How To Perform Knee Pushups Easily In Simple Steps

We do many exercises to get strong and healthy body, each exercise has its own benefits to the particular area of the body, some of the exercise gives strength of many parts, pushups are one of them, it will target the triceps, chest, shoulder, forearms, abs but for the women it is not easy to do the pushups, as they need good strength for it, so for them there are knee pushups, these pushups share the loads of the body to the other part of the body and you will get almost the same benefits just like the normal pushups, but it is not easy to perform, here are some of the simple steps by which you can do the knee pushups easily.

1. Warmup Your Body

We should always do the warmup before doing any exercise, as our muscles are stiffed, we need to charge them otherwise there might be chances of the muscle fatigue and some time bone dislocations also, so you can do the skipping, running, pile jumping for at least for 5 minutes, till your whole body is warmed enough to do the exercise.

2. Get The Proper Posture

For performing any exercise, the first thing you should make sure about the proper posture, if you don’t follow the correct the posture, the effect of the exercise is somewhat reduced and also you may have some of the muscles fatigue also, first you need to place the mat on the floor, now get the quadruped position, place your hand on the ground slightly wide to the shoulder, cross your legs and lift them up from the ground, you need to make your back straight.

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3. Move Your Body Towards The Ground

You are get the correct posture, now you need to place your place to the ground parallel to the body, now inhale a deep breathe, bend your elbows and slowly go down and try to touch the ground, while going down, you should give stretch to the shoulders, chest and the pressure should be to the middle part of the body, the chest should be in the arced position and our legs should not rest on the ground, make sure that you need to touch the ground and your head should look forward, hold the position for 3 counts.

4. Come Back To The Rest Position

As you hold the position for 3 counts with the inhaled breathe, now you need to come back to the rest position, for this you need to slightly straight your elbows and keep them close to the body, while coming up you need to exhale the breathe slowly, make you back straight, as your hands are straight, lock the elbows and try to push the body towards the ceiling while squeezing on the chest and the shoulder, you legs will now go slightly in the up direction.

5. Knee Pushup Variations

Although it is a simple exercise but if you want to do the knee pushups to next level to get the maximum benefits then as you do the normal pushup of about 15 repetitions, then you need to close you knee towards the body and then do the pushups of about 12 repetitions and then again place you knees towards the chest and do the 10 repetition, now slightly place the knee away from the chest the repeat the whole exercise and repetitions will you reach to the rest position.

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