Are you looking for how to dress like the 80s? Well, check out this fashion guide that will help you dress retro and make you look ever better with the best styling advice. Read further to know more about it. 

Old school is getting back to fashion right now. Everyone wants to dress awesome and look cool these days and going back to the old vibes is a great idea.

Fashion has become more minimalistic in recent years where we want pastel color, small jewelry, light makeup etc. 

In the 80s, fashion meant vibrant colour clothing, extremely extravagant outfits, overdone makeup and heavy jewellery.

While we can’t think about going back to that fashion life anymore but still we can sometimes dress like the 80s to have a little change and have fun. 

How to dress like the 80s: Quick Summary

How to dress like the 80sBest fashion for
Bellivera Women’s Faux Leather Casual Short JacketPunk style look, casual wear, outdoor wear
SweatyRocks Women’s High Waisted Stretch Ripped Skinny Jeans Punk style look, casual wear, outdoor wear, vacation 
Women Boots Genuine Leather Martens Women Ankle BootsPunk style look, winter wear, outdoor wear, vacation
Punk Green Day Band TshirtPunk style look, casual wear, outdoor wear
Kayotuas Women Bodysuitold style look, sporty look, outdoor wear, summer wear
V28 Women’s Neon Knit Leg Warmerold style look, winter wear, outdoor wear
BLACKAIR letter embroidery bomber jacketPunk style look, winter wear, outdoor wear, hip hop style look
Hip hop Rock Choker Necklace Hip hop style, goes well with any outfit
Libin Women’s Cargo JoggersHip hop style, outdoor wear, indoor wear
High Boots Basket ShoesSports wear, outdoor wear, casual wear, vacation
Ivy Casual Knit BlazerOutdoor wear, party, formal wear
Shein Slit Midi SkirtOutdoor wear, casual wear, vacation, party

A lot of designers have started to take inspiration from the 80s to start going a little overboard on some occasions.

One such example is the Met Gala event. Although it’s not the 80s style but yet we see some bold coloured, different outfits that could be a part of the 80s. 

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I love the 80s fashion trends as they’re way too quirky and thoughtful. While pastels bore me, I much rather enjoy the blingy fits or the polka dots that endures some kind of fun in it.

The 80s fashion is all about trying something new and leaving the boring behind.

How to dress like the 80s?

There are various styles to dress like the 80s like pop fashion, athletic fashion, hip hop fashion as well as big shoulder fashion. These looks are extremely sassy and will remind you of the 80s. These fashion styles are easy to pull off and look good on everyone. 

80s fashion
Source: Instagram@everythingoldandvintage

If you’re someone who wants to know how to dress like the 80s, here I have some of the best recommendations for you.

I’ve made a lot of trial and errors on what will look good and have finally come up with how to dress like the 80s that will suit everyone. 

So, without further ado let’s jump in to see fashion in the 1980s and get the cool old style vibe back with a bang. 

How To Dress Like The 80s

 80s Punk Style Fashion

 80s punk fashion was a rebellious phase that looked extremely classy and cool.

It featured grunge looking black leather jackets, ripped jeans, band merchandise tees and heavy boots. This 80s look was quite intense and quirky. 

The hair would mostly be dyed in vibrant colours. Let’s see how to dress like the 80s in punk style. 

Bellivera Women’s Faux Leather Casual Short Jacket

80s outfit ideas

This jacket is the best rock punk look. It’s made with faux leather and is extremely comfortable.

The zipper and the collar flaps give out the old punky vibe. The sizes available are till XXL. This jacket is my personal favourite because it looks super cool. The collars of the jacket look extremely sassy.

how to dress like the 80s female
Source: Instagram@monicadevon

SweatyRocks Women’s High Waisted Stretch Ripped Skinny Jeans 

what to wear to an 80s party black female

These Jeans are very sassy and perfect to be sported in your punk look. It’s skinnyfit and comfortable. It comes in 3 sizes and is extremely breathable. These jeans look great with anything you wear. You can wear shoes or flats footwear.

Women Boots Genuine Leather Martens Women Ankle Boots

80s fashion trends

These boots look really sassy and are made with genuine leather. They’re comfortable and can be sported anywhere. The sizes available are from 35 to 40. These shoes look really good and can be worn in any season as well.

Punk Green Day Band Tshirt

How to dress like the 80s

This t-shirt is perfect to match your style. It’s oversized and comfortable. The fabric is really nice and breathable as well. The Green Day Print gives a vibe of official merch of website. It’s a round neck tee and looks amazing.

