5 Amazing Hair Colours For Dusky Women

Hair play a major part in making or breaking the entire look. No wonder why women are hair conscious. Though it is an easy task for fair women to choose hair colours, it is slightly trickier for women with dusky complexion. So, are you one of those dusky beauties who like to play with different looks? If so, you must be keen to flaunt different hair colours to reform your looks as well. If confused as to what hair colour will enhance your already golden tanned look, we have listed 5 such hair colours that will bring out the beauty goddess in you.

1. Brunette

This is a warm shade that adds a little sparkling coffee brown colour to your hair. You can go for various brunette shades according to your personal preference. All the shades of brunette colour basically dwindle between one to two tones lighter or one to two tones darker than the tone of actual hair that dusky women flaunt. This is why, they bring out the best of looks in dusky women. If you are one of those subtle beauty lovers who like to keep it stylish yet trendy, you should go completely brunette by colouring all your hair. However, if you like playing with peppy contrasting looks, go for wide brunette streaks. It will give you a street smart look.

2. Burgundy

Burgundy should be one of your top priorities if you fall in the darker range of dusty dusk complexion. This slightly deep maroonish burgundy shade will be your ideal companion if you don’t have much acne bumps and dark spots on your face. This royal colour will add more bounce and give your hair the volume you always desired of. It will not just make the hair lustrous and glossy, it will also smoothen the locks. Thus, it will better complement dusky women with attractive curls.

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3. Cinnamon Brown

This makes an ideal hair colour for women who fall on the lighter shade of dusky complexion. This is basically a burnt brown colour that reflects a reddish brown tint. It creates an impeccable contrast with the eyes and glow of dusky women. Thus, it mainly diverts the attention towards the eyes and gives them a bigger and smokier look without much efforts and fuss. It reforms the entire look of dusky women who already have naturally bigger eyes. You can also wear neat and close pack of thin cinnamon brown streaks if you have deep black natural hair colour. It adds to the mystery quotient of your already mysterious looks. You can also get your hair first coloured black, and follow it with cinnamon brown streaks.

4. Deep Gray Colour

This is the classiest hair colour for women that adhere a golden dusky skin colour. Deep gray is a statement colour that gives a bold solid appearance. It looks best in shades of dark black  and gray contract. Thus, it mainly looks mesmerising on women who have dark black natural hair. Fine streaks of gray peeking through the charcoal black hair are one of the boldest looks you will ever see. However, you can always top gray hair streaks over your hair after colouring them black.

5. Copper

Copper looks scintillating on both lighter as well as darker dusky women. It gives a demi blonde look to women having dark brown hair. It looks equally well on women with deep black hair. It will go good with complete hair colouring. However, it gives a peppy look when applied in contrast to brown or black or both hair colours. Thus, fine strands reflecting copper and brown, copper and black, or copper, brown and black are always the most prefered hair colours by celebrities.

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All the given 5 hair colours for dusky women are unmatched and hold the power to transform the entire look.

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