things amongst fashion and beauty influencers. Applying concealer before and after lipstick really helps a lot if you want your lips to look plumper and bigger. 

Let’s learn how to do it? Take a thin brush and a small amount of concealer to line your outer lips as if you’re overlining it and then fill it in with lipstick. It’s one of the best hacks on how to get bigger lips. The lipstick and concealer together will make your lips bigger and gorgeous. 

Easy and looks realDoesn’t last long

Double the Nude Lip colours for Bigger Lips

This is a shading effect from the nude lip colours to make your lips look bigger. Honestly, this is one of the easiest hacks as you don’t really need to put in a lot of effort. All you need to do is put one colour lipstick in your entire lips and then add a similar nude touch to shade the middle part of your lips.

It will also help you even out your lips if you got one lip smaller than the other. Not only that, this technique also enhances the lipstick on your lips and makes it look very attractive. 

Natural looking and evens out the lipsNot a permanent effect

Apply Lip Balm Daily for Bigger Lips

Lip balm is the most important routine of your lip care. Lip balm not only helps your lips look plumpy and shiny but also hydrates your lips. Lip balms result in softer lips and don’t allow it to flake out when it’s drying. 

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Apply lip balm at least thrice a day or whenever you feel like your lips need hydration. This will help your lips get bigger naturally. 

Natural technique, hydrates and plumps the lipsNone

Lip Masks for Bigger Lips

Lip masks are a perfect way to do your lip care. It’s easy, fun, simple and doesn’t take much time. Get a collagen based lip mask that will help you to get smooth lips and reduce the anti aging properties from your lips. They also result in plumpy and bigger lips. 

There are masks available that you just need to put on top of your lips for a good 10-20 mins and boom! Bigger lips already. It’s the easiest way to pamper yourself and achieve the look you want in your lips.

hydrates and plumps the lips and reduces fine lines and other issuesNone

These natural remedies and products are sure to do their job with exuding size to your lips and giving you a better shape. But there are so many queries that need to be answered on getting bigger lips. Don’t worry, I have answered some for you. 

natural lips

Does Vaseline make your lips bigger?

As I have already mentioned above. The trick of exuding volume to your lips is that the surface has to be smooth. The smoother the surface is, the more light it attracts. Once your lips are appearing all shiny, it tends to look bigger. Vaseline does a great job at that and gives you a shiny surface. I suggest you wear it as a base and use an exciting colour on the top to jazz things up. 

What exercises make your lips bigger?

Purse your lips forward 
Curve your lips into a slight smile and then back to normal. Repeat. 
Face lifting is another important part of exercising to make your lips bigger. Pull your face upwards and downwards and continue. 
These exercises will elevate the volume of your lips and make small changes in how you look. Make sure to follow these tips whenever you can. 

Does biting your lip make it bigger?

Biting your lips hard can make it reddish and big for a while but it will return back to its normal shape and size. Biting of the lips can be an extremely bad habit but we assure you that it does not contribute to the volume of your lips. 

How to get big lips permanently? 

To get fuller and bigger lips permanently surgery is the option. There are different kinds of surgical options that you can go for. Some are lip grafting, lip implantation, and lip fillers. If you have your mind set on getting bigger lips, then it is important to prepare yourself for this big step. 
We suggest you take advice from dermatologists and other experts before you make this move. 

Does peeling your lips make them bigger?

Using a chemical peel like salicylic acid can remove dead skin layer on top of your lips. It can leave your lips softer but not bigger. Some chemical peels, however, come with peppermint oil, etc. that have a plumping effect on your pout.

How to get big lips with makeup? 

This is probably the solution for an everyday look, especially if you don’t want to take major steps. 
Use a lip liner and outline your lips. Choose a darker shade which will make the outline more prominent and showy. 
Apply vaseline as the base on your lips. Don’t put too much as it can seem messy and can be hard to fill in. 
For the final touch, use a nude shade and coat your lips with two layers of this lipstick. 
You have plumper and bigger lips just with the help of using makeup.

How can I make my lips bigger naturally?

Here are a few tips to make your lips bigger naturally:
Exfoliate your lips
Apply lip balm
Stay hydrated
Use lip masks

How do I make my lips bigger without makeup permanently?

You can make your lips bigger without makeup permanently by applying petroleum jelly, scrubbing, exfoliating, applying lip masks and lip balm. This will help you get a natural and long lasting plump lips effect.  

Can your lips grow bigger?

As we age, our lips turn thinner due to less collagen production. Try regular lip exercises that will help your lips stay plump and big just like muscles getting bigger and stronger with exercise. 

Does brushing your lips with a toothbrush make them bigger?

Brushing lips increases blood flow temporarily but there’s no such proof that it makes them appear bigger.

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Plumpy lips remain a fantasy and sign of beauty even now and with the looks of it, for a long time.

I hope these tips and products help you acquire thicker and fuller lips. 

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