Are you wondering how to dress like a tomboy? Well, check out this fashion guide that will give you the best picks for dressing cute like a tomboy. Read further to know more about it. 

The dressing is nowadays more a statement than a need. Everyone wants to look their best by trying and experimenting with new looks rather than going for the same old boring and outdated fashion. Tomboy is another extremely famous and fun fashion trend that one can pull off easily. 

How to dress like a tomboy: Quick Summary

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Tomboy is basically associated with boys where the girls don’t dress traditionally like girls but have a much sporty, relaxed, and boyish style. Honestly, tomboy is one of the most comfortable ways of dressing and still having an amazing style for girls. 

Tomboy look for a girl is very simple and basic, all you need to remember is to touch a bit on masculinity to cover the look. Your style can be as simple as a tee and a pair of jeans to dress like a tomboy. But, this doesn’t mean any accessories and apparel. 

Caps, belts, chunky chains are also tomboy styles that would really amp up your tomboy-style clothing look amazing. I dress like a tomboy on most days because of the comfort and effortless fashion. I’m definitely sure, once you try it, you won’t be able to get over it! 

 So without any further ado, I’m here to guide you on how to dress like a tomboy perfectly. Here are a few cute tomboy clothes for girls.

How To Dress Like A Tomboy

Coveralls Tomboy Outfit

If you’re wondering how to dress like a tomboy in the most basic way then definitely this style is for you. Coveralls are the best option to go for! It gives a masculine look, especially when paired with sneakers on the bottom. 

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Coveralls don’t require additional layering as it itself is fulfilling. Coveralls bring back 90s style gracefully. Wear a cool tee inside and you’re all set. 

Dickies women’s Long Sleeve Cotton Twill Coverall

How To Dress Like A Tomboy

This black coverall is just so awesome, especially its fabric, and fine material that makes it soft and breathable to wear. It’s made with 100% cotton and has a snap closure. 

This black coverall has a box pleat at the back and clinched on the waist. It’s one of the most comfortable tomboy outfits to the sport. 

Dungaree Tomboy Outfit

Dungarees are pretty much like overalls and look super good on girls giving them a bit of tomboy look. You can rock sneakers to complete your look. Dungarees are baggy and don’t define body structure which is why it’s a perfect tomboy style for girls. 

Most often dungarees are unisex and can be worn for any occasion. Sport a neutral color top to make it more statement. You can obviously amp up your look by wearing caps and sunnies! This is how to dress like a tomboy!

Solid Slant Pocket Denim Overalls

tomboy style clothing,

This denim dungaree is a regular fit, comfortable and classy. It’s made with soft cotton and polyester material and is non-stretchable. The medium wash color makes it stand out. Wear white chunky shoes to complete your look and don’t forget to carry your sunnies along!

Boyfriend Jeans Tomboy Outfit

Boyfriend jeans is the answer to your question: how to dress like a tomboy. Well, boyfriend jeans are everything that you need for dressing like a tomboy as it’s a loose fit, fitted on the hips, and has relaxed cut through legs. You’d love wearing it for sure for its comfort. 

Ripped boyfriend denim paired with sneakers or boots and bun on your hair is just the right look. Keep accessories minimal except for watches and sunnies. Go for this look if you’re wondering how to dress like a tomboy. 

Sidefeel Women’s Loose Boyfriend Jeans

feminine tomboy outfits,

This is a cool option for boyfriend jeans as it’s made with soft denim fabric, and doesn’t change after several washes. The raw edge look is lovely and can be sported to casual events like brunch, vacation, etc. I love these jeans as it’s very comfortable and doesn’t wear out easily. 

Buttoned Shirt Tomboy Outfit

Buttoned shirts are the closest answer to the question: how to dress like a tomboy? It’s comfortable, relaxed and gives a very smart look. Tomboy’s fits are definitely incomplete without button-down shirts. 

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In fact, you can also get one for yourself in the boys/men section as well. The fun part is that most male clothing is unisex and would make a perfect tomboy look for a girl. You can also tie the shirt around your waist, keep the buttons open and style it your way.

Korean Style Plaid Classic Loose Shirt

tomboy clothes for girl,

This Korean-style shirt is an amazing topwear for styling like a tomboy. You can wear it several ways like the button-down, wide-open, tired around the waist, and a lot more. It’s made with comfortable polyester material and looks too good. 

You’d really love the loose fit and the pattern. This is how to dress like a tomboy in a very subtle and relaxing manner. 

Graphic Tee Tomboy Outfit

Well, if you’re wondering how to dress like a tomboy and still have that feminine look then sport this look! Graphic tees are casual and common as both girls and boys sport this look. It gives a very cool tomboy vibe when paired with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. 

You can boss it up with a denim jacket or hoodie on top to make it look cooler. A cap does no harm and also obviously sneakers or boots. You’d love this look for sure!

Car & Letter Graphic Drop Shoulder Tee

tomboy outfits,

This graphic tee is loose fit and comfortable and gives a perfect tomboy look for girls. It makes one of the perfect feminine tomboy outfits where you wanna dress like a tomboy but not leave your femininity behind. 

This graphic tee has a very smart and amazing graphic print that gives a tomboy vibe. This is how to dress like a tomboy and look savage!

Accessories for Tomboy Outfit

You will need certain accessories to amp up your tomboy look. However, it’s advised to keep it minimalistic and not go over the board. Sunglasses and a cap is a must. These make the outfit a little more attractive and on point. 

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Baseball Cap Adorable Sun Cap

tomboy style girl,

This baseball cap is really cool and is available in various colors. You can adjust the size from the back. It gives a vintage look that’s really awesome to pair with your tomboy looks. The cap is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. It’s also made with 100% cotton. 

SOJOS Small Square Polarized Sunglasses

tomboy look for girl,

These sunglasses are polarized and give a little vintage vibe. The best part is that they are unisex and can be sported with a lot of outfits. It’s made with a quality metal frame. Also, the polygon frames look really awesome. This is how to dress like a tomboy. 

Which is the best way to dress like a tomboy? 

The best way to dress like a tomboy is wearing a dungaree as it’s very comfortable, relaxed, and gives a tomboy vibe. Sport a neutral color top to make it more statement. You can obviously amp up your look by wearing caps and sunnies. The Shein denim dungaree is made with soft cotton and polyester material and is non-stretchable. It’s available for sale on Shein.        

How to Dress Like a Tomboy- FAQ

How can a tomboy look cute?

A tomboy can look cute by the way she dresses and styles themselves. A messy look suits a tomboy and looks very cute. Pair a loose shirt with denim and sneakers to define a cute and messy look. 

How to dress stylishly like a tomboy? 

Layering is a great way to look stylish as a tomboy. Layer up with jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts on top of your basic outfits. A perfect example is to wear your shirt and pants and layer up with a hoodie to complete your style. 

What makes a girl a tomboy?

If a girl’s likes, dislikes, and habits match that of boys and if they are inclined towards sports, rough and tough activities then she can be called a tomboy. 

Tomboy Fits Check

Hope you’ve gotten outfit ideas on how to dress like a tomboy. This fashion guide was meant to guide you with your dressing choices. We hope this article- how to dress like a tomboy, helped you pick what looks best on you. Cheers!

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