Wondering how long does Shein take to deliver? Well, check out this guide to find out the global delivery time of Shein and the procedure for the same. Read further to know more about it. 

Shein is a website based in China that has sellers who sell clothes, apparel, and accessories under the website’s brand name. The site has been running for about 7 years and up and has numerous deliveries on a daily basis. 

Shein is a website where you can get all the trendy fast fashion clothes, accessories, apparel, footwear, and a lot more at a very cheap price. The quality of these products might not be the best but it’s not bad either. 

How long does it take for Shein to deliver?

After the order is placed, Shein takes around 1-3 days for processing the order. Once the order is processed, it takes another 2-3 business days to ship the order. Usually, the order is delivered within a week and is received within 8-12 days in standard shipping and 4-6 days in express shipping. 

Shein usually takes 3 days to prepare and ship their order. However, this might take a little longer sometimes due to different sellers based out in different parts of China. 

I’ve been ordering a lot from Shein ever since I came to know about the website. I’m currently settled in Seattle and have been noticing the vague delivery time and status which is what led me to find how long does Shein take to deliver. 

So, I’ve figured out how long does Shein take to deliver, and now I’d like to share the same with y’all with a lot more information about return, exchange etc. Without further ado, let’s dig into how long does Shein takes to deliver. 

How Long Does Shein Take To Deliver? 

So, let’s begin with how long does shein take to deliver. Well, usually Shein takes 2-3 days to process all the orders placed. After that, shipping time and delivery depend on the country. 

You can refer to the given chart below to know how long does shein take to deliver.

How long does shein take to deliver: Summary

Country Standard Shipping timeCostExpress Shipping timeCost
UK8-13 daysfree4-10 days14 GDP
USA7-11 daysfree3-7 days13 USD
France8-1312 EurosNot availableNot available
Singapore6-13 days5 USDNot availableNot available
Australia7-12 days7 AUDNot availableNot available
Germany8-13 daysfreeNot availableNot available
Netherlands8-13 days5 EurosNot availableNot available
Canada8-16 days12 USD5-10 days26 CAD
Mexico16-23 days300p4-10 days310p
Brazil31-48 days7 USDNot availableNot available
Italy11- 16 days4.5 EurosNot availableNot available

The above chart gives you an estimate on how long does shein take to deliver. If you want more information on your order you can contact the courier in charge of your delivery. They are available on all working days. 

How Long does Shein Take to Deliver During Covid-19

Shein has been very strict about the covid guidelines and has been following it diligently. This is to avoid contracting covid in their system as the entire unit has to be shut down in such cases. 

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The Shein delivery staff has been working under half the capacity to deliver the products for safety reasons and to avoid any mishaps. 

This is one reason why products that have to be imported are sold out and the products at local warehouses are sort of staffed for them to be delivered. So, you can expect a delay in shipping the product and getting it delivered for about a week more. 

How Long Does Shein Take To Deliver

Shein has also announced that once the situation is back to normal they’ll be back with full force delivery within the given time period. This is how long Shein takes to deliver during covid 19.

Ship timings and Return Shipping Policy

After knowing how long does Shein take to deliver, let’s know more about the return policy. So, if your Shein order is being shipped from the warehouse and delivered locally then it won’t take more than 2-3 days for you to receive your product. 

But in most cases, the warehouse doesn’t have all the products or if the order has to be abroad it might take around 2-3 weeks for that. If your order is above $50 then you wouldn’t be charged anything for the shipping. 

You can always check if the product is available in the local warehouse to avoid delivery hassles and also, it saves a good amount of time. 

Shein’s return policy is very straightforward like any other website. If you don’t like the product, found it to be damaged, have size issues then the item is eligible for return.

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 According to Shein’s return policy, the product bought and needs to be returned should be returned within a period of 30-75 days. Any return/exchange post this time period would not be possible. 

To return your product, go to Shein’s website, click on my orders then click on the product you want to return. Post that select your reason for return. The product should be in proper condition while returning with all the tags intact. 

On being returned, the product will be checked thoroughly and if it passes the test then you’d be refunded the amount. A few products like jewelry, underwear, etc are not eligible for return so make sure you check the product and its guidelines before buying. 

How Long Does Shein Take to Ship Orders

Let’s also know about the shipping along with how long does Shein take to deliver. After your order is placed, it takes around 2-3 business days to process the order from the date the order was confirmed. 

The shipping time can be between 7-8 days if your chosen delivery type is standard. Otherwise, it takes 2-4 days if the delivery is on express mode. The shipping time is not counted under the processing time of 2-3 days. 

Shein Shipping to the UK

Shein has been shipping to a lot of places like the UK, USA, Brazil, Italy, UAE etc., and has international warehouses in almost all of these countries. Shein wishes to deliver to their customers as soon as possible. 

So if your order is available in the nearest warehouse, you can expect your delivery within a week but if the product isn’t available in the warehouse then the product needs to be shipped from China. 

Sometimes you might receive different packages for the same order, this is because different sellers ship different items as and when the stock is available. 

In the UK, Yodel is the delivery partner and your products will be shipped and delivered through the same. Since they don’t deal with customer affairs, you won’t be able to contact Shein. 

You need to track your courier through the tracking information provided to find the whereabouts of your product. Also, you need to contact Yodel if you don’t receive your courier on time and are worrying about the same. 

Shein’s Shipping Insurance

There is a shipping insurance option when you check out to buy your products. If you’re worried about your product safety then make sure that you have the box checked. It charges a minimum rate to ensure the safety of your products and is quite beneficial. 

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If the product doesn’t reach you or meet your requirements then you can easily return the product and claim your refund without any discussion. This is good because most of the time the shipment comes from China and the insurance ensures safety. 

If you’re someone who gets anxious about the delivery then makes sure to get your orders shipping insurance to avoid worries. 

Where does Shein ship from?

Your orders will be shipped from the local warehouses however, in case the product is unavailable then shipping is done through China as the majority of stocks are located there. Customers will not have to deal with any customer affairs and will get their orders through Shein’s courier partner in the UK.

Shein Delivery Time

If you’re wondering how long does Shein take to deliver, I hope your doubt was cleared in this article. Shein is a great website to order clothes and accessories for Shein as it has all the on-trend items available on the site. 

Now, if you’re worried about your shipment, make sure to check the box of shipping insurance to sit back tension-free about your order deliveries. Hope you have a fun experience shopping on Shein. 

Hoping this article- how long does shein take to deliver help you find out the delivery, shipment, change and return policy of Shein.

Shein Shipping and Delivery Time: FAQs

How long does Shein take the ship?

Once you place an order on Shein, it typically takes 1-3 days to process your order. After that,SHEIN can take upto 6 – 8 working days to ship your product through regular shipping. If you choose express shipping, it’ll take 2 – 4 shipping days.

Why does Shein take so long to ship?

If your products ordered form SHEIN are taking too long to be shipped, it’s usually because of processing. Some products take more time to be processed than others. If you need some of the products urgently in your order then you can cancel the ones that are taking too long to be processed so that the rest of the products can be processed and shipped immediately.

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