80s Athletic Fashion

80s athletic fashion was actually more fashion than athletic. You’d see everyone wearing leotards and legwarmers that looked so so good.

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These outfits were in bold popping colours.

High rise bodysuits were super trending. Here’s how to dress like the 80s in this fashion. 

Kayotuas Women Bodysuit

80s vibe clothing

If you’re wondering how to dress like the 80s, here is the best option for you! This bodysuit is like a leotard and would definitely fit perfectly.

It’s extremely comfortable and good looking. The high neckline looks sassy and makes you look confident.

V28 Women’s Neon Knit Leg Warmer

dressing like the 80s

These legwarmers are super sassy and will definitely give you the perfect 80s vibe. This is one of the 80s outfit ideas that you should definitely try. They keep you warm and comfortable and reach till the knees.

Hip Hop Fashion

If you’re wondering how to dress like the 80s, this is probably the coolest way! You can easily sport rocking pop colours with varisities and a few accessories to gain this look from the old times. 

This look is very easy to achieve and will definitely make you feel like you’re in a concert from the 80s. Here’s what to wear to an 80s party black female.

BLACKAIR letter embroidery bomber jacket

How to dress like the 80s female

This jacket is really cool and definitely gives a very 80s vibe. It’s made with quality cotton material and is embroidered with alphabets on the sleeves. It is comfortable and breathable.

Also, go for a size up for that oversized look as that will define your hip hop look perfectly. 

how to dress like an 80s teenager
Source: Instagram@therealcharliebraxton

Hip hop Rock Choker Necklace 

How to dress like the 80s

This choker necklace is really cool and made with a golden colour that will not tarnish easily.

It will look amazing on any outfit. It can be worn by anyone who loves styling themselves with trendy jewellery. This hip hop style necklace is perfect for this look. z

Libin Women’s Cargo Joggers

80s clothing

This is one of the best pants to sport with your hip hop outfit if you’re looking for how to dress like the 80s.

It’s very comfortable and looks really nice with the jacket and the hip hop necklace. These cargo joggers are basic and are made with quality polyester and spandex material. 

High Boots Basket Shoes

dress like the 80s

These shoes are very classy and perfect to go with your hip hop style. If you’re wondering how to dress like the 80s then you should definitely try repping these shoes.

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If you’re wondering how to dress 80s with normal clothes, this is one of the best ways!

Big Shoulder Fashion

Big shoulders was such a trend in the 80s. Women would wear huge, fluffed-up coats and blazers.

It looks really cool. You can also pair it with your favorite trousers or your favorite midi skirt. This is how to dress like the 80s! 

Ivay Womens Casual Knit Blazers

what to wear to an 80s party female

This knit blazer is awesome and looks really cool when worn. The style is simple and pretty much defines every look you try. It’s made with quality material and fit for all occasions. 

how to dress 80s with normal clothes
Source: Instagram@naira.romero

SheIn Women’s Slit Midi Skirt 

how to dress 80s with normal clothes

This slit skirt will compliment your dress and look really good with the blazer. It’s made with stretchable polyester and spandex material and feels extremely comfortable. This is a perfect skirt to go for if you like to dress in 80s style. 

FAQs About 1980s Fashion Trends

What can I wear to an 80s themed party?

Looking to dress up for your next 80s themed party? Here are some tips on what to wear:
Rock a retro outfit – Start your outfit with a classic retro piece like a pair of high-waisted jeans, a matching top, or a bomber jacket. Accessorize with some cool accessories like a big belt, funky sunglasses, or a big hair bow.
Get creative with your accessories – Add some personality to your outfit by opting for funky accessories like colorful socks, funky earrings, or a boombox. You can also go for something more practical like a fashionable handbag or comfortable shoes.
Get creative with your hair and makeup – Use bright colors and high-shine highlights to add some extra zing to your look. For hair, try out style ideas like high ponytails, 80s braids, or big frizzers. For makeup, go for shades of pink, red, and blue, and add plenty of eyeliner and mascara to really bring the 80s look alive!

What kind of jeans were popular in the 80s?

The 80s were a decade of big hair, shoulder pads, and bell-bottoms. So, if you were looking for a pair of jeans that would represent this era, you would likely want to go for a straight-leg style. Some of the most popular jeans during the 80s were Wranglers, Lee Jeans, and Levi’s.

Summary on Dressing like the 80s

Dressing like the 80s is very cool and never goes out of style. You can choose any of the above looks if you want to dress like the 80s.

You can also mix and match the outfit and try what suits you the best. 

These 80s styles are worth trying for sure and you’d really fetch a lot of compliments for the same. 

Hope you loved our styling guide. Cheers!

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