Contemplating a hime cut hairstyle? Here are the most stylish hime cut hairstyle for women! Check it out!

Hime cut is better known as the Japanese haircut. It is also popular as the Princess cut in Japan and all over the world.

Like the name this hairstyle came from the majestic court during the Heian Period of Japanese history. Generally, this haircut is projected on straight long hair. It is not a typical hairstyle.

So, one can do lots of improvisation on Hime hairstyle. This haircut is rocking the Hollywood movies for a few years.

You may able to remember the Hime medium hairstyle of Dakota Johnson in Fifty shades of Grey. These styles are definitely amazing.

Stylish Hime Cut Hairstyle That You Can Try

Traditional Hime Haircut

Hime Cut Hairstyle

This is just a modification of classic Hime hairstyle. It is perfect for triangular face. One can do this hairstyle if the hair is straight and medium. The only improvisation is the long locks in the sides.

Traditional Hime Haircut
Hime Haircut

This hairstyle really looks lovely yet simple. You can also highlight your hair with different colour or you can leave it as it is natural. The Hime will look best in simplicity.

Extreme Black Hime Cut Hairstyle

 Black Hime Cut

If you are a Hime lover then dark black Hime is perfect for you. The shiny quality of locks will do the charisma and it will create a glamorous appearance.

 Black Hime Cut  hairstyle

The bent structure of the fringes will look fabulous on your black hair. The height of the hair should be medium to get the perfect Hime hairstyle in black texture.

Brown Hime Without Sharp Ends

Brown Hime Without Sharp Ends

This hairstyle is ideal for those who don’t want sharp ends in Hime. Your front locks, shoulder length fringes, bent ends and rounded junctions made this hairstyle different and amazing.

Hime With soft Ends

It’s all about how you are carrying this nice and bold hairstyle with lots of creativity. In fact, this hairstyle is looking good for long hair.

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hime cut with soft ends

Twisted Hime With Highlight

Who says everything will happen according to the rule book? You can try Hime haircut on your curly hair. You can have locks, side swept fringes in curls.

You just need to add some highlight on your hair to look more ravishing.

Twisted Hime With Highlight
Twisted Hime cut

We can assure that you will fall for your curls. Curly Hime looks fabulous and change the entire appearance.

Long And Wavy Hime

Straight hair is ideal for Hime cut but we can try it on wavy hair too and it will also look gorgeous.

Long And Wavy Hime

The Hime hairstyle looks great on wavy hair. Shape your back hair in ‘V’ and you got the look.

wavy Hime cut

You can colour your hair as you like. Your wavy long locks will get a new creativity through the Hime hairstyle.

Doll Hime

This Hime haircut is definitely for your cute little princess but you can also try it. This doll kind of Hime looks great on round and an oval face.

him cut for round face
princess cut him cut
stylish hime cut hairstyle
short hair hime cut

This hairstyle is meant for short hair. Have your side locks up to your cheekbones. If you really want to colour then choose something delicate and soft to look cuter.

Hime Cut With Soft Curls With Blonde

hime cut with blonde hair

If you have blonde hair with twists then try Hime hairstyle once. I can assure you that your entire look will change into a great appearance.

hime cut with blonde hair and highlights
highlights hime cut

Cut your frontal locks in fringes up to the eyebrows. Your side locks will create a wonderful effect on your blond curls. You will look extremely stylish and sexy.

Radiant And Silky Hime

The Hime hairstyle can create magic to your glossy and straight hair. The Hime looks great in silky dark brown hair.

silky hair hime cut

You can cut your hair in three steps, frontal fringes, side locks and back long tresses.

hime cut for thin hair

The hairstyle will change your get up and you will feel more confident and attractive. The Hime hairstyle is very popular for silky straight hair.

Stylish Hime In Thick Layers

It is another fabulous transformation of Hime hairstyle in thick hair. The frontal locks are same, but you need to do some side bangs instead of side fringes. The entire will cut into layers.

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hime cut with thick layers

If you colour it purple, pink or some gorgeous colour you will feel the change in your look. In fact, the entire hair will change your confidence and attitude.

Hime In Thick Tresses

This hairstyle is all about attitude. How you are carrying it. It is the Hime hairstyle with really short hair with side fringes.

hime cut for short hair

The back portion is really short like boy cut hair. But the fringes will do the magic.

hime cut for round face

The short hair is easy to maintain. It is a bit sexy with short fringes. You can try colours like burgundy or pink and purple. This hairstyle is something extraordinary.

Curly Hime Cut

Curly Hime cut is a great look to go for those with curly hair. I’ll be honest, it’s slightly difficult to maintain cause you got to keep your curls defined if you want the hime cut to show.

hime cut for curly hair

And it’s important that you get it done with hair stylist that knows how to work curly hair because hime cut is not traditionally very popular with curly hair.

curly him cut

You can choose to keep the bangs or not depending on how curly your hair is.

curly hime cut without bangs

Hime Cut Without Bangs

hime cut without bangs

if you don’t like the idea of getting bangs, especially if you have a really short forehead, you can still get the hime cut without bangs.

him cut with no bangs

It’s usually styled with a middle partition with side locks till the cheek bones.

Hime Cut Hairstyle: FAQs

Is hime cut good for round face?

If you have a round face, hime cut will certainly look good on you. Get the baby doll hime cut which features thick front bangs with cheek-length side locks.

What are Princess bangs?

Princess bangs or princess cut is a haircut featuring long straight, sleek hair with front bangs and cheek-length side locks. This is also called as traditional hime cut.

Is hime cut good for thin hair?

While hime cut is most suited for thick hair, it can still look elegant on thin hair as well. A hime cut on thin hair will definitely add soem dimension to your face.

Why is the hime cut popular?

Megumi Asaoka, a popular popstar, made it popular in the 1970s. But the hime cut is back now in the 2022, mostly cause people are excited to try a new and unique hairstyle after lockdown. This hairstyle is also very popular in anime, which can also be the reason behind its sudden popularity.

Can anyone have a hime cut?

Hime cut is currently very popular haircut and is trending on social media like TikTok. Anybody can pull off a hime cut as long as the hairstylist does a good job. There’s some maintenance required if you have curly hair and want to get a him cut.

Is the hime cut traditional?

The hime cut is a traditional hairstyle that was first seen in the Heian period between 795 to 1185. The hime cut was a traditional haircut seen among the noble women from that time.

